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    Model ships, wooden and plastic focus on US Navy and Star Trek universe. My ultimate goal is to scratch build the USS Congress, Minnesota, Cumberland and United States.

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  1. HI There!

    Been following your progress on the MSW Sultana, I am going to start this build soon as it is going to be my first attempt at a wooden ship model.

    thanks for the build log!



    New Jersey

  2. The subsciption frigate New York and other details

    7 makes sense I am assuming all or most of the subscription frigates had 7 windows which those who survived long enough had the outer two planked over to 5. That said the arrangement on that stern makes sense I imagine she looked more or less in that fashion.
  3. The subsciption frigate New York and other details

    Very nice stern depictions. I'm wondering is there any evidence which states philadelphia had 6 stern windows as opposed to 5?
  4. American sailing warships with no plans or records

    So how does Macedonian relate to Congress then since she was built right before. The later Congress of course.
  5. Well guys from what I read most of these ships were considered slow and had poor serviceability. They were ultimately a placeholder before the better subscription frigates and schooner/brig/sloops took over. A hodgepodge navy of strange ships that were ineffective so I doubt they wasted too much time trying to modify them.
  6. I suspect she was a purchase and then the upper works would have probably been closed up and she would have looked more like a proper sloop. That is for the 2+ years she was in service
  7. And here is Maryland/Patapsco. I imagine many of the smaller ships we lack plans for looked somewhat like these but as to their unique variations I wouldn't know where to begin.
  8. Hi all! Just for fun I thought I'd add the plan in question.
  9. Hi yes thats pretty much the plan. Im going to try in 28 guage brass first and if that is too cumbersome will try plastic
  10. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    That's pretty unbelievable tbf. I miss hobbymill... sniffle
  11. Looking for dowels

    Hi everyone! So realizing that crowntimbreyard is mia and woodprojectsource doesn't seem to carry them is there a site I can use to get milled dowel's that are cherry and boxwood?
  12. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Woodprojectsource is still operating and Ive been getting my wood from them of late. I think you just need a bit before they get back to you but eventually they do. That said I am looking for dowel's and I don't think they offer that and not sure where to buy them. Bummber about crowntimbreyard.
  13. Lol a perfectly sensible suggestion John. I considered taking the stack out of the grating area entirely, thing is I am following Chapelle's plan and he probably assumed that such a small ship had to be as compact as possible. I honestly couldn't tell you what is the most mechanically sound approach but I figured I would just follow the plans and trust Chapelle knew what he was talking about and at the very least it keeps me from over thinking especially when I lack the wisdom to adequately take creative licenses and avoid faux pas.
  14. Hmm ok in that case I can do something like a split pipe collar like the kind they put on radiator pipes, I used to play with them all the time as a kid grandma's house had the old style radiators... I miss that place... sniff
  15. Cool thank you Dan in that case I will endeavour to make the plate and place it over the grating with a few treenails along the edge. My question now is finding a way to attach a plate on this funnel right where that ring is so that it is flush yet I can slide it over the wider edge without cutting the bluejacket piece in half. Maybe a rubber sheet or some material that has elasticity? I tried with that plastic piece but it warped as you can see. The final plate will be about 3/16". Any thoughts from anyone?

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