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    Model shipbuilding is certainly one of my favorite avocations, especially sailing warships of the 18th century, but my love of ships/boats doesn't end there. If you'll excuse the pun, all sorts of craft "float my boat". As with so many modelers the list of ships I'd like to build far exceeds the time I have left on this earth to complete them. Time permitting, I'd like to scratch build a paddle wheel riverboat and an English 60 gun ship of the line circa 1730 after the HMS Camilla that I'm working on now. Too ambitious? Maybe.

    Some of my other interests are playing with my dog Toby, messing around with the computer I built, trying to learn something about the Linux operating system, sculpting in wood and stone, painting, reading about history, shooting pool, doing crossword puzzles, and going to "Movie Night" (a mid-week gathering at a friend's home). Oh, and let me not forget following the build logs on the MSW website. That gives me a lot of enjoyment. Yes, life is fun.

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