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  1. Tuesday 9/11, not a day to remember the delivery of "Herself" aka Atlantis to its new home south of Naples NY. It took nearly 6 hours to re-rig the model on site even with all the prior preparation and use of previously mentioned fittings from Du Bro. I had only moderately taken up the shroud and stay tension in the early rigging cycle so when at the new site it became somewhat of a problem to do so and get the masts aligned correctly. There is a clever adjustment in the mast tops which enables final shroud adjustment so that brought it all into alignment . Running rigging re-installment and cleanup accounted for the balance of time spent. This model build/conversion has occupied much of my attention for 20 months. The owner is delighted with the model and expressed her appreciation for its completion as it has a lot to do with memories of her late husband. That in itself was a reward for me. So here is a final picture of it in place and the lovely owners home. This was more than a model build for me it was an opportunity to meet a new friend.
  2. Thistle17

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome to this great source of model ship building! You are fortunate to live in an area rich in outstanding modelers aplenty. Check out the NRG site for groups there. Do look them up and do visit the many museums in your area. Joe
  3. Thistle17

    Byrnes thickness sander

    We are a society of "accumulating things", yet when you work with quality products such as the Byrnes line of tools it is not so. I have owned, for example the Preac table saw. Which, in itself was a decent product, but limited. Now that I own both the table saw and thickness sander I have come to appreciate them more with each use. They are peerless! Joe
  4. After nearly 1 year and 9 months "Herself" is awaiting departure for its new home. The new stand has been assembled and varnished. A brass identity plate was crafted at a local trophy shop. The deck furniture has been packed up and tools are ready to go. I prepared a build "brief" as well. I was unable to access this build log to export text but I was able to export some of the key photos and added abbreviated text which speaks generally to the build. I also included materials used and parts purchased for future reference. As I had indicated the table and sails were delivered the prior week and await the model delivery and re-rigging. I have given the owner dates into October that work for me. So now we wait. In the mean time it is back to Cheerful! Joe
  5. Chuck your strategy makes a good deal of sense. It would seem to lessen the front end rush and provide a continued annuity stream as well. joe
  6. The accolades just keep coming don't they. Me thinks if I add even more than I have, in the past, they will overflow your "kudos" jar. What I would reflect on is your marketing strategy, deliberate or not. Not only do you possess an incredible level of creativity and craftsmanship but you have found a way to connect with the community at large like no other. In doing so you have generated such an avid following and interest for your works. It is exciting to follow your thread and this future offering may exceed your fondest wishes, I fear. It was a good pick to start with. I await patiently your release of the product but I have no illusion about the fulfillment dilemma to come. Joe
  7. Michael following your model building is in itself inspiring. Following your workshop saga is mind blowing. You have put an incredible amount of work into tools and organization. Your investment in your shop re- build should pay many dividends to you in your work. We all could takea lesson from you. Joe Joe
  8. Now this has nothing to do with ship modeling, but if you will, it has everything to do with the versatility of the Sherline Mill. Recently I bought the 4" rotary table and tooling plate for the mill as my first accessory. From several sources I had read how useful it is and this immediately proved to be so. Now I am not a skilled machinist so you folk that are, will probably consider this elementary, but for a novice like me every use of the mill is a discovery and eye widening lesson in use. The rotary table can be mounted to cross slide in a traditional manner or can be mounted 90 degrees to the cross slide/table. This does require an additional part which I have yet to order. Sherline also offers a tail piece to mount in a similar manner. I had to make a 3" wide collar for a repair of a glass table top that was damaged in a wind storm. I used a 5" piece of Delrin bolted to a sacrificial plate which in turn was bolted to the tooling plate I had also ordered. I reasoned that if I centered the desired piece on the rotary table assembly and positioned it so that it was dead centered to the milling head tooling I could then index it in the 'X' axis 1 1/2" away (never touching the 'Y' positioning) I could cut an acceptable disc and receiving hole in the stock piece with accuracy and ease. Again this is just more testimony into the applications of the Sherline Vertical Mill. This machine is a joy to use so if you are holding back in its purchase....DON'T, it is such a great machine! Joe
  9. Here it is August 22 and it is finally going to happen i.e. I will deliver the table and the sails tomorrow. Last week there were torrential downpours in the Finger Lakes area of NY state that made the dirt road ( better described as a cow path) up the hillside improbable. Nearly 70 homes were destroyed or heavily damaged one lake over from Canandiagua Lake nearby. Cars, some homes and propane tanks were washed into Seneca Lake. As you may know these lakes were carved out by the last glacial period and for the most part are surrounded by high hills making runoff a major problem when such an event occurs. In the mean time I have assembled the new model stand and completed some last minute touch ups to the model. I hope to deliver that over the next 2 weeks.
  10. Here is what I would do at first blush. Check the keel or false keel against the prints. If you find it correct I would infill the inside of the stem and modify the outboard edge of it to have a uniform stem along its form. If the stem is correct then work the false keel. at the point of disagreement in a similar manner. Joe
  11. Thistle17

    How similar is building a model to a real boat?

    Bare Koala if you have the notion to go full scale someday take the time to visit this web site Acorn to Arabella and follow the saga of building a 38 foot ketch. While many of the structural components in model building are no different when you go full scale the "horsepower and ingenuity" needed is a different story. Joe
  12. Thistle17

    Byrnes Table Saw

    If you haven't toured this thread where you placed this query do get a look at some of the clever jigs people have made for this wonderful tool. They even extend the saw's use even further. Joe
  13. Thistle17

    Byrnes Table Saw

    From my experience I would add the rip fence extension and the miter extension at a minimum. If you have the $$$ add in the sliding table as it allows one to make cross cut parts repeatedly and safely. I have yet to find need for the tilting extension table as a surrogate for the absence of a tilting arbor. Joe
  14. Thanks Kurt; yes indeed your follow up email indicates my subscription expired. It's back to the hobby shop to pick up the issue. And thank you, Mary and the NRG for the efforts to keep some segments of that publication going. It is much appreciated. Joe
  15. I happened in our local hobby shop today and spied copies of the SUMMER issue of Ships in Scale on the shelf. I have not received my copy via my mail subscription. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on? Joe

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