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  1. First Resawing Adventure

    Michael - I got my boxwood from Gilmer Wood, like you did. Would definitely suggest not relying on the pictures on the website, but calling them and explaining what you need. In the past, I had just picked my pieces from their pictures on the website. The last time I needed boxwood, I called and explained what I was looking for, and they told me that if I didn't mind waiting, they would get me better pieces. About a month later I got a call from them, and got some 2x4" lengths of extremely tight grained, uniform colored Castello boxwood - nicest wood I have ever gotten. They were tremendously helpful - I was very impressed. Dave
  2. First Resawing Adventure

    Cliff - your wood looks great! I'm looking forward to your Echo cross section build. It will be great to not be the only one. I milled my own wood for the cross section, too. Even though the framing and fitting out kits were available, I figured I had bought the table saw, thickness sander, and band saw, so was obliged to use them. David and Greg were very helpful and let me buy the plans and a cannon barrel separately from the wood. I haven't had any problems with pear, holly, or boxwood billets warping, although my wood has sat on the shelf for a few years prior to being cut. The big problem as been when I cut the billets into strips. Not a big deal for planks, but some of the strips cut for spars and masts for Hannah looked like modern art. The beauty of having the tools is not having to mill everything at once. There are tons of different sizes woods after you finish the framing. Best wishes and happy modelling for the new year. Dave
  3. Few cautions with surgical blades. They are extremely sharp, and were designed for operating on flesh, not cutting wood. They are brittle and break much more easily when forced than exacto type blades. Be gentle with them. Also, be very careful when changing the blades in the scalpel handle. The attachment is different than a hobby knife holder, and takes some getting used to. Would strongly suggest getting a hemostat or other small surgical clamp to use when changing blades so you don't cut yourself. There are some blade removal tools, but I haven't tried them. I use #10, #11, and #15 blades. Rather than swapping out blades when I need a different shape like I used to do with my old exacto knives, I got a couple of handles - you can get them for $3-4 each, much less than needing sutures. Dave
  4. I've come full circle on this. I was at the meeting where Las Vegas was announced, and my first response was disappointment and considering not attending. Thinking more about it, I think it is very reasonable to try. I go to lots of professional meetings for work, where the trip is the meeting, and I don't do anything else in the city (airport to meeting to airport to home). My reflection on this NRG meeting was much the same. I was there for both the meeting and workshop, and did not go on the tour. It was a great meeting, and my experience had nothing to do with the choice of city. I went for the meeting content, and spent most of the time at the hotel. Ease of getting in and out was important, and if I need to travel more than a few hours, good flights and cost are key. I think I would have had the same excellent experience regardless of city. I understand the need to accommodate west coast members, and going two time zones way preferred to three for me. For this meeting, the only non-meeting things I did were going out to eat, getting together with relatives, and going to the Salvador Dali museum, which was awesome. It was also completely non model ship related (maybe The Persistence of Memory as a stern decoration on a Swan class ship?). Bottom line - I think NRG can have a great meeting regardless of city, but only if we can get people there. Cost and travel time are important. Dave
  5. David and Greg - Awesome workshop - many thanks! Michael - tremendously impressive (and fast) work on completing the head detail. Looks amazing! Dave
  6. I'm impressed by everyone's work, and looking forward to the NRG meeting and workshop. I got some time in over the weekend, and have the upper and lower rails shaped and installed. Hope there aren't any grades being given on the homework assignment - mine got caught up behind a bunch of other priorities, and it shows. I did learn that I don't like cleaning laser char off of wood - I would go crazy building a laser cut kit. Dave

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