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  1. Alexey Domanoff

    Black wire for eye bolts/rings

    Brass is easy to twist as cooper. But can be easier blackened. If you're not sure in brass softness you may anneal brass before using. Some times I blacken straight wire, some times result eye bolts/rings. I think you may blacken cooper wire before making rings using sulfuric ointment from drug store. Here I've used it to blacken cooper stripes. http://hms-vanguard.blogspot.com.by/2009/06/blog-post_02.html
  2. Alexey Domanoff

    Black wire for eye bolts/rings

    I use brass wire and then blacken eye bolt/rings made from. Blackening is simple process using blackening powder
  3. Really sorry, I didn't get any messages from you since Dec, 12th. The last was with question about courier name. Can you please check the email address have you used? I do understand this looks like I hided from solving problem. Please believe me it's not so. I always help customers with any problems with my machines and doesn't matter what has it caused. Thanks for Doug Ross who pointed me here as I read forum rarely. Please contact me by paypal's email, email from site or my personal email from this forum or PM to discuss how to send you replacements. my apologies for the this, Alexey
  4. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    Cleats with pin
  5. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    I can't shoot photo of this beautiful scaled rope 0.3 mm ((( But brass was blackened perfectly.
  6. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    So let me continue... Need to put some eyelets for gun tackles. Make small jig: Put into the port: Use needle to pin: Drill and insert eyelets: Do the same manner for deck's eyelets: And finally got it (gratings and capstain are not fixed yet ):
  7. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    I did it by myself.
  8. Yes, please send it asap as I'm going to make new video about using serving machine and it's options. I'll be glad to include your suggestions in that video.
  9. Here you are: http://shipworkshop.com/products/all-products BR, Alexey
  10. It's very simple to measure rope diameter: I make 10-20 turns around pen and measure whole length then divide by number of turns. :--) How to know which threads to use to get desired diameter - download user guide in right "download" section. You may find answer at the end of the manual. http://shipworkshop.com/products/tools/ropewalk-planetary-3.0
  11. Thank you, Bob, for your kind words. Wheels are for making stay mouse http://shipworkshop.com/products/options/mouse Sorry, I still haven't made video but for the fist time pics should be enough. There is no sound in my videos, only subtitles. You Vanguard is very good! And I'm sure she will get superb rigging! cheers, Alexey
  12. Alexey Domanoff

    Rope Walk - tracked top or looper, advice wanted

    Here are mine :-) Feel free to contact me about details and suggestions to build your own. http://www.shipworkshop.com/pages/tools/planetary_25.html http://www.shipworkshop.com/pages/tools/prosak_20.html
  13. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    Hi Jason thanks :-) it's not yet covered at all. Will cover it with clear varnish.
  14. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    oh, thank you! may be I should make it right now
  15. Alexey Domanoff

    HMS Vanguard by Alexey Domanoff - Amati

    Thank you all for kind words. Letters... CNC Lanterns - yes, I'm going but still do not how :-) Now I'm wiring decks to make such lights across whole ship. Capstans are visible :-) I don't like to do extra job :-))))

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