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  1. Congratulations on making a beautiful model and being recognized for it. It was well deserved. Tom
  2. Hi Jim I just used a standard hardwood dowel you would find at a craft store. Actually, they were not very hard and the package did not say what kind of wood. Cost me about $2 for 4 feet. It just started out as an experiment and I was happy with the outcome so they are now on the model. Tom
  3. Very sorry to hear. My condolences to his family and friends. Tom
  4. toms10

    How similar is building a model to a real boat?

    In my engineering eyes, building a static model is entirely different ball game than building a working boat. Models don't take into account loads and stresses, actual full scale fastening techniques and the list goes on. Tom
  5. Hello all just got back from a fantastic vacation in Ireland. Problem about having a great time on vacation is eventually it must come to an end. I have now since settled back into reality. I did manage to finish turning my 12 pound wooden cannons on my homemade or should I say poor man’s “lathe”. I am pleased with the results. Just need to bore out the ends and put the pin holes in the full ones, paint them black and the assemble. Tom
  6. Congratulations and thank you. It has been a real treat following this build. The level is skill is something to aspire to. Tom
  7. Jim Nice work. It is going to be a very nice piece when completed. I am actually spending the last day of a week long trip in Ireland. Your boat looks much nicer close up now that I am here and closer to it. 😀 Tom
  8. Thank you to all the administrators who keep this site up and running. It is greatly appreciated. Tom
  9. Alexey, I just found this demonstration. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing. MSW is a wonderful resource. Tom
  10. Jim, That is a model for someone who dwells in Dante's unpublicized 8th circle of hell; a special one reserved for us psychotic modelers. Maybe we will meet each other there someday along with a host of other MSW members. Tom
  11. Thanks Jim. I just used my cell phone to take the pics. I agree that these seem more clear... not sure why. I am going to leave the same area blank as in the lower decks so you see straight through from the top. This will also let in more light from the top along with the LEDs in the lower decks. You should then be able to better see the cannon rigging detail below when looking through the side. It was a bit of work to build and rig all the carriages on the lower deck just to cover them over with the upper deck. But when you look through the side I needed to show the detail of what is going on down there. Tom
  12. Started putting in the upper deck timbers. Tom
  13. Edited in an attempt to remove the bottom picture which is a duplicate of the 3rd picture in this post - - but failed !!! I have no idea how that photo got in here twice ??? - - - and can't get rid of the unwanted one ! Hi Jim, Don't worry about the extra picture. You can never have to many pictures of nice things. Great work. As for the never ending ratlines it could be worse... a 4 masted ship! Tom
  14. Although the summer weather has been pretty good lately except for a couple of 100 degree days, I did manage to get some work done. The 24# cannons are rigged and now I can start to put the upper gundeck into place. Here are some photos. Some progress is better than no progress or even worse... reverse progress! Starting to look like a warship. Tom
  15. Hi Jacek, Thanks for the complements. I bought the Rif Winfield book "The 50 Gun Ship" which contained a copy of the plans. As this is only my second build and first scratch build, the book was very helpful. The book also contains illustrations of each deck although the scales seems to be inconsistent. Since I had all this information I thought it would be a shame to waste it so I decided to do a cutout hull on one side. The only draw back is it is greatly extending the length of the build because of all the extra decking, framing and deck items that normally you would not need. The other thing to consider is lighting. I added the LED lighting on each of the lower decks so the detail could be seen when looking in. Without the lighting it was difficult to see the work that went into each deck. Tom

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