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  1. Hello KAT, Ulises Victoria a Mexican member lives in Monterey. Perhaps if you contact him by PM he could help you with information on suitable wood available in Mexico. He has a build log of the Royal Louis on page 7 of the Kit Build section of the forum. Kind regards, Dave
  2. I hope that all your snow soon goes Jack. Today here was again for the 7th consecutive day sunny and a warm 16°C Spring has finally sprung. Dave
  3. Eddie, Go to the model tips and tricks and making jigs Forum. 3rd article down should be of help. Dave
  4. Hi Christian and Sjors, The purpose of the Crowsfeet was to prevent the foot of the Topsail chafing on the rim of the top. Dave
  5. Hi Folded Frog, Jackstays would not have been in use on the HMS Agamemnon 1781. They were not introduced on English warships until post 1810 according to Lees' Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War. You'll have to bend the sails to the yards. Dave
  6. Pete, I agree with both John and JCF's posts. Additionally to Lees,R.C. Anderson in both his books also gives a Parrel as having 2 rows of trucks. What is shown in your photo looks like a bit of modellers "inaccurate fancy work"to me. BTW,the HMS Royal William was a 1692 rebuild of the HMS Prince of 1670. There were only 2 ships given this name,the second being launched in 1833. Regards, Dave
  7. I like the new format,a good job well done by the Admin and Mods. Just one question though. What is the significance of the Members total reputation count ? Is it tied to the number of posts an individual has made ? Just curious that's all. Regards, Dave
  8. Hi Terry,I'm pretty sure there is not a model kit of this ship. She was a Leda class 38 gun Frigate launched in Bombay in 1817. I would imagine her plans are available from the N.M.M / Royal Museum Greenwich. I guess you were watching "Flog it" on BBC 2 earlier today Dave
  9. Sounds great Kishmul but tell me what would be the pleasure for a modeller in using computer controlled mills etc to do all the work OK for industry but it seems to me it would be similar to the modeller assembling a plastic model. For me,the enjoyment is making the parts with my own hands. You mention accuracy to .001",I learned to work to that dimension in steel with hand tools as an apprentice 60 years ago Sorry,if I come across as just an old Luddite Dave P.S. Apologies to any plastic modellers reading this.
  10. Hi vossiewulf. Yes,there is a rotary table available for this model. Can be fitted flat or at 90° to the cross slide. Definitely a future purchase. Dave
  11. Picked up my new "toy"from our postbox in Weil Am Rhein Germany this afternoon. The Proxxon MF 70 mill,I saved nearly 200 francs on the Swiss price. Can now get on with making the gratings and gun carriages for my HMS Cheerful build. Kudos to TBS Aachen for service,ordered Monday afternoon arrived there this morning. Dave
  12. Ah sweet mysteries of life. Dave
  13. Hi Pete B, The best book to help with re-rigging your model is Marquardts 18th Century Rigs and Rigging. He covers European methods as well as English. Hope this helps, Dave
  14. Today I had my final session of radiation therapy,hopefully that is the end of the Ear Cancer I had. The worst of the side effects was the mucking up of taste,no joke when all you eat and drink has a ghastly flavour Should (hopefully) return to normal in a month or so said the Radiology Doc along with the other side effects At least my brain wasn't fried,I think Dave