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  1. It's hard to believe, but Michael has two grandsons even better looking than he. Get better, Michael, and get back to work. Jim p.s. Try to talk them into some ice cream for a snack later.
  2. American Girl - Tom Petty
  3. Hi, Chris.......... Those are fine pieces of equipment; Powermatic makes the the best machines on the planet. Enjoy. Jim
  4. May she rest in peace...... Jim p.s. I have a feeling that she will be watching over your shoulder.
  5. Love is Strong............... Rolling Stones Jim
  6. City of Love................ Yes Jim
  7. I wonder if used nylon stockings or pantyhose would work............. Jim
  8. I have read that any citrus tree will produce good timber, as with just about any fruit or nut tree. The drawback is the size of the lumber it produces, but that is not a concern for what we use it for. The fresh cut wood should be left to dry for one year per inch of thickness. A good idea would be for you to slice the wood into one inch thick slices and stack the lumber with one inch "sticks" separating the boards. Let us know how the wood works out. See you next January.......... Jim
  9. If anyone needs some inspiration to do some practice in order to improve their carvings, by all means check out the website below. Alexander is a world class shipbuilder and a very accomplished carver. Most of the work shown is in the round, but worth a look.........enjoy. Jim
  10. Great piece of work........ Jim
  11. You have come a long way, Jay; nice work. Merry Christmas to you and your Rose of Sharon. Jim
  12. I have been a big fan of "Vikings" TV series. What else can I say......i LIKE it! jim
  13. Very well presented website, Marcus........ thank you for that. Jim
  14. Complete with interior framing............very well done, John. Jim