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  1. Has anyone used Turbocad 21 Pro. I have the chance to obtain this edition of Turbocad and wanted some input before I consider getting it. Brian
  2. Hi guraus, just found your build log, very impressive. I intend to do a fully framed Victory and was wondering what plans your using for this build or did you draft your own plans. I have a set of John Mckay drawings and his "anatomy of the ship" book, plus Longridge's "the anatomy of Nelsons ships". Brian.
  3. Brian100

    Dremel MS20 Moto-saw

    Thanks for the replies guys. From what you all say I think I will be getting one. Brian
  4. Hi all, has anyone used the dremel ms20 moto-saw. As I have limited space in my dockyard I thought this could be the ideal scroll/ fret saw. Brian
  5. Brian100

    Using Hawthorn

    This s the hawthorn that grows in the UK
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Brian
  7. I also need help with turbocad. I have the deluxe 18 version and have downloaded Wayne's tutorial. I can inset the plans, draw the line for the top of the rabbit and the curve of the rabbit, but can't find the tool for the perpendicular lines. Brian
  8. Brian100

    Using Hawthorn

    Thanks for the replies guys. The hawthorn I am talking about is the common hawthorn or may tree. The logs I have collected are about 2 to 3 inches diameter so I am looking at 2 years minimum seasoning time. Brian
  9. Brian100

    Using Hawthorn

    Has anybody tried using Hawthorn for modelling, according to Wikipedia it is a fine grained hard wood. The reason I am asking is that some Hawthorn trees are being heavily cut back in the area where I live and if it is alright to use I can get some logs. Many thanks Brian
  10. Hi everyone, sorry not been on for a while but I look after a lady who is disabled after suffering a stroke, so her need come before ship building. I have managed to do a dry fit of the bulkheads and decks and hope to get started on cutting the rabbits in the next couple of days. Brian
  11. decided to make a start. Trying to upload pictures but keep getting file to big to upload error. fixed it.
  12. Hi Chris, how deep did you score the plywood gunport patterns. Brian
  13. HMS Fly has just arrived. This build will be very much like the Pegasus build as the false keel and bulkheads are now made of mdf rather than plywood. I am now going to check through everything to make sure nothing is missing. I will start on the build in the next couple of days. Brian
  14. Hi Spyglass, thanks for the welcome. I had considered doing Pegasus but decided on Fly. Will be my first ship rigged sloop.
  15. I have just purchased victory models HMS Fly, I think I may be the first to do a build log for this model. While I am waiting for it to arrive I will be constructing a build board and sorting out my work area. Brian

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