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  1. Here is where my HMS Leopard is today. Almost all the gunports cut and lined. Tom
  2. ntmcd1, I also built the AL Constellation. It was my first attempt at model ship building so I really didn't know any better about the accuracy or drastic lack of it. I picked up the kit from a fellow MSW member for a very low price so I said why not. The model provided a vast amount of experience for me since I had none previously. I don't think I could have completed it without the help of everyone on the MSW site. I did quite a bit of bashing on the rigging and made the sails from scratch since the kit did not supply any. As for the hull I ended up keeping it pretty much the same as the kit. Now that I am scratch building my second model I can see how silly it was for AL to release this as the 1798 Constellation. I don't really have the pride in model that I used to. On the other hand, most if not all the people that look at it don't know the difference anyway. They just look at the overall model and go wow, look at all the detail and then my pride returns a bit. I guess all will be fine as long as nobody from MSW ends up in my living room! A link to my build log is in my signature. Tom
  3. A quick clarification

    And the learning just keeps coming. This is why I love this site. I didn't even know about frapping. I like the idea as an option to coils of rope on the deck. Thanks to all of you for sharing. Tom
  4. Fly tying thread

    Hi grsjax, I am far from an expert but I made some rope with my ropewalk out of 100% polyester and it came out very "stretchy" or somewhat elastic. If I use something with at least 25% cotton and the rest polyester the rope does stretch like an elastic. The polyester also tends to have a sheen about it which I don't like but that is just a preference. Tom
  5. Constellation wooden ship build Artesania Latina 1:85 scale
  6. DSCF3405

    Wow. I truly don't know what to say. Actually saying nothing probably says it all as it just speaks for itself. Absolutely spectacular.
  7. Isometric profile

    Hi Bob and zoly, Thanks for stopping by and dropping the nice comments. Tom
  8. Front Full Isometric

    Thanks for the kind word Elijah. It was a very rewarding journey. Happy modeling.