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  1. Jim, It is good to hear from you and to see you back in the workshop. You will find a lot of support in this Group Build and I look forward to following your build.
  2. Jeff, Take your time and you will be OK. I realized early on that the sanding sticks that I was using (flexible nail files) were rounding off the edges. I cut some 1/8" plywood into strips and made my own sanding sticks using sandpaper and rubber cement. The hard plywood kept the edges from being the rounded off. I also used a chisel to remove a lot of wood. I constantly measured my lap joints to make sure that I did not remove too much wood. Also, you have to keep the work area clean as the yellow cedar attracts the laser burn dust. I also taped a paper towel to my work area to serve as a small cushion as the yellow cedar is soft. Good luck, you will do OK.
  3. Thanks guys for the comments and for the "Likes". The kit comes with two types of keel assemblies. One is a simplified version which has scarf joints. The other is a complex version that has lap joints that requires some carving and sanding. I decided to go with the complex keel assembly knowing that if I messed up, I still had a simplified version. I took it slow and easy, taking many measurements with my caliper, to get a good fit. I cut and filed each joint so that it was half as thick as the keel. I am pleased with the results as the joints are tight and lay flat on a piece of glass. Here is a picture of the tools that I used. I failed to put my digital caliper in the picture.
  4. Very nice and crisp. I like everything you have done. Thanks for the updates.
  5. Thanks Michael and Jim. At 1:24 scale, this model allows you to add a lot of detail. On the down side, mistakes will be harder to hide. Chuck and Mike (Stuntflyer) have set the bar high with their quality work and I am sure Rusty will be building one. I am no where close to their skills but will do the best that I can. I am looking forward to this build.
  6. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to obtain one of the first run kits of the Medway Longboat from Syren Ship Model Company. I ordered it Thursday morning and it made its way from New Jersey to Virginia and was in my mailbox Saturday afternoon. Upon opening the box, I could tell the quality of this kit that we have seen produced and designed by Chuck. I have attached pictures of the kit's contents. The laser cutting is some of the best that I have seen and there is very little laser char on the backside of the wooden sheets. The boxwood and yellow cedar strip wood is milled very nicely and has clean, crisp edges. All of the laser cut parts are easily identified and some have their part numbers etched on them or adjacent to the part. I am glad to be part of this group build and I look forward to following the build logs of other Medway Longboat builders. I also welcome suggestions from MSW members throughout this build on how to improve my model.
  7. I applied Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to my basswood and then stained it with three parts of Minwax Natural to one part Minwax Golden Oak. I explained this in my build log here: Always test this on a piece of scrap basswood.
  8. I am looking forward to following your build. I enjoy reading the current builds of our MSW plastic modelers and the photo etch really intrigues me. I also like the weathering of these plastic models. It brings them to life.
  9. Congratulations on finishing your Ice Yacht. You did a beautiful job on this model and I like all of the details you added. I hope to see this model at the Northeast Joint Clubs Conference in April.
  10. Your Pinnace is looking good. Glad to see you back in the shipyard. It was also great seeing you in Las Vegas at the NRG Conference. I know you learned a lot of new modeling techniques that you will use in building your Pinnace.
  11. This will be the start of my Medway Longboat kit once I receive it. I have been following the development of this kit and it will be fun building it in a Group setting. I have watched the projects being developed over the years by Chuck and each one gets better and more innovative than the one that preceded it.
  12. Ryland Craze

    With great sadness "Landlocked123" has passed away

    So sad to hear this. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed.
  13. Ryland Craze

    Wood options for Cutter Cheerful besides boxwood

    I purchased boxwood sheets from Syren for my Cheerful at the Northeast Joint Clubs Conference and I am very pleased with the quality of the wood. I have purchased other items from Syren and always received quality products and quick shipping. You will not be disappointed with Syren products or the service Chuck provides.
  14. Jaeon, You are correct in that you will reduce the false keel along its entire length. This will form a consistent rabbet along the keel for the first plank (garboard) to lay. Good luck on your build.
  15. Count me in. This means I need to get started on my Queen Anne Style Barge and have it completed very soon. I also plan to present the group build concept to my Club members as I feel some would benefit greatly in a group build environment.

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