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    Wood quality on Occre Kits

    I just finished the Pickle, and after cleaning up, thought about my next build. On the shelf were both the Fair American and the Dos Amigos. I decided on the Amigos, and pulled out all the box contents. I was quite surprised at the wood quality of the laser cut parts....seemed thin, flimsy, and....well, cheap. I usually read a few build logs of others of the ship before going too far. I found only two for this ship, but both builders seemed to echo my thoughts. It appears that other wood was substituted in some cases. I have a bit of pear and boxwood that I plan to use on my Triton cross section build, as well as to plank above the wales on the Fair American, and I really don't want to use it on the Dos Amigos. I'm half tempted to put it all back in the box, and switch to the Fair American. However, I know if I do, the DO kit will remain on the shelf. Been used to the higher quality (IMO) of the Jotika kits (Pickle, Sherborne, and Convulsion), and Model Expo (Bluenose). Gonna sleep on it.
  2. bigcreekdad

    Opinions on mini mamoli kits

    don't waste your money
  3. I've got this ship on the shelf. May be awhile, but you've pretty much set the standard when I start it. Just a spectacular job!
  4. Every time I try it crashes. Hate to call as i have a vocal cord problem that makes phone calling a last option. Any thoughts?
  5. Just curious...were gun carriages actually painted red? Not criticizing, just wondering. BTW...your carriages look great!
  6. I'm cutting Alaskan yellow cedar for myCheerful build. I'm using the sliding blade on my Brynes saw. Please look at the output in the attached pic...very rough and splintery. These are small pieces with ...1/4" x 1//2"x smaller. I did some same size cuts with cherry, and they were slightly better. Do you think this what to expect from AYC, or is my slitting blade the issue?
  7. Alfons...love your Smuggler build. Have a few questions. Did you cut your own planks for the deck? If so, what wood did you use? Also, what did you use to finish the deck?



  8. bigcreekdad

    Need help with saw blade output

    That's a real bad story!! Wow!
  9. bigcreekdad

    Need help with saw blade output

    Druxey...Thanks for the concern. I did not at all think you were being flippant. I was wondering if there was something in my writing that caused you specific concern. Actually, I've had, and used, this saw for years. I'm pretty darn careful. Honestly, the thing scares the crap out of me! ...and I give it due respect.
  10. bigcreekdad

    Need help with saw blade output

    Kurt...and the blade is not damaged by raising it up and through the plate? BTW...you've been a big help. John
  11. bigcreekdad

    Need help with saw blade output

    Druxey...specifically, why are you suggesting this? Not being flippant....I really want to know. Thanks.
  12. bigcreekdad

    Need help with saw blade output

    Any recommendation for a new blade? I'm assuming you can't sharpen it. Kurt...I ill follow your advice. However, I don't know how you get a zero tolerance?
  13. bigcreekdad

    Music to build ship models to ...

    You are correct sir!
  14. bigcreekdad

    Music to build ship models to ...

    The storm scene in the movie Master and Commander had a great Vaughn Williams piece accompanying it. Whenever I watch that movie U replay that scene a couple times.
  15. bigcreekdad

    Music to build ship models to ...

    Anything by Vaughn Williams.
  16. Thinking of buying one before I take another plunge into a scratch build (Halifax). Harbor Freight has one for less than $60 that has pretty good reviews. Any other suggestions?
  17. Does anyone use that foam cradle from Micromark? Or, if you have any suggestions foe one, please let me know. Thanks/John
  18. Hi Spyglass I wouldn't worry about how long it takes to build your ship...as long as you enjoy it, don't be in a hurry. I built The Pickle a few years ago. I think I hurried it a bit, and it shows in places. I wanted to add that I decided to use cherry on the second planking on my build of the Dos Amigos, instead of the very mediocre (IMO) kit supplied wood. I quite like how it turned out. Maybe you might consider this yourself. In hind site, I would have skipped copper plating the Pickle and just used a nice wood...cherry, swiss pear, boxwood etc. Finally, I wish your wife a speedy recovery. John
  19. bigcreekdad


    I hate em!! Just venting.
  20. I'm at the sealing stage of my Smuggler build. Before moving on to deck work, I need to seal the hull to protect it from stains,dirt etc until I paint it later on. First...any thoughts on sealers? I have some water based Varathane Poly. Is this OK? Also, it is water based. As such, does this limit me to water based paints? Sorry if this is stupid question...it's my first ship that I will not plank, and I don't paint my planked models. Thanks/John
  21. Way confused guys...argh!!
  22. Jason. Your build makes me want to burn all mine. LOL. Seriously...awesome job!
  23. Nice job. I toured this vessel in Toledo a few years ago. I couldn't get over the amount of ropes on the ship. Question...what gauge wire were you using to make the eyebolts? Yours look great! Also...on my Dos Amigo build, I got so frustrated with the, IMO, lousy chainplate stuff that came with the kit, I eventually used hobby jewelry chain from a local hobby store. I painted it black, and I think it turned out well. See my build log if your are curious. In any case, I quite like your progress.
  24. I try (stress try) to use nose and mouth covering when sawing and sanding. I hook a Shop Vac hose up to my equipment. I'm just shy of 70, and my wind isn't what it used to be and I've always wondered if I am doing enough. I have a friend who has an entire outbuilding devoted to his wood pursuits, and he has a complete dust system. Obviously, I doubt if us part time modelers need such equipment, but I'm curious what others do.
  25. bigcreekdad

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Thanks Jaager

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