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  1. Wood for large solid hull

    I had another though,t although I have never used it. I just received a sheet of Alaskan Yellow Cedar. It is beautiful with little to no grain and seems to be another candidate for carving. I would imagine it can be purchased in billets. You might query Wood Project Source (Roman) as to availability. Joe
  2. Wood for large solid hull

    I have used sugar pine and it is a delight to work with if you can find it. Try the west coast lumber suppliers for musical instruments. If you can afford it mahogany carves beautifully as well and is quite stable. It too was used by pattern makers. Joe
  3. Atlantis by Thistle17 - Robbe

    This has been an incredibly busy summer so working on this model has been almost impossible. However yesterday I managed to sneak in some time and decided to work the bulwarks for this huge model. I am driven by the fact that it has to be painted soon and I do not have a spray booth. Given the size and extent of painting required it has to be done out of doors. The bulwarks need to be applied to the hull pre- painting. The work shown is related to the scuppers. There are 5 each side. I tried hand fashioning but almost knew before I started I wasn't going to be satisfied with the uniformity of each to its neighbor. Luckily one of our club members loaned me his Sherline vertical mill. This machine has made it a breeze. Mounted in the table vise is a block of pine rabbeted to accept the stepped bulwarks. The block elevates the bulwark and enables use of the miniature "quick grip" clamps to clear the mill table. Using a 1/8" router bit I am able to carefully mill the scupper slots to a high degree of uniformity. The bulwarks where the machining is taking place is maple and machining produces a clean cutout in-spite of the slower speed of the mill drive. Prudence dictates multiple passes to cut through the material. I am sold on a vertical mill and plan to acquire one soon. Just an aside. This mill is a Model 4000 and does not behave well at slow speed. I believe the brushes are worn and the commutator is dirty. Given its vintage the motor must be disassembled as the brushes are internal. Newer models have brushes external. I will be fixing this for the club member as a thank you for his loan.
  4. Atlantis by Thistle17 - Robbe

    Heard some good news yesterday. Krick came through and shipped masts to Ages of Sail and they will in turn provide them to me. Krick could not ship them directly as European post services do not permit packages of that length in their systems. The masts are 1400 mm long. I can't thank these folks enough for being so supportive!!
  5. Many thanks for both heads up. It is more and more obvious that I need to do more homework. Secondly the tip to call Sherline never occured to me. I woll do that. Joe
  6. OK guys I keep saying I have made up my mind on the Sherline Mil,l 5400 with DRO. But what keeps popping up on my radar is the CNC ready version of this mill. My background was as an electrical engineer so I have never let go of the "technology" interest. Does anyone out there employ a CNC version in thier model work? Is this version overkill? I am assuming one can use the CNC ready version as a manual machine. Is that true? Joe
  7. I don't have this book yet but by the accolades herein it is surely one for my library. I had the good fortune to spend some time with Rob when he lived in North Chatham MA. It was in the 1980's and when I would vacation there I would visit his shop. He was an incredible modeler even then and of course remains so. What I found, possibly even more remarkable, was his incredibly detailed documentation of his works. To say they complimented his projects wouldn't do them justice. To me they were in themselves works of art. At the time they were hand drawn and printed. I can't imagine his published books to be anything less than that! Joe
  8. 18 year old model ship enthusiast

    Welcome to this august, friendly and supportive group. You are in for a journey of enjoyment and accomplishment and you won't travel alone as the folk who support this forum are there to help and advise as you have already seen. Joe
  9. Tom I am not coming up with KeithAug's log. Can you give me a more direct pointer? Joe
  10. New member in Alexandria, VA

    It seems that it is in all our DNA to love ships! Welcome to this terrific and forum and re-entry into the world of modeling and research. Joe
  11. New to the forum

    Victor welcome to the forum. Don't hide your work under a bushel. Get it out there! Joe
  12. Bryan: As they used to say to me when I lived in Denton Texas (for a period of time) "Y'all gonna love it here!". This was the wisest thing the NRG board did. There is so much rich and inspiring work within. Welcome to you! Joe
  13. Tom thanks for the heads up as I have not seen Keith's build. I will surely have a look see. I will be interested to hear your comments on the rig as ordered when it arrives. Joe
  14. Thank you all for the input to my last query. You all have been so helpful. I really appreciate all the advice! Joe
  15. I am wondering if any of the Micro Lux or Proxon accessories are compatible with the Sherline Mills. Its seems that some items like the hold downs and vise should fasten correctly but does anyone have experience with inter-changeability with some of the more sophisticated accessories? My question is driven by cost alerts that others have offered in terms of accessories/attachments. Thanks. Joe