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  1. Bisquine la Granvilleuse Model built in 2002 La Granvillaise is the reproduction of La Rose Marie (1897) on the plans of Louis Julienne and under the auspices of A.V.G.G. (Association of Old Granvillais Rigs). The bisquine is a work boat well known for its stability and powerful under sails during the regattas between the fishermen of Granville and Cancale for the glory and fame of their native cities. It is characteristic of the Mont Saint-Michel region between Saint-Malo and Granville in France in the 19th century. This type of boat used to dredge oysters in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, trawling, and for the larger ones, fishing for lines. The bisquines had completely disappeared, but enthusiasts undertook to revive them in Cancale and Granville. This construction project began at the Granville shipyard in 1988. La Granvillaise was launched on April 10, 1990. It is the most important rig of all the traditional boats. La Granvillaise participates in maritime festivals for the traditional craft of sailing and regattas on the French Atlantic coast under the aegis of Esprit Grand Large1. It also offers cruises along the coasts of England, Normandy and around the Channel Islands for 9 passengers and day trips for 26 people.
  2. La belle

    La Belle ship attended the exceptional discovery, in 1995, of the remnants of this small ship that was part of Cavellier de la Salle’s expedition in 1684.
  3. from above view

    The model is 1/24, I started from the kit model expo and replaced all the wood with boxwood only the frames are original kit. Hallo Iosto http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10304-english-pinnace-by-iosto-doneddu/page-2#entry321755
  4. 18th Century Longboat

    18th Century Longboat
  5. Carmenia

    Lateen gozzo Carmenia is a sailboat Latin derived from the boats of Palma de Mallorca. restored a decade ago still sailing regattas in the historic Latin sail in Alghero in Sardinia. The model is homebuilt 1/20 on draft Bellabarba and Guerrieri from the book Sails Italian.
  6. Salvatore Padre is a lifeboat, The Salvatore Padre, was built on project of 'Ing. Luigi Scotti, a great lover and expert on Latin sail, and owner of the spear itself. armed with a Latin sail, participates in the races of this category in the historic regatta Stintino in the 'island of Sardinia. The model is completely self-made. The coloring is not very personal, the model for real. but the charm of mahogany has had the upper hand on the coloring. scale 1/20