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  1. Seen a lot of pictures being taken with some nice cameras. Any one going to post?! I have a cracked glass on my phone camera so all of my pictures are blurred up
  2. I will be waiting for my sails for a while. Tea usually does a pretty good job coloring the sails. Uniform and not too dark.
  3. Are you going to "paint" the sail with tea?
  4. Oh no. I did not make those. Ordered them from a guy who knows the craft
  5. Sails are taking shape. Still a long haul from Russia, keeping my fingers crossed as lately Brooklyn USPS is a close competitor to Russian Mail in poor service and delinquency.
  6. I did not realize that Marisstella gave you prestitched sail. By the way, very good Idea with wire on the sail edges. Done this once so far and it worked perfectly, was able to shape the sail how I wanted. I never asked him about what he does for a living, may be I should. Some top notch Russian ship model makers ordered from him and gave good reviews so I decided to bight the bullet as well. He makes the sails almost like real ones, stitching everything with the machine and by hand. Here is his own model with some of the first sails he made : https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/aq5/album/337779/
  7. I think I've seen this one live when doing Active Duty Training for NAVY Reserve at the academy. It is huge! Is the model at the college museum now? (Kings Point has a nice small museum but it is not advertised much)
  8. Hi mikiek, Seems you doing a pretty good job on the sail. If anything, I have a guy who does model sails (making me a set now for sandbagger). He is very good but not cheap.
  9. Mark Gaff will be rigged correctly once I get the sails. For now was just a temp rigging to get the idea of sail dimensions.
  10. Thank you guys! Dwalker This is just an old Glencoe coast guard rescue boat plastic kit in 1/48 scale. Horrible mold. Yes turnbuckles need left and right tap but I only had one type so they are not working the way they suppose to. I used cheap China made tap set and wasnt sure where to get both right and left in this size besides very expensive watch makers tools. All running rigging is temporary, just to stretch out the spars and run the string as an outline of the sail. This was done to get exact measurements for sails to be made. The are being sewn in Russia and somewhat expensive so did not want to take chances with size.
  11. Model is almost completed (took a break putting together a steam launch from a kit). Only thing left is rigging and sails that are ordered from a model sail maker. And some sort of a stand to rest the model on.
  12. No surprise, knowing Gazprom is involved. What was the banned replica? Shtandart?
  13. I missed my closet days, everything was a hand reach away, cozy. Now I forget what stored where

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