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  1. List your miseries here

    Reading some of these comments reminds me of something I experienced a few years ago. I wanted to erect a greenhouse 2 x 3 metres in my small garden for my Cactus plants. Went to the building/planning dept with plans etc and was told by the chap there that I couldn't as regulations said the garden area was too small. However he did say with a smile that if I called it a Velo Unterstand (bicycle shelter) there was no problem with that. Greenhouse/bicycle shelter duly erected,plants happy,after all what's in a name Dave
  2. What have you received today?

    I picked up another "toy" from our P.O. box in Germany this afternoon. A rotary table for my Proxxon M.F.70 mill Quite sure it will get a fair bit of use in the not too distant future. Dave
  3. Sinking Titanic Model

    Nice model,but what a macabre subject to depict Dave
  4. Ron,she's eating too many crickets,you'll have to put her on a diet Dave
  5. how many of you are a..

    Jim,I think he's referring to the crossing the Equator ceremony on board a ship. Dave
  6. What have you received today?

    Yesterday I was at the weekly fleamarket in Basel. Found an 18 piece set of S.S. angle guages 5°-90°,don't think they have ever been used even the wallet holding them looked like new. Cost me 5 Francs. Googled the logo on the wallet and found they're made by a U.S. company called Swiss Precision Instruments and cost $93.85,not cheap so I got a bargain Quite sure I'll find a use for some of them. Dave
  7. Dutch WWII shipwrecks 'dissappear'

    A sign of the times we now live in,nothing is sacrosanct. A solution would be to dump a couple of pounds of low level radioactive waste on all known maritime war graves. The steel is then contaminated and of no use to these graverobbers or their customers JMHO. Dave
  8. MSW Sick Bay.

    Hello all, Thank you for your likes and comments. It was a huge relief to be told that,now it's onward and upward Too old to rock and roll Too young to die Dave
  9. MSW Sick Bay.

    Mark,I'm glad to hear that you are now OK and also your good lady. Growing old with its problems is not funny. On another tack,I was told last week that my cancer has gone. The surgery and 34 nuclear assaults did their job Gott sei danke. Take care and Kind regards, Dave
  10. Hi Michael, That is almost certainly a Chinese knock off of the Proxxon KT 70. Looks almost identical even down to the colour,doubtful if it's anywhere near the same quality. Dave
  11. Flag on mizzen/boom

    Hi, I can't say for certain but I believe that with the introduction of the long driver boom the stern ensign staff was not fitted when the ship was at sea,only in port. As was I believe the jackstaff on the bowsprit. The photo's show apart from the sloop a loose footed gaff sail on all the others,some still having a Lateen yard fitted. No problem with a stern ensign staff then. I suspect by looking at the angle of the pic that the sloops' driver boom was short enough to pass inside the ensign staff. Of course,it would be easy to transfer the gaff ensign halliard to the opposite side if or when required. Unfortunately I'm not at home just now so can't check in my Books. Dave
  12. Don't you hate it when you drop small parts?

    Bill,you are not alone,join the club. I believe it has something to do with getting old. Dave
  13. It's currently 31°c just now (7,45pm). The past week has been pretty hot and it's to remain so next week albeit a bit cooler from Tuesday. Crazy weather,April started warm then wham,snow,sleet,hard frosts and mucho rain. I feel sorry for the fruit farmers here,they'll have no crop this year as the frosts killed all the blossoms. No local wines from this year either as the grapevines were frosted too Never mind,at least we don't get Tornadoes Dave
  14. Lateen Rig Questions

    Mike. Middling means if 50ft of brail rope is req'd on one side you use a 100ft rope fold it in two and sieze it to the cringle at the fold. Yes there is a block on each side of the yard and both sides would be hauled on simultaneously. Methinks the eyelets are a kit invention,nothing about eyelets for brails in any of the books I have. Boltropes and cringles are much stronger than sail canvas. Dave
  15. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Eddie,I've heard there are millions of sheep in Aussie. You could borrow a few from a local farmer,they'd have it looking like a bowling green in a couple of hours Dave