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  1. Thanks for your input Jaxboat. I appreciate you and Brian both taking the time to answer the post.
  2. Thanks for you input Brian. Much appreciated. What are you using for your models now, may I ask? Would love to hear from more people, if there is an interest in paint availability.
  3. Just doing some research here for Ages of Sail and wondering if folks could chime in on this. There was a time when we had Floquil Railroad Colors and Floquil Marine Colors and other oil based paints. These mostly went away and acrylics have taken their place. But, did people switch to acrylics because the oil based stuff mostly disappeared? Or did the oil based stuff disappear because the acrylics became popular? Do people really no longer like to use oil based paints? Do people actually prefer the finish of acrylics? What about Lacquer based paints? Ages of Sail took over Billing Boats USA a while back now, but hasn't made all of the products available on its own website. We finally started posting the Billing Boats line of enamels on Ages of Sail, so they will soon be available there. There are some colors that might be nice to add to the lineup, and there may be an opportunity to do that. But, do people want them? According to the manufacturer, potentially, added paints could be enamels, great for gloss colors, or they can be added as faster drying lacquers, which make better matte colors. There are no options for acrylics here. Right now, the Billing Boats enamels are easily thinned with acetone and seem to clean up rather well from what I've tried. Going to test out a lacquer sample shortly. Anyway, all opinions are welcomed!
  4. AgesOfSail

    Mamoli Fire

    Hello All, This is the first posting on our new agseofsail account here on MSW, and sadly it is to pass along some very bad news for the ship model community. We have just confirmed a report that the Mamoli manufacturing facilities and offices burned to the ground just recently. I haven’t heard if anyone was hurt in the fire and I don’t have an exact date of when this occurred. There is no word as to how long it will be before the company is up and running again, but we’ll pass along what we find out. In the meantime we’ve temporarily pulled the Mamoli products from our website since we cannot now support parts replacements. We do, however, have a huge inventory of Mamoli kits, so feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for something. My apologies if this post is out of place. I would have posted in the dealers section, but really I just wanted to pass along the information about Mamoli and hope someone can jump in with additional info. The Staff at Ages of Sail

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