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  1. Nice desk. I like the color of the cutting mat.
  2. I just started working on mine. love it. Hoping to do a build log, been taking pictures.
  3. I love jigs. They get us through a heck of a lot crap.
  4. Thats an excellent book, have a nice time reading it. I know I did.
  5. Nice. something else I can watch. Good Luck
  6. Thank you for the link, just order 2 of them, one is for a friend from the club. Thanks again
  7. Do you still have a link to the web site where you got that from??
  8. here is more. Now I know I miss some, so if anyone has what I miss could you please post the for everyone to see. Thank you
  9. Well guys here are the pictures that I took, I know I miss some, it was a long day for me was on my feet way to long and It did do me in that night and the next day. I now understand why they say 10 to 13 months healing time for the knee. It was a good turn out lots of people, plus I seen a few from the pass and meet a few more from MSW. Also I did make out on the raffe with winning the top prize, not bad for 10.00 dollars worth of ticket for a brand new 9 inch band saw. The first pictures is of the saw.
  10. I don't remember seeing one either, and I been going for the last 6 years like Rusty.
  11. Yea you could live next to me LOL. But I don't bark
  12. My book finally came yesterday, beautiful book. Glad I got it