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  1. @MEDDO I know he has those kits, but I don't think I want to mount a 1/24 or 1/48 barge on my 1/72 ship @Chuck I would be more than happy to buy a prototype of you and build one, but it depends on the time frame. If it's not ready by the time I need the boats (approx 1 year) then I might end up scratch building my own. Once you have the CAD drawings for a prototype small boat, it should be fairly easy to get the wood cut in different scales? Provided the said parts aren't too small that is.
  2. Hi Chuck, would you consider making kits for 1/48, 1/60, and 1/72 scale ship launches, pinnaces, and cutters? There don't seem to be very many quality kits around.
  3. Those jokes above are terrible!! So here's my revenge:
  4. An appendix operation does not normally result in a 3-4 day hospital stay unless it was complicated by something. Good luck Michael, get well soon.
  5. Bligh's journal in book form - not sure. Quite a few books do reference what he did after the mutiny though. He ended up as the first governor of New South Wales in Australia. Best kit for the long boat would be the Model Shipways kit. I did a brief discussion on the accuracy of the kit in my Bounty Launch build log (click the link in my signature).
  6. I am using SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED's, which I bought from a local hobby shop (Brunel Hobbies - AUD$8.25 for a pack of five. These SMD LED's have been pre-soldered onto very thin wire, with an integrated resistor. All you need to do is connect it to a 6V power source and it lights up. Take a look at my Royal William build thread for examples. The advantage of SMD LED's is that they are MINISCULE, smaller than a grain of rice. They also generate almost no heat, and they are adequately bright. I am using yellow SMD LED's in my build, and I think it looks great. If you want to look for these lights locally, try a hobby shop that specializes in trains. These lights are typically used on model railroads.
  7. Oh, I almost forgot to share the Christmas dinner I made for 2016! In fact I haven't shared a Christmas dinner since my last post which was in 2014. So here it is. As usual, it is a very hot Christmas here in Australia. Every year, I try to serve summer style dishes but with Christmas flavours. So here were some of my creations. "Modern Bloody Mary". Clarified tomato water, tomato granita, injected cherry tomato, vodka. "Pea and Ham Consomme". This is how it was served - an aspic of peas and ham made from the ham consomme, and garnished with chives. ... pour the consomme and the aspic starts to melt. There are two methods to make consomme - the traditional whipped egg white raft method, or the more modern method of gel clarification. Gel clarification simply means - freeze the stock after it is made, then chop it into 1cm cubes and let it thaw over a cheesecloth lined funnel. The liquids thaw and drip out, whilst the gel holds all the particulate matter and can be discarded. It sounds simple to do, but in reality the amount of gel in the stock is critical. If there is too much dissolved collagen in the broth (which is what happened to me because I made the stock from ham bones), the gel will be too thick and no liquid will come out. ... and you are left with a wonderfully clear and clean tasting broth. "Grilled Mushrooms with Mushroom Ketchup". The simplest dish on the menu, apart from the mushroom ketchup which was complex to make (3 days). "Double roast chicken". The "double" refers to the fact there are two roast chickens in one. The first chicken is roasted, then a stock is made from the roast chicken. The stock is then reduced until it is concentrated, and a brine is made from it. The brine is then injected to another chicken and then slow roasted on the rotisserie until done. The resulting chicken has a real hit of chicken flavour, and the brine keeps the flesh nice and moist. Duck fat roast potatoes. Triple cooked (parboiled, scraped, refrigerated, low temperature fry, rested, high temperature fry). Grilled asparagus. Very simply done - peel the asparagus and grill over charcoal. Slow cooked carrots with lavender, honey, and butter. Christmas Pudding Cassata. I really suck at making desserts, I just can't get the presentation right. Rather than serve a heavy and filling Christmas pudding, I decided to make a Christmas pudding ... ice cream. It tasted nice, but it looked ugly.
  8. And a few more of my mildly amusing pictures.
  9. This short video clip has gone absolutely viral for a good reason. And a little commentary: I must have watched it more than 15 times!
  10. RIP, David. 

  11. I know, no politics on MSW. But this shouldn't offend anyone. Unless you are an Elf. (edit) blast it, the whole thing didn't load! I'll have to break it up and re-upload it. Give me a sec. (edit 2) done!!!
  12. Couple of pictures for you.
  13. No steam. Soak the wood in water (I use my bathtub - no need for fancy wooden cylinders) for a minimum of 1 hour (more if the wood is thicker than 1mm), then apply the iron.
  14. Poochie I built my first two models without a plank bender. I used a household clothes iron to bend the planks. I bought a plank bender before my current build, but I still prefer using the clothes iron. The plank bender is better for precise curves, but the clothes iron is much faster.