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  1. I heard something about the United States being a favorite ship of some head of the Norfolk navyyard hence why she was given a quiet retirement prior to her capture. I doubt she would have been razed though if 1861 capture of norfolk and the whole ironclad debacle hadnt happend Id imagine Columbia and Raritan might have. No worries w hijacking those images above thats the Boston class and underneath the macedonia?
  2. Constellation Macedonian and John Adams were all obviously new designs with no relation to their predecessors however if not for the erroneous history Constellation would likely not still exist today.
  3. Ok that makes sense, and yeah I will scan the stern of plan proper and post it once I get a chance. Interesting to hear about the Constellation painting, do you have more info on it?
  4. You have the option to not have your model compete. There are two competitions but you can opt to just display your models. Regarding costs check the registration pdfs I linked earlier in this post.
  5. So now with these plans it's making me wonder if United States's 1840's era stern had the 3 window design of Guerriere/Java,Potomac and Constitution or did she have 4 like Independence. Since most of the period depictions of her stern show her retaining the 7 windows one could make an argument that her stern ended up looking like Independence near the end of her life. The transom edge is higher and looks rounded with more wreath decorations. Overall different Constitution at that time. That said the quarter gallery isn't the same as Independence's meaning it doesn't sit mid deck due to the razing.
  6. Ok so caught up with Duane of Maryland Silver today, was a much better convo gave me the whole story about the ship, where he got the plans from and a story about John Allen's sword. Anywhoo our thoughts are that the plans represent the ship being modified due to hogging as well as moving the placement of the masts etc. Since the doubling tapers at both ends that makes perfect sense.
  7. So what to make of this. Hi everyone so finally got around to ordering the plans of United States at Maryland Silver. Most of the plans are what we already know meaning Humphreys original builders plans and other things widely available. It was these 2 Gosport inboard/outboard profiles from the 1840's which interested me. Well here they are and when I called to explain that the images appear doubled he wasn't exactly the most forthright about it told me I was wrong then told me he didn't really look at them and call tomorrow. It's a shame because if these are authentic then that's a lot of nice detail there so hopefully I'll catch him in a better mood tomorrow and get some sort of explanation why they have seven masts. So here we are happy to hear everyone's thoughts anyone ever seen these before? What I see is a billet scroll style very similar to other ship plans from the 1840's that I've seen (the plan of St Lawrence and Potomac from Canney's book has lots of similar acorn-y wreath-y type detailings). The stern tapers at an almost 90 degree angle similar to what the Guerriere/Java class innovated (and Potomac and modern Constitution also has), so you can see the stern was modified probably same time Constitution was modified. And the image confirms the third level poop deck was indeed removed by this time. What interests me is that bit of overhang or lip that you can see hanging off the stern counter?, similar to Potomac but it has a distinctive shape and the transom in general appears taller than that of Constitution (though with the image the way that it is makes it a bit hard to be sure). Wonder if someone looking at this could extrapolate a rough idea of the stern shape from these side profiles.
  8. So guys how much original wood exists in the current niagara? There even a splinter in there?
  9. I'll throw my two cents in here since I wondered the same and while both ships were likely identical, there is no reason why one couldn't use a bit of an artistic license to modify color schemes and certain deck fittings to offer a bit of distinction. Here is a model of Lawrence someone did which looks like Niagara and while the white stripe doesn't look accurate to me there are some minor differences here. I think one could approach model ship building as a "theory" project you want to complete sometimes research offers two or more plausible conclusions regarding how a ships detailing could have been laid out and you can build two totally similar yet different ships and call them sister ships. Noone may know how they really looked but both may be working theories of how they "could" have looked and in the process you enhance your own knowledge on how such ships may have functioned