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  1. ymperivm

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    it is said that in the battle of trafalgar they went the Holy Trinity and Prince of Aturias with vermilion bands in their batteries. But before those battles, like that of Cabo San Vicente, they would have the yellow regulatory color. That's why there are paintings in these two colors. https://www.google.es/search?q=carlos+parrilla+penagos+santísima+trinidad&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjExeLtx7bgAhXN7eAKHSSMBbcQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=636
  2. ymperivm

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    Some of the Montañés plans in Naval museum.
  3. ymperivm

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    Stern of the model in Naval Museum of Madrid, San Juán Nepomuceno.
  4. ymperivm

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    Hello, the plans of the line ship La Santisima Trinidad, possibly lost in the Napoleonic occupation. It is said, I have never seen him, that they are in a Russian library, or in the Library of the Congress of the United States, they can be. The line ship La Santisima Trinida, was built in Havana, and the archives currently in Havana are not properly classified, or with the entry of the United States were taken to the congress library. In any case, there is an arsenal model in the Naval Museum of Madrid, which is attributed to La Santisima Trinidad. With respect to the line ship, San Juan Nepomuceno, there are models, and even a central section of the master frame, to observe the differences in the constructive system (the French style) Nepomuceno, and the San Genaro (to the English). On the color of the most holy trinity, look for the paintings of the Spanish painter Carlos Parrilla Penagos. He is a great scholar in his paintings. At the Battle of Trafalgar, an English survivor told the Holy Trinity, with red stripes on its batteries and a thin white line between it and the black belts.
  5. ymperivm

    Where to buy wood

    From Spain, they don´t have pear. But they are specialists in exotic woods for luthiers with certificates of good practices. https://maderasbarber.com/tonewood/es/troncos/1015-tronco-boj.html?search_query=boj&results=2
  6. ymperivm

    MONTAÑES by montanes

    This model of ship should end up in a special showcase in the naval museum of Madrid. It is a jewel.
  7. ymperivm

    MONTAÑES by montanes

    I'm sure Amalio bought them or this site www.comercialpazos.com it was made for this manufacturer http://www.micromark.com/10-piece-planking-clamp-set,6454.html.
  8. ymperivm

    MONTAÑES by montanes

    Hi Amalio, very nice work, so original. I have two questions. What are the benefits of arming in this way? Using the internal block hull, contrary to the most usual way. Because in a first look, I think you waste or use more time than the other. And second, are you drawing a kind of monography of this Ship? I know the are so many plans of this ships. But you have to built frames, templates and drawing of so many pieces. Are you considering doing a monograph? Saludos

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