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    Model ships, wooden and plastic focus on US Navy and Star Trek universe. My ultimate goal is to scratch build the USS Congress, Minnesota, Cumberland and United States.

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  1. Hi yes thats pretty much the plan. Im going to try in 28 guage brass first and if that is too cumbersome will try plastic
  2. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    That's pretty unbelievable tbf. I miss hobbymill... sniffle
  3. Looking for dowels

    Hi everyone! So realizing that crowntimbreyard is mia and woodprojectsource doesn't seem to carry them is there a site I can use to get milled dowel's that are cherry and boxwood?
  4. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Woodprojectsource is still operating and Ive been getting my wood from them of late. I think you just need a bit before they get back to you but eventually they do. That said I am looking for dowel's and I don't think they offer that and not sure where to buy them. Bummber about crowntimbreyard.
  5. Lol a perfectly sensible suggestion John. I considered taking the stack out of the grating area entirely, thing is I am following Chapelle's plan and he probably assumed that such a small ship had to be as compact as possible. I honestly couldn't tell you what is the most mechanically sound approach but I figured I would just follow the plans and trust Chapelle knew what he was talking about and at the very least it keeps me from over thinking especially when I lack the wisdom to adequately take creative licenses and avoid faux pas.
  6. Hmm ok in that case I can do something like a split pipe collar like the kind they put on radiator pipes, I used to play with them all the time as a kid grandma's house had the old style radiators... I miss that place... sniff
  7. Cool thank you Dan in that case I will endeavour to make the plate and place it over the grating with a few treenails along the edge. My question now is finding a way to attach a plate on this funnel right where that ring is so that it is flush yet I can slide it over the wider edge without cutting the bluejacket piece in half. Maybe a rubber sheet or some material that has elasticity? I tried with that plastic piece but it warped as you can see. The final plate will be about 3/16". Any thoughts from anyone?
  8. HI yeah im using these for examples of the bolted flash and realizing a few model makers put the funnel facing foward in error. Theres that logic/sensibility again Im not a sailor myself but try and think through the functionality of parts on ships which is why bolting a plate to a grating seems silly to me no?
  9. Hey Pat that's exactly my quandary. I did make an attempt on my model to add a lead flashing and looking at my image it didn't look right. The Mamoli kit has a bolted flash over the grating (see image). Or I could remove the grating entirely and just seal the hatch kind of like the Armed Virginia Schooner model (see image). The next class revenue cutter Morris/Taney has the stack outside the grating (check image with arrow). Also the Corel Ranger verion of the Doughty cutter eliminated the grating/combing entirely and did the same approach like Morris/Taney model. However I suppose I am following the Krick/Bluejacket design which follows Chapelle's plans and has the stack go right through the grating port. The Krick model shows a cloth tarp covering the area (see image) but perhaps you are right about the heat. The joy and perhaps frustration of ship modeling is that there are multiple ways to interpret plans so really it's just determining what was the most sensible and efficient method a ship builder would use to solve a problem.
  10. Here's what I ultimately came up with. The Bluejacket funnel works perfect and ill probably put a tarp over where the stack enters the grating to act as a covering. What do you all think?
  11. Yeah same stuff however these are maybe 1/4" tops the detail is there it is possible that when painted the detailing will be more clear the frosted clear is hard for my eyes to focus on
  12. fyi here are the guns for sms emdem via seamless. They are very small and better detailed than the kit but I feel this tech still has some bugs to work out. What do you all think?
  13. Thanks guys! I have ordered the bluejacket version as well as caldercrafts and cast your anchor versions as they all together cost me less than $20 However im not sure if they will meet the level or realism I like in my models however they will at least serve as study models for me to practice for scratch. And yes I actually just ordered guns from seamless for the sms dresden model I have im curious to see what they look like making cad parts seems not all that different than making laser parts.
  14. Both are also good suggestions. I do own fusion 360 so im supposed to get better with cad. Could use this as an opportunity however first I want to try brass w sodder then maybe ill try a cad version C
  15. Hey Lou thank you so much for the break down on what to do. In fairness this sounds like a lot of fun so I will try it out and add the results to my log, thank you! C