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  1. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    They have corrective surgery for that
  2. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Neat. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether the detailing was wood carving maybe some metal? And what the coloring may have been?
  3. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Im curious did wasp have similar detailing? And for that manner other small ships like Syren Argus and ahem Frolick... Or was Hornet decorated more than usual?
  4. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Consequently Talos ive been looking at the stern Chapelle has for the improved 1799 74 gun ship and thinking that most likely the United States looked similar at her launching. So going to try and modify the image to the Connie plan should lead to an interesting result.:)
  5. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Hi Glenn, regarding Congress the 1799 ship might be a challenge to build as much detailing of the ship was never recorded and since she fought in no battles and therefore there are no contemporary depictions of her in battle and only one outboard profile. She had more or less a mundane existence was considered slow and left to rot after 1824. However if I were to ever consider building her I would first use what resources did exist and go from there. I would ask myself first what era would I want to build her as these ships changed over time. If at launching then I would use the profile plan of the Constellation class and stay as close to it as possible. If 1812 era then go off the outboard profile (see below). If 1824 well I would assume she may have appeared something similar to how Constellation did after her modernization, though I am unsure if Congress got such a renovation. At launching the Constellation class had 7 stern windows which then became 5 when the two nearest the quarter galleries were sealed. By the last refit they had 3 windows like Constitution does today and the detailing had less carvings and more general stuff like stars, wreaths, eagles etc. The exterior color changed as well from ochre to yellow to the white stripe and the figureheads were replaced with billetheads. If I wanted to build such a model I would have to make a lot of guesses and use what is known about Constellation (see Constellation images) and then follow a similar style but imagine detailing for Congress. I am unsure if a record of her original carvings was recorded, frolick are you aware of any? What I do know is that Rush wanted the representation of the "Goddess of Wisdom." So I imagine that was her figurehead? America is different, there are models of America in existence to my knowledge anyways. I'd go hunt them down and see what the model makers did and do something similar. There are pics of such a model in this link. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7707-american-ship-collection-with-plans/ Good luck!
  6. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Oooh sounds like a good one thank you will hunt it down
  7. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Ha well thats just comon sense right there
  8. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Its much better than what I had thank you. Alot of this is tracking down the original source material. Then seeing what the original painter had in mind and ascern the details of these ships. Feels like doing history backwards Ive already come to new understandings regarding frigate decorations which is pretty neat. Now just need to see if I can find a larger version of the Brandywine painting with John Adams off Malta 1832.
  9. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    So wondering if anyone is aware of a better quality version of this image? It's the 1823 Mediterranean squadron which includes North Carolina, Constitution, Brandywine (again) and Erie. In the image I have, you can see Connie appears to have a stern which looks at least somewhat like the model they have at the museum (can't really tell with the detail being so grainy). Brandywine has the characteristic "m" shape. Also is there a record as to when Connie got fitted for 3 stern chasers?
  10. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Hmm I was assuming that was the 1797 ship but perhaps that's the 1853 sloop then.
  11. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    So I found this little nugget in the library of Congress. Looks like Constellation before her being town down and "rebuilt" While there are no stern detailing per se (probably removed or painted black). What we do see is the overall shape which coincides with the painting of her from 1825 as well as follows the overall shape of the Potomac/Java stern. Looking at all these I'm seeing a few basic patterns emerging. 1. the ships tended to have some sort of star like ornament by the quarter galleries. 2. They has some sort of pillars or carvery in between windows (Guerriere had them closer to the middle window it seems, while Constellation had them further out. 3. There was an outer thicker moulding which curved and ran through the upper gun ports and a thinner inner moulding which was usually painted white and tended to have some decoration. It makes Constitution seem somewhat of an enigma with her 3 windows much closer together and only two thin white mouldings which don't intersect the stern chase ports. It also makes me wonder what the moulding for United States looked like looking at the outboard profile. But overall this seems like the style of ships from 1815 until the 1840's when the Congress/Raritan/Jamestown type with the large crest-like moulding took over.
  12. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    http://www.nyhistory.org/exhibit/capture-algerian-frigate-mashuda-american-squadron-under-command-commodore-stephen-decatur Found the large version of the image. Its in New York I think ill go check it out The Dale class were neat little ships sorta like the navy going back to the peacock class after a series of mediocre larger sloops.
  13. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Oooooooooo yes I have this! Again it's a tiny image I'd really like to know if there is a place to view the full size images. That said it does offer some nice perspective even at this size for me to make a template drawing off from (or start anyways). Those are roses, not stars? Also here are two modernish paintings of Chesapeake and Decatur. The Decatur reminds me of Jamestown and Congress a bit while Chesapeake looks like she does from the captured plans however I do wonder if she was ornamented as such since the bone model in Germany shows much more carvings? Also starting to realize that the best way to understand a ships build and decorations will mean collecting info on builders and woodworkers, so I can get an understanding on each's style (Rush seems to be the primary carver for many ships). Any thoughts on books I should invest in, I have Figureheads and their carvers of course a great work.
  14. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    Very interesting. Ive considered whenever I decide to build a Constitution model what it would be like to build her in her 1840 to civil war configuration (as I would United States). The billet scrollwork (under old hickery) was similar yet different to the current billet. I wonder if the stern ornaments were the same Hartfords changed quite a bit. Also seahawk you mentioned the brandywine looked like cross swords. While I agree I wonder if those paintings can be viewed somewhere in larger detail...