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  1. Where can we find this book? I would very much like to build this model mysef. Shows the difference between an English (HMS Anson) and French (Le Fleuron) vessel of similar size.
  2. Lime of Sulpher - a product used to blacken copper. Best done outdoors, asit stinks to high heaven.
  3. Here is a blog of somebody who made 2 types of your ship Both of them are painted black, but with some minor colour differences on the inside of the ship. I do not know if black is historically the more correct choice, but I was thinking a red or a blue could look nice?
  4. Hi chuck, will you let me know when you have stocked up on the kit, and when you are able to ship across the pond again? I am now entering a very busy period with the Uni and might not have time to follow up on a day-to-day business - and I HATE to miss out on the kit for a 3rd time
  5. I suggest you have a look that the Medway Longboat group builds, I think you may find a lot of answers there.
  6. Thanks for putting this thread on. For thosee who decide to paint with brushes, here is a handy tip when using water-based paints (or paints that can be successfully thinned by water, such as the Valejo paints): in orde to preserve your brush, use a shallow saucer or dish with a puddle of water in the middle. Place your brushes on the edge of the saucer / dish with the hairs submerged in the water. That way when you do apply paint the water will aidd in filling the spaces between the hairs with paint much quicker, and at the same time allow for the tip of the brush to remain in shape for much longer. When finished, wash out your brushes with water, rubb the excess water off on a paper towel, then store the brushes HAIRS UP and let dry naturally. This technique works well if you use your brushes regularly. There is a tip on storing your brushes long term, but I need to double check before I post it here (do not want to mix up tips for oil paint with acrylics - both media are very different in nature and application, and both require different techniques to ensure longevity of your brushes). Hope this helps
  7. Very nice work. one question: I noticed you installed a few led lights throughout the ship. Assuming your power source is outside the model, how are/have you planning to hide the electrical cables? Thanks in aadvance
  8. Landrotten Highlander

    HMS VICTORY 1765 by albert - 1/48

    This is on my wishlist too - a scratch build of the HMS Victory at launch. Pulling up a chair and waiting with anticipation. Just to check my calculations, how large will she be (height, length, depth)? Slainte ghu mhata L.H.
  9. Are these made out of card stock, or wood?
  10. I'd say put the launches on first as long as they do not interfere with putting in the crane. Otherwise: anything that sticks out.....
  11. Hi Doris, as has been said before, amazing work. Also, Thank You very much for this tutorial, I am sure I will be looking at it again when I do similar work on my models. Slainte ghu mhath L.H.
  12. I never found that to be a problem. Each eye is looking along a straight line, never a bent one. Wether these lines are parallel I leave in the middle.....
  13. Hi GAW, I have been quielty following this blog and have learned a great deal - and not just with regards to ships. I think a blog on your third version on here could be a good way of keeping this information alive and spread to as many people as possible, so please, if you feel up to it create a log for your third copy? Slainte ghu mhath
  14. Landrotten Highlander

    General / organisation of wood

    Der Text war lesbar I agree that a lot of models start looking similar, so what I would like to know exactly is what is the dark wood (what species of wood)? Slainte gu mhath L.H.

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