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  1. The tiny American naval force versus the "wooden walls" of the Royal Navy. I think there most definitely was some propaganda being written to get any kind of edge for the Yankees. Of course, building over large frigates with better oak scantling didn't hurt. I appreciate reading James's accounts of these actions, since he was a contemporary. Kind of like reading Morison's account of WW II and then reading an author like Hornfischer or Cox, with much more research material available. Thank you, Frolick.
  2. Model Masters is still around. Our local Hobby Town has the line. You may have to go to an online retailer, but here are several you can start with.
  3. Sounds like great turkey soup, Brian. My Admiral makes up a kettle of split pea soup, with ham, occasionally. Homemade soup is the best.
  4. Please add my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  5. The ammonia will work, but once the internal structure of the wood gets modified to bend, it doesn't actually revert back to what it was. I believe the wood structure is weaker internally after an ammonia bath. Good support under the bent wood is a must. Steam is a better bet, since the wood fibers don't get weakened.
  6. Nice work, Al. Color is good and the fret work is great.
  7. Henry, that's typical in Ireland, also. We had some cousins make a foray to Bantry to dig up info, but a lot of the older records had been destroyed during the various "troubles". Not as clean as the Mayflower folks.
  8. Ancestors were Irish from Counties Cork and Roscommon in the 1880s on Dad's side, Naples and Palermo areas on Mom's side. Born in NY, grew up in North Jersey. After college, went into the USAF and wandered the world, flying the Phabulous Phantom. Transferred into the Air National Guard, still flying said Phantom at McGuire AFB in Central Jersey in 1981. Lived there until 2009 when we escaped and retired to the Smokies in western NC. SusieQ, I spent 3 years at Bitburg in the mid 70s. Loved Germany, especially Bavaria.
  9. Amen to that Dilbert. If I can see it, I'll get it. Unfortunately the orcs and goblins scarf the parts up and hides them with the Precious!
  10. Jack, thanks for the answer. Been busy. They even include a section for home-made cleaners to keep use of the manufacturer's recommended thinner product for just thinning the acrylic paints as you use it. Can save you a bunch of cash.
  11. Model Railroad Hobbyist ( published a booklet comparing the Floquil paints with Vallejo Model Air, Testor's Model Master and Badger's Modelflex acrylic paints. You have to subscribe, but it's free. Search for mrh-acrylic-painting-guide-post-floquil-landscape.pdf The file is a zipped pdf, in a 22 page booklet but besides the charts, gives a lot of good tips for acrylic painting.
  12. Les, it's a great idea. The various glues, paints and assorted other substances we use in constructing our models can be toxic, some immediately, some over time. I'd break it into the various uses; glues, paints, blackeners, etchants, etc.
  13. Chief, that's good news for you all. Fisher House folks are some of the best. Hope their recoveries are speedy.
  14. Nice work there, John.
  15. Bill, you're right with those woods. I've been tunnel vision on small scale models and basswood. I use a conditioner on the basswood before staining, but that's not a sanding sealer. Thanks.