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  1. How aare you blending them? melting or manual stirring?
  2. For a good read on that battle, pick up "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" by James D Hornfischer. He's also done a few other books.
  3. Sign me on for your build, Jack. Mmm, fresh popcorn. I'm with Lou on USS Johnston and Taffy 3. A heroic fight.
  4. Carl's tools for applying his glues are spot on. I like the Tamiya Extra Thin Cement with the brush applicator. The glue is mostly acetone and it flashes off/evaporates quickly, with little residue. Be careful with the glue fumes. I also use Testor's glue in the black bottle. Thicker, slower working allowing you to adjust if needed.
  5. Well done, Jack. Like the gang says, get the boat on the ice!
  6. Canute

    What have you received today?

    Those are Badger primers? Be interested in a report of how they hold up to applications on those materials and how well they handle masking tape (or not).
  7. Canute

    Pet Peeves

    Slog and Richmond have it right. The driver's attitude and abilities make or break the negotiation of a round about/traffic circle. Never had a problem while stationed in Europe and on some military bases here in the US, we drive them successfully all the time. Yield to traffic in the roundabout; signal your intentions. I think the big bugaboo is people look at these yield situations as "set ramming speed; I'm coming onto this road". Then we have a corollary where people stop in the merge lane driving onto a highway, rather than trying to match traffic speeds and blend in.
  8. Hmm, most interesting build. I wouldst consort with yon Captain of Oz and see where this build doth lead. Where, mayhap, is the popcorn machine, that I might obtain same. I seem to have fallen into a front row seat.
  9. I think the fact that it's lacquer based helps with the sticking so well.
  10. Canute

    Pet Peeves

    I like those left turn lanes in the middle of the road. I grew up in Jersey, when traffic circles were all the rage. Over time they mostly went away, although a few still exist (Flemington). What drove me to distraction was the jug-handles to make a left turn. Basically, make a 270 degree turn to the right to make that left. And sometimes it as a turn before the traffic light, sometimes it was go thru a light then turn 270 degrees right. Truly inconsistent. I know circles are good in Europe. Was stationed there and spent a lot more time on temporary duty, mostly in Germany. Better training? I know our driver ed class on base was pretty intense. Traffic helped in the small towns, being somewhat lighter than US traffic. I will second the observations about the excitement of driving around the Arc d'Triomphe in Paris. I wanted to sight see, but as the driver I couldn't. The highway engineers here in NC are into these circles. They want to replace any number of traffic lights with circles. Local landowners are up in arms, losing frontage and foliage. With properly trained drivers they work well. Most drivers don't even come close to that level of skill. My gripe with the circles is that the semitrailers that use the bigger roads they want to to put theses on are too big to negotiate the circles quickly. I don't know what's more irritating, crawling around a circle behind the semi or sitting in a conga line stopped at a traffic light behind one of those trucks.
  11. Richmond, I'll grab a seat with Mark and OC over by that popcorn machine. Should be interesting.
  12. Canute

    Them Old Jokes

    Yep, that's us, folks.
  13. Lake effect snows like yours happen in upstate New York from Buffalo to Watertown this time of year.
  14. Canute

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I think that's Mr. Murphy's law.

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