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  1. Jason. Your build makes me want to burn all mine. LOL. Seriously...awesome job!
  2. Nice job. I toured this vessel in Toledo a few years ago. I couldn't get over the amount of ropes on the ship. Question...what gauge wire were you using to make the eyebolts? Yours look great! Also...on my Dos Amigo build, I got so frustrated with the, IMO, lousy chainplate stuff that came with the kit, I eventually used hobby jewelry chain from a local hobby store. I painted it black, and I think it turned out well. See my build log if your are curious. In any case, I quite like your progress.
  3. bigcreekdad


    I hate em!! Just venting.
  4. I try (stress try) to use nose and mouth covering when sawing and sanding. I hook a Shop Vac hose up to my equipment. I'm just shy of 70, and my wind isn't what it used to be and I've always wondered if I am doing enough. I have a friend who has an entire outbuilding devoted to his wood pursuits, and he has a complete dust system. Obviously, I doubt if us part time modelers need such equipment, but I'm curious what others do.
  5. bigcreekdad

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Thanks Jaager
  6. bigcreekdad

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    I am curious....I have a cabin in northern michigan with a lot of cedar trees. While this is not AYC, might it be a good wood to try? There are many dead, but still standing, trees I could readily harvest.
  7. Your fine build continues as such. I particularly am impressed with the cabin.
  8. Hi Lawrence. I'm enjoying your build. I've been fishing the French River for 2 decades, and my first Canada trip was there 50 years ago . Where on the French did you stay? We've been staying ay Crane's Lochaven Lodge. Sorry to the group for a non build question, but fishing is what I do when not building ships. John
  9. bigcreekdad

    Looking for plans for Mamoli Black Prince

    PM me...I might...I'll look later today.
  10. bigcreekdad

    Using wood from old downs trees

    We have a cabin in northern Michigan. Our property is quite wooded and there are many downed trees in the forest. There is walnut, oak, and maple, besides poplar, cedar, birch etc. I burn quite a bit of it in our wood stove. I've often wondered if this downed, long dead, wood could be used for modeling. Any thoughts?
  11. Getting frustrated. I'm at the point where I need to buy wood. However, trying to find boxwood has been difficult. The Lumberyard's website for sheet stock tab takes you nowhere, and Crown Timberyard won't let you in unless you enter a password..huh? In any case, I am going to build with some other type of wood. Leaning towards pear. Any suggestions?
  12. bigcreekdad

    Wood options for Cutter Cheerful besides boxwood

    chuck...i will be in touch
  13. Your build log will be my guide when I get to the planking stage. Well done!!
  14. bigcreekdad

    Rigging hooks

    Where can I purchase aftermarket hooks for rigging to deck and hull?
  15. bigcreekdad

    Angle of ship masts

    How interesting. I always wondered about this. A lot of knowledge in this group.
  16. Has anyone ever tried these? There are times when I think it would be nice to be working closer to eye level without sitting in a chair.,
  17. Remember, you always have the option of not coppering. I coppered my Pickle, and I really went back and forth on it. However, in the future, if I am very happy with the planking, I will not copper. Especially if I am substituting with woods like cherry or swiss pear ( a really nice look). You lose the authenticity I suppose, but, for me anyway, that's not of utmost importance. You are doing well.
  18. bigcreekdad

    Beginner Plank on Bulkhead Model

    You might find Caldercraft's Pickle a good one to start with. My first was their Sherbourne, another possible first build. The Pickle's instructions are better, but, honestly, there is a ton of info on this site and YOuTube re: planking that might be better than any instruction bo Let us know what you decide. Have fun!
  19. bigcreekdad

    Very thin rigging threads

    If you have a fly fishing shop near, go there and you will find what will work
  20. bigcreekdad


    I have been using INOX curved cuticle scissors. I'm very impressed. You get really close cuts on rigging lines, blocks, etc. However, I fly tie as well so might try the Stellar scissors. You can never have too many pairs of good scissors.
  21. bigcreekdad

    Dos Amigos by bigcreekdad

    Some headway since last posting.Deck pretty much finished (other than anchors). Lower main and fore masts installed with first trestles, and onto the shrouds. Been studying the rigging plans, and have a headache.

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