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  1. For 2nd planking I am trying iron on glue sheets used in the veneer industry It seems quick and clean How long it will last I dont know I used iron on veneer for my last model and it is still ok after 2 years
  2. Hi Chuck thanks for getting in touch Unfortunately the model is at the moment on the top of the wardrobe gathering dust like a lot of others I suspect ? I hope to one day re start maybe when the weather turns bad it has been much too nice a spring and summer here in the UK to be sat in the workshop
  3. Hi just a thought about ordering blocks from non EU countries you will have to also pay VAT and import costs much to my cost ! Syren ship models blocks are well worth the extra expense maybe some enterprising chap could buy them in bulk from Chuck (if he can supply bulk orders) and sell them in the UK ? maybe it would make them a bit more affordable
  4. maltbyguy

    Your favorite saying

    my gran ..... about my granddad if he hadn't died he would have lived to be 100 !!!
  5. maltbyguy

    Tweezers - Japanese vendor Kaneshin

    Hi I have some excellent tweezers by tweezerman available from several suppliers on Amazon or E bay used mainly by ladies to inflict pain on themselves plucking eyebrows etc
  6. maltbyguy

    Your Christmas* wishlist?

    my wish is that the "C" word isn't mentioned until November at the very earliest preferably not before December the 24th Bah Humbug
  7. maltbyguy

    Amazing Japanese wood joinery

    do a search on you tube for Japanese joinery to watch some amazing craftsmen working
  8. maltbyguy

    Knife handle

    Hi sorry for the delay in replying you can fit the blade at any length I use standard scalpel blades from Swan Morton I find them to me reasonably priced and very sharp
  9. Hi all I have just received a new knife handle and am so impressed with it that I thought you would like to know about it it is by Veritas they class it as a carving knife but I find that it is useful as my general knife handle for most operations It will take most blades x acto or scalpel blades . Because it has an oval handle it will not roll off the bench which is a good safety feature . It is not cheap but I feel that it is worth the money http://www.veritastools.com/Products/Page.aspx?p=63
  10. maltbyguy

    2nd Planking With Veneer

    try looking at this post http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/9238-using-veneers-for-planking/ Andy
  11. maltbyguy

    HMS Victory guided tour

    interesting video thanks
  12. maltbyguy


    I want my ashes placed in my models and burnt . . like a viking !
  13. maltbyguy

    Handy Tool Storeage

    Looks like a useful piece of equipment Andy
  14. Thanks for the advice Yes I have suffered from splitting And knife slips leaving my mark in more ways than I wanted ! Andy
  15. Thanks for the likes and comments Fortunately Spyglass Chuck has as usual thought of everything and I have a full size deck plan to work from Andy

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