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  1. Tn gallery 1526 572 28798

    Hi Duke, thanks for dropping in. Unfortunately, I built this boat many years ago, years before I knew there was such a thing as MSW. I do not have any pictures of the build in progress, only the completed model. Time has not been kind to the model, as you can see - the planking is starting to come apart and there are wide seams.
  2. SAM 1

    Utterly superb! Looking at your model makes me want to rip off the sails I did on my Bounty Launch and do them again!
  3. Roar Ege and Oseberg - closeup

    Beautiful models! Did you carve the figurehead on the Oseberg yourself?
  4. 241C8906

    Thanks Marc, the dragon was a white metal casting supplied in the kit.
  5. GoldenYacht2

    Wow, she is tiny! Impressed how you managed to squeeze so much detail in.
  6. 241C8972

    Yes, all my boats so far have had sails deployed. I think for my next boat I might model the sails furled.
  7. 241C8950

    Thanks Mike. Right now I have just completed the Amati Viking ship - details here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/4311-viking-ship-drakkar-by-amfibius-amati-scale-150/ I am trying to decide on my next build. Might be the Royal Caroline.
  8. 241C8944

    Thank you Mirabell, but I have to direct credit to where it is due. All the features of the model you mentioned (the semi open hull, the wood composition, and the sails) are as supplied by Artesania Latina. My only contribution was to paint and assemble the kit.