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  1. Pets

    This is Eddie, my constant companion. Eight year old Bichon/Poodle mix rescue. First photo just groomed. Second in need of touch up. John Elwood
  2. Haven't accomplished much since April due to age related medical issues. Hurricane deck temporarily in place after a lot of fiddling. Compared to what lies ahead, this has been the "easy" part of the over all build. John Elwood
  3. The John Benjamin on the boat reflects my first and middle name. Applied home port of Marietta, Ohio. Graduated Marietta College 1962.

    skybolt, Absolutely beautiful. I have always wanted to build this model. Am I correct that your model has the built up wooden hull? Approximately how long did it take to build your spectacular model? John Elwood
  5. Get attachment (53)

    I'd really love to see more photos of the beautiful ship. What kit is it and did you do a build on her? John
  6. CR Lamb finished 001 Opt

    Thanks for the nice comment seafury45. This was a very enjoyable build. John
  7. 100 7940

    Hi Bill, WOW...What a beautiful build. You really mastered that clinker hull. Were the planks on this kit laser cut to shape or was additional work needed? What's up next? John Elwood
  8. CR Lamb finished 002 Opt

    Thanks for the nice comment jiljilia. I love steam. John
  9. CR Lamb finished 004 Opt

    Thanks Nils. I'm fairly new to the MSW site and this was my first try at gallery posting. CR Lamb was a fun, 9 month, build. John Elwood
  10. port view

    Looking at Bluejackets version as my first POF kit. Love the way you displayed the boat on the cradle on the planked deck. May go for the same idea.
  11. Carrianne model 11 Stb Bow

    Hi Jack, Saw this model at the CMMS meeting. I am still WOWed by this scratch built copy of your real boat. Hope to see her in person next summer off of New Haven. John Elwood