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    Currently working on model of Yacht Mary. Future projects include brig USS George Washington (1837) and the Oliver H. Perry. Also have plans to make a scratch-build that I drew up myself

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  1. Chuck, your demo looks great to me, and thank you so much for sharing and starting this blog. Are you just using exacto blades carved to the proper curve shape? If so, how do you go about doing that? You can try adding minuscule amounts of putty and fine it down with a file or dremel. I think that at the scale you are working with that such details would be nearly impossible to see despite our desire to be as close to perfection as humanly possible.
  2. Being my first NRG conference, I was impressed with what and who I saw, even though was only there for the one day. I especially personally enjoyed the presentation about working with brass. Am looking forward to attending others in the future.
  3. I will be attending the San Diego NRG conference. Should have a Hawaiian shirt but was thinking something more simple.
  4. A beautifully built model. Very nicely done
  5. Are those windows on the front of the sub?
  6. You are looking at a cruise ship of equal size to a modern US Navy aircraft carrier, perhaps a little bigger that one.
  7. Nice job on making it look like your submarine is truly underwater.
  8. I have a family member who is interested in making a scale model of the American Steam Ship Spokane of the Pacific West Steam and Rail Company. She was launched in 1902 and made cruises from San Francisco to Anchorage. Does anyone have suggestions on where to get plans of her?
  9. Is this the Bismarck model by Micro-Marks?
  10. Finally learned the answer to my own question! An Allen wrench has to be jammed into a small hole on the shaft which then allows the current head to be replaced by any other you want from the collection Glad to know another new skill
  11. I was recently given a ShopMate multi-tool machine by McGraw-Edison, and so far it has been rather helpful in making my current model. However, I am having trouble changing the heads on it. Does anyone on here have one or know how to change the heads on the ShopMate? I tried reading the operators manual and it didn't help at all.
  12. Just out of dumb curiosity, has anyone on here built a ship hull out of metal for non RC models? I ask because I have been challenged for the next model that I make to be a clipper with a metal hull.