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  1. Birthdays

    Happy Birthday, Elijah. Congratulations
  2. Plastic model Navy ship enthusiast

    Brian, you might look here: http://www.shipcamouflage.com/usn_cv.htm This lists all the camo schemes for USN CVs in WWII. Antietam ended the war in Measure 21. Click on the yellow MS 21 and you will see what surfaces get painted what colors. Essentially Navy Blue 5-N, which is the designation of the formula used for that paint. However, sometime in 1945, USN started substituting Haze Gray for Navy Blue. May have to delve into the ship's history for when and if it was painted gray versus blue.
  3. List your miseries here

    The specs may be all spelled out and in order, but individual inspectors can interpret rules and regs "uniquely". I had a farm and we were building a barn out back. This building/code inspector showed up and said we had to move the barn (poles in the ground and girts tying the poles together already going up) because we were "encroaching a wetland". I asked him where this alleged wetland was and he showed me a large puddle a hundred feet or so away from the barn site with some weeds and other vegetation in it. It was a very rainy late winter/early spring in central New Jersey. I asked him for the wetland plot and he said he knew that this puddle was a wetland. We had previously gone to the county engineers and verified that there was no wetlands within the whole development we were in. This guy "knew " better. I had to have the builder shut down while I went to the county engineers and got a printout of my property to show this "expert" where the true wetlands were. The "inspector" left in a huff. The ground dried out and the only time we had water collect in our "wetland" was after a hurricane (major rain event in the US Northeast).
  4. Mark, can't "Like" that with added problems after the needed rain.
  5. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    He'll be sorely missed. RIP Bob.
  6. WOW, Elijah. That old radiator keep you awake knocking? We had them in several places I lived. It's not the size of the space, but how well you utilize the space you have. You're doing great.
  7. Lifes experiences

    Ah, yes. Shoot something that smokes or goes boom.
  8. Michael, you have to decide if you are going for historical accuracy (black hull) or showing off the beautiful woods you used. Some folks like to "paint" their ships with appropriately hued woods. If you go the black painted hull route, practice on some similar spare wood that matches your ship's hull wood with your paint of choice. Others will have to chime in on brands. I used Floquil for years on wood. Since they are out of business I have to experiment with other brands. Will you airbrush or use a paint brush? Practice before you go daubing some paint onto your Connie or Vic.
  9. Scalecoat I is a lacquer based paint, use it's listed thinner. Scalecoat II is an enamel. Both airbrush well. Never tried to brush paint with them. Used on brass loco shells, which I baked to set the finish. Another enamel line is Colourcoats. Mostly steel warship colors, along with a line of aircraft colors. WWII and later.
  10. 1/32 Fokker Dr.I, August Raben

    Carl, hang it from the ceiling, high enough to miss your noggin, too.
  11. What have you received today?

    Nice, Brian. Hope you and the Admiral get to enjoy many more noshes out there.
  12. What have you received today?

    Nice haul there, Clifford
  13. Song Title Game

    Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys
  14. Them Old Jokes

  15. Excellent how-to and it lists acrylic equivalents in Vallejo, Badger ModelFlex and Model Master Acrylics for the old Floquil-Pollyscale line. And they do add more info on an as needed basis. Highly recommended.