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  1. micro towels and NO cleaning agent - unless it has been specifically designed for acrylic transparent sheet
  2. glass is easy to clean - but also easy to break. Something to keep in mind - particularly since you plan on parking it close to the front door.....
  3. Landrotten Highlander

    Chebece 1750 by Forlani Daniel

    As in the titel, it is a Chebec (in arabic Shibec, I believe). They were used in the Mediteranian Sea between Europe and Africa.
  4. Landrotten Highlander

    Chebece 1750 by Forlani Daniel

    Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer. Could you briefly explain how you use it to mill on a curved surface? Do you draw a line, then follow it while milling? If so, with what do you draw the line, pencil of pen? Slainte gu mhath L.H.
  5. The arrow on the LH side is gone, nothing on the right😒😕 Will stop posting until I read it has been sorted
  6. found it. A fair bit lower then where I usually go, but will take account of it in the future Slainte
  7. Something entirely different, but on the old system I could click on the LH margine and it would take me to the top of the page ( I used this a number of times, particularly if I only had a small numer of topics in my notification screen). This is now either not working, or not there. Can you IT guys get me out of my misery 😒
  8. Landrotten Highlander

    Chebece 1750 by Forlani Daniel

    Hi, do you have a manual milling machine or a computer driven one? Whatever you use, perfect work
  9. love the bit about frustration and joy, exactly why I stopped with plastic models for a long time. Now I make 'alterations' to kits to get this frustration/joy
  10. Landrotten Highlander

    HMS King George V by RGL - Tamiya - 1/350

    I closed my ebay accoumt some time ago because of 2 things: 1) I had shipping issues that both the seller and ebay refused to look into 2) I do miniature painting, and I found it increasingly annoying that so much of their 'recommended' stuff came from known recasters (people who buy a figure from a reputable manufacturer and recast them (inferior quality) at a fraction ofthe price. It came to a point that it was nearly impossible to determine if an unusual figure wasrecast or not. Since I am a bit bored with most sculpters approaches (too static or the same pose for different subjects) the novel pieces are what gives me pleasure, and for that I am willing to pay the (sometimes relatively high) price those limit ededitions bring. I am on a miniature forum, and all manufacturers that are on there report having the same problem and ebay not giving them adequate protection. So I chose to leave ebay and focus on going back to the more old fashioned way of finding companies I can interact with properly, either physically (shop) or online. Anyway, rant over, let's getback to this wonderful build and no longer hijack this thread.
  11. Landrotten Highlander

    HMS King George V by RGL - Tamiya - 1/350

    Ta, Old Colingwood, I will
  12. Will the stem and keel parts be the simple version, or the more complicated version?
  13. I for one would like to have the option to explude pre-spiled planks. As you said, Chuck, it is a basic skill that will allow you to progress to much more complex builds without having to worry about how to do proper planking
  14. Landrotten Highlander

    HMS King George V by RGL - Tamiya - 1/350

    Anybody can point me to a company in Europe ( preferably UK) that can reliably provide me with Pontos upgrades? Also, what basic ship do you use? I have experience with Tamiya and find them of good quality. Compared to them the likes of Heller and Revell fall short. Slainte gu mhath L.H.

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