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    Model ships, wooden and plastic focus on US Navy and Star Trek universe. My ultimate goal is to scratch build the USS Congress, Minnesota, Cumberland and United States.

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  1. Here is a cheeky pic of my own models on display. Hoping next year at least one will be done
  2. P1080813.JPG

    Wow amazing!!
  3. Hi all! Splendid job from everyone who contributed to the success of the conference. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and congratulate the winner of both the Jim Roberts award and the people's choice (the same model won both). The model in question is of the USS Boxer circa 1905. I felt personally inspired by the exceptional work done here and reminded me of why I love model ship building so much, such an excellent example on what I hope to one day achieve for myself. Truly a work of art I trust you all agree.
  4. Hallo Charlie


    one Question ...and sorry For my Englisch...


    with wich CAD -Programm do. Young work ,please ?



    1. CharlieZardoz


      Hi! The laser works with inkscape (which is free) also corel draw and adobe. I don't use a cnc machine but if I did then fusion 360 is also available online and also free-ish.  Cheers!

    2. Charlie1805


      Hi Charlie


      thanks...and ...your Work ist GREAT 



  5. Was great to meet you and glad you enjoyed the experience. Models pics will be up shortly
  6. You have the option to not have your model compete. There are two competitions but you can opt to just display your models. Regarding costs check the registration pdfs I linked earlier in this post.
  7. Brigs Niagara and Lawrence

    So guys how much original wood exists in the current niagara? There even a splinter in there?
  8. Brigs Niagara and Lawrence

    I'll throw my two cents in here since I wondered the same and while both ships were likely identical, there is no reason why one couldn't use a bit of an artistic license to modify color schemes and certain deck fittings to offer a bit of distinction. Here is a model of Lawrence someone did which looks like Niagara and while the white stripe doesn't look accurate to me there are some minor differences here. I think one could approach model ship building as a "theory" project you want to complete sometimes research offers two or more plausible conclusions regarding how a ships detailing could have been laid out and you can build two totally similar yet different ships and call them sister ships. Noone may know how they really looked but both may be working theories of how they "could" have looked and in the process you enhance your own knowledge on how such ships may have functioned
  9. The subsciption frigate New York and other details

    I'm realizing I need to make a list of carvers and builders of these ships and then follow the line to see who worked on which ship and what their specific style were. Looking at New York next to Constellation/Congress I can see how the lines are very similar. Seems same is true with Boston and Essex I believe.
  10. If you are bringing models please fill out the registration form so we have a place ready for you