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  1. Tom I seem to be on the same trajectory as you regarding transitioning from full scale woodworking to model ship building although I cannot bring myself to let go of the shop tools just yet. Nonetheless, ship modeling is such a pleasant way to while away the hours. The 'rub' is your 'mind's eye always seems to raise the bar on the quality of the work product. So it is a never ending pursuit especially around this august body! Welcome to the group. Joe
  2. The Model Shipwrights of Western New York will begin a series of displays and demonstrations starting in January of 2019 to promote our group and encourage others to participate in the art of ship modeling. Our first event will be at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester NY January 12th and 13th. Visit our web site to learn more about this and future events in and around Rochester. Joe
  3. A bit slow getting off the starting line for the first round so here I am, cleats on and tied, poised on the blocks waiting for the starting gun. I promise it won't be a speed race to the finish line. Joe
  4. Splendid work Rusty! Always a treat to see your work. Would be nice to see it up close and personal at one of our meetings. You are an inspiration to us all. Until we can take another picture I will post it on our web site in the gallery. Joe
  5. Thistle17

    Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    You may also consider Alaskan yellow cedar it too is a beautiful wood that has minimal grain and machines beautifully. Read Syren's comments on his building of the Medway Longboat. I have grown to love this wood and it is cheaper! Joe
  6. Thistle17

    Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    Brian can you supply a bit more info before one responds? For instance what is the lumber size (finished ) you need? lengths? This material is relatively expensive so you are well advised to have the proper staring point in terms of saw blades etc if you plan on milling yourself. Joe Joe
  7. Hmmm. I believe I am looking aft towards the stern, am I correct? If so that curved metal works shown do not show up on the Patriot Point Mark I. I will confer with our member who has the archive of photos they sent to see if we can respond. I have not seen tha configuration before. We just heard from a member of the 720th MP Army Battalion, 180th Company which gave fire support to the 458th Transportation Company that had PBR's. He alludes to the many in-country mods that were made to these craft. Hence in my opinion the "as built" craft didn't hold up over time. Joe
  8. CapnMac82 thank you for the input. After a tumultuous summer I think we will be back at the build with more intensity. One of our modelers did convert the scale 50's to a' handed' version. I will pass on your input to the team. In the mean time here is a picture of the nearly completed 50's he came up with. We managed to complete the skinning of the transom and now are concentrating on fairing in the bow and getting it ready to skin. Hope to have some supporting photos soon. Joe
  9. Thistle17

    Miniature wood plane

    Simply lovely! Making your own tools can be just as satisfying as the modeling. I made the Lie Nielson inlay tools a short while back in part because of cost but mostly for the challenge of creation. They are a joy to use as I am sure you are experiencing.. Joe
  10. I do not think you will be happy with staining bass wood. It is just too soft and any glue residue will pop. If you are fixed on a wood like treatment you might experiment with a wiping varnish/oil tinted instead. In any event try it out on some sacrificial stock first. Joe
  11. I may not add any wisdom to this thread but I have made some observations over some 40 plus years of woodworking and modeling. A kernel of thought started some 30 years ago when I witnessed an Irish cabinet maker visiting his daughter. He had to repair a Period High Boy chest he had made for her sometime past. He had a basket of tools; a saw, chisels, a couple of planes and measuring tools. He had to remake a drawer that was damaged. His repair was outstanding with this basket of hand tools. He is gone now but I still marvel at his skill. Over time that memory has influenced my purchasing of tools more and more. I began observing what tools I used the most. It wasn't the gee whiz tools. It was the basic tools in measuring, shaping, trimming and the like. I do have a decent shop of power tools and I have to admit I have and love my Byrnes, Sherline and Lee Valley products and use them frequently. But by and large it is the basics that get used over and over. Don't get caught up in that fever. Joe
  12. As had been promised the USS Langley now has signage and Bill has public recognition of his work at the Udvar Hazey Center of the Smithsonian.
  13. Thistle17

    best constitutions wood kit

    This isn't the last word on which kit but do visit this site for possibly more "insight". Joe http://historyofmassachusetts.org/uss-constitution-model-ship-kit/
  14. Sorry I haven't been able to answer any questions lately. We had a family need that took me away for the last 2 weeks. Now don't chuckle too much but I completely damaged the false keel and frames in the interim and am having to start over. My lack of focus and limited time got me in big trouble. You seem to be disciplining yourself and I need to do the same. You can't just swoop in and work on any model and then hastily retreat without consequences. Slow and steady with a clear mind is required. Joe
  15. Thistle17

    Hello to all

    You have a storied ancestry with I am sure stories to tell. Welcome to this incredible shipyard. We have some lineage in our group as well, a descendant of Donald McKay, the Canadian, who settled in America, ultimately building ships out of Newburyport Mass. It all adds to the nature of this wonderful pursuit. Joe

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