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    Currently working on model of Yacht Mary. Future projects include brig USS George Washington (1837) and the Oliver H. Perry. Also have plans to make a scratch-build that I drew up myself

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  1. Having fun is the name of our game. And you are doing a splendid job, Patrick! Not to imitate Dennis with eagle-eyes, Looking through your pictures, I saw a hole in the floor, looks like along a passageway. Will that be for some stairs or a possible exhaust funnel on Shadow?
  2. Very cool work, Toni. You are doing great. I actually am toying with the idea of having a binnacle similar to yours on my model of Mary.
  3. Very skillful work! You are doing great on those carvings.
  4. Would the netting from sacks of fruit suffice? For example either those bags of tangerines or garlic sacks? Then just wrap with string around a metal ring. The part I am not sure about would be how long the bag is? Guessing 18-24 inches in length? And at least a foot in diameter.
  5. I may be wrong, but I think each of those three domes serves a different purpose. So while they may be close, and I have seen numerous pictures of large motor yachts that have the domes in close proximity, I am not sure how much they would interfere. The biggest of the domes would probably be a navigation radar of one kind of or another, the two smaller domes would likely be for the Satellite TV and phone connections. Just my two cents worth.
  6. Shadow is looking really great now, Patrick! She is beautifully coming along, mate. Brian
  7. That wire probably wouldn't work as well as desired. A guy I know and respect here in Denver was showing how he uses the bristles from small hair brushes (of course colored black) for the nails. The bristles are smaller diameter and hair brushes can be purchased anywhere. Hope this helps. Keep up the modeling, we all are on a learning curve and experience. Brian
  8. Hello Pat. Thanks for the message. Yes, the Dremel Router is very handy, although I should get larger heads for it. Dremel also makes a scroll-saw and a mini-circular saw, I only have the scroll-saw. The Router table and the motor kit weren't that expensive, less than $100 at Home Depot. I honestly have no idea if they have stores up in Canada or if would be extra to ship there. Good luck to you with your model building. Brian
  9. A little progress from the ol' shipyard. Work on Mary has been slow, but when I get the chance I have fun with her. A whole section of ribs has finally come together. One picture you can see the ribs by themselves and the second picture on the keel frame and about where they would be according to a side-view of the ship. Enjoy. Brian
  10. Your model looks incredibly realistic! Great job in building your long-boat. Brian
  11. Looks like a great start, will be following your build. You chose a beautiful ship to construct and the Eagle is on my building list. Good luck to you and the plans you are following look very well written. Brian
  12. Great job making those curved stairs going to the swim platform in the stern. Shadow is looking fantastic!
  13. Having seen your presentation during the NRG meeting in San Diego, I know you will do a modeling of the engine. This build is getting exciting and has been fun to follow. Keep up the great work, Ken. Brian
  14. Hey Patrick, I actually meant that you are making it a challenge to match skills when I finally start my own motor yacht model.