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  1. Asked for some samples of wood (Pear and Cherry) from the thewoodrack in the UK. Decent sized samples arrived quickly so I bit the bullet and ordered some Cherry. I preferred the colour althought it was slightly harder to work than the Pear. Anyway pleasant enough transaction and the wood arrived promptly (ordered Friday PM, arrived Tuesday AM) and the purchased wood matched the sample. Here is a picture Genarally happy (apart from the cost) but I'll let you make your own mind up about the quality because it's the first time I have used non kit wood.
  2. Bill Thanks for that info. Did you soak the plywood first or does it delaminate if you do so? Doug
  3. Hi Harlequin So I went ahead and purchased the kit as a retirement hobby I have made quick progress with it and nearly completed the first planking but I have the same question as Bill about the Transom I have curved Part 29 so it is proud of the stern as shown in the diagram. This stops the Transom from fitting flush without a curve and I wondered if that is correct Doug
  4. Hi Just wondering how you are getting on with this build and would you recommend it as you've progressed. Thinking of taking up this hobby after a 30 years gap and this ship is top of my list