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  1. I got mine. Shawn
  2. Druxey, could you PM me his address. Thanks Shawn
  3. Thanks for the replies! Shawn
  4. I'm looking for rough pear wood 8/4 in the US. Don't seem to be having any luck what so ever. Anyone one have suggestions that are not in this post? Thanks in advance. Shawn
  5. All, I have a couple questions. I have been granted permission to purchase a mill. I have decided on a Sherline 5400. Where has everyone purchased their equipment? Directly from Sherline? An authorized dealer? Obviously I'm looking to get the best deal I can. Also which does everyone prefer, imperial or metric? I don't want to start a debate, but just looking as to which direction everyone goes and why. What about DRO (Digital Read Out) seems like it would be a nice feature to have. What about CNC, I've never used CNC before and for what I will be using the mill for it doesn't really seem to be an option I would really need right now. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Shawn
  6. Hello from a fellow husker! I also reside in Lincoln. Glad you found it this site, it is beyond amazing. Shawn
  7. I suffer from flat surface syndrome, If there is a flat surface I'm not happy until it has stuff piled high. At least this way I know about where everything is. Shawn
  8. All, Please forgive me if this has already been addressed somewhere, but I was unable to find it. How does one go about lofting the frames from a Ancre Monograph? I have purchased several as they are wonderful works of art and have all the information needed for a particular ship. I am wanting to build for instance I'm looking at building LA BELLE, but the plans only have 1/2 frames. How to you loft the other half? In my would like to build category is La Belle-Poule. But again I have no idea how to go about lofting the frames. If I can get some examples I feel like this is something that I can accomplish, just don't know where to start. Thanks Shawn
  9. I'm taking advantage of this program. Learning a lot! My mentor has give great advise. Look to continue this relationship for a long time! Shawn
  10. Hopefully my next project. Still undecided for sure.
  11. I also find that a 4 3/8 Freud Diablo blade is a must have.... http://www.amazon.com/Freud-D0436X-Cordless-20-Millimeter-Reducer/dp/B0002TUFAO Shawn
  12. Welcome Bill! What small town? I'm in Lincoln. Shawn