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  1. There is a site with line drawings and pictures of WW I ships and Seydlitz in particular here: http://www.sms-navy.com/bc/sms_bc_seydlitz.htm A nice hard cover book with one chapter for Seydlitz is: https://www.amazon.com/German-Battlecruisers-World-War-One/dp/1591141915/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537528604&sr=8-1&keywords=german+battlecruisers+of+world+war+one Greg has found some pretty clear photos, which will really help in placing the anti torpedo nets.
  2. Canute

    Ship paintings

    Glad you are recovering from the pneumonia, Jim. Only had one bout myself, but I've been more careful of late. The 3 days in hospital were OK while I was on the cardiac floor, but I got shipped to a freezing dungeon after my 48 hour test for heart issues. Couldn't wait to get out. I really do appreciate your watercolors. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Mark is correct about me. Happily, we didn't get clobbered up here in WNC. Lost power briefly and my generator came on for a short time. We got anywhere from 1 to 5 inches of rain here in Henderson County. Flash flood watch here until midnight, but it may get removed early, since we only have a slightly higher than usual threat of thunderstorms today. Radar returns of the storm are a ways northeast of here this morning, up around Raleigh and heading north. The big threat now is the flooding rivers that crisscross the state. They won't crest for a while yet; probably tomorrow or Wednesday. That will slow down damage assessments, because authorities won't hazard their inspectors with flood threats still hanging over their heads. Storm victims will be testy, since the emergency shelters will revert back to prestorm use soon. There isn't a whole heck of a lot of temporary housing available out east. It's a lot of farms, forests and swamps near the sounds. We Tar Heels will have a tough time recovering from Florence.
  4. Ah, you're giving them a run for the money. And you're having fun doing it.
  5. Yeah, they do make some good stuff. I like them, too.
  6. Could get 4-6 inches of rain today and tomorrow. Biggest threat is flash floods here in the mountains and trees falling due to the saturated earth on our hillsides. Hope the folks to my east survive the pummeling.
  7. Asheville area looked like that today. The storm is coming tomorrow for us, since it is moving so slowly.
  8. Canute

    Recovering from injuries and infection

    Chief, good luck in your recovery. Follow the doctor's orders; your mitts are one of many important parts. You've got a leg up already, since your noggin is working well. Attitude is everything.
  9. I'm using Win 7/Firefox, too, on this entry. You may need to update your "old, outdated" system.
  10. I've seen most chalks and pastels disappear when spraying a fixative over them. Started using something called Pan Pastels, which can be applied with a variety of tools (brushes, sponges, etc.) No fixative required. Here's a link: http://www.modelingcolors.com/index.html They do list some European outlets. Nothing for Oz or Japan.
  11. I'm running a Win10 computer and Firefox 62. I see all the photos fine.
  12. I find that working on fine details has to be done in short bursts. Try building Z scale (1/220) structures or N scale (1/160) double hung windows. <Remind me not to do those ever again!> Do one operation at a time (glaze a window, say) and do 2-4 operations. Then walk away; maybe work on something you can see without using your optical enhancers. You won't get done in a hurry, but what's the fun in that? Like Greg said, sometimes you feel you're plodding along. I've been rolling brass HO scale piping clamps for a grain hopper. The detail set gave me more than enough and happily none have been launched into Never-never Land. Having good pliers of the correct size helps there, too. 👍
  13. Well done on that bridge. And your weapons work is really good.

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