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  1. Superb engineering and execution on those windows. This is definitely and add-on to the how to file that I keep now that my memory seems to be trashed.
  2. Geoff, Is it an iX or an i8? How do you get to the level? I would have never thought of this in a hundred years,Thanks for sharing this. Your Connie is coming along great. My is number 3 on the ways.
  3. 11/28/2017 Just a short update on the coppering. This task is definitely the never ending story. I try to get three rows of the plates installed each time I work on the ship. The constant squeezing of the tweezers in one hand and the glue bottle in the other leads to some serious hand aching – like a repetitive motion injury. Three rows is just about all I can handle at one time. I try to break the work session into several tasks. Planking the upper gun deck is one of the these tasks. Making the hatch comings another. I also mill the wood that I will need in future chapters. Holly for deck planking and Swiss pear fir the hatch comings. I am using Temaya metallic copper paint to fill in some of the gaps where the plates don't align well. Not a real good fix, but, better than seeing the raw hull, light or black, showing through. Here are some photos of the coppering.
  4. Fantastic work. Gives new meaning to "two years before the mast."
  5. E J, Beautiful hull. You must have an extraordinary steady hand. Regards
  6. ca.shipwright

    HMS Victory by clearway - Billing Boats

    Very nice done. Keep up the good work. Regards
  7. Thanks for the posting on the magnifier. I was curious as to weather the focal length would be easy to use. It looks that way. I will be getting back to the Endeavour rigging as soon as I finish the Victory hull. Regards,
  8. Erik, If you want to see what a full broadside with 2 decks of guns, look at my Sergal Victory below. You can see that very little of what is inside the gun port can be seen, especially with the gun run out a little. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.
  9. NICE! What ever the count, consider yourself lucky. I'm doing a 1:78 HMS Victory and they supplied 3000 plates and I don't know if this will be enough. Talk about the never ending story......... Regards
  10. ca.shipwright

    Ageing Decks

    You can use some acrylic paint in a light grey color. Dilute this until it is the consistency of milk. Put a light coat on and let it dry thoroughly. Take a piece of metal (I use a #22 or #25 blade) and scrape the surface in one direction gently until you get the color you want. There will be variation in the color. But, that adds to the reality of the weathering. Hope this helps
  11. Bill, The only way you can really see the wales in on a head on bow view. The chain wale, (upper) and the 2nd wale are just a little thicker than the hull. The next wale down, the main wale, is some what thicker. The bottom wale is anchor stock and thicker yet but doesn't show as well as the bottom is blended into the hull planks. You can see them in McKay's AOS book HMS Victory or McGowen's Book, HMS Victory her Construction, Career and Restoration on pp. 160-161, if you look real close. Hope this helps
  12. HI Erik, My 738 was used also in 2005. As you can see, it sat on the shelf until I thought my skills were up to this challenge. Happily, I am now enjoying this build. The owner included a laser cut accessory package from sales@doubleolaser.com consisting of the stern galleries, the large stern piece, various moldings, and what I think may be part of the head assembly. They are all cut in the appropriate relief patterns. I don't know if they are cutting this any longer. But they are well looking into. On another note, I noticed that you have the quarter deck installed. Are you not going to detail the upper gun deck? It will be almost impossible to set the guns, hatches, etc., on the upper gun deck with the quarter deck installed. Enjoy you build- it is a biggie. Regards
  13. Hi David, Your level of detail is the most complete I have ever seen. Just out of curiosity; how great is the magnification you are looking through, if you are using any at all? And, how close does that put your eyes to your hands? Regards
  14. Robert, I am sitting here laying planks on the main gun deck as I look at your main gun deck on the computer. I must confess that I am having the same arguments with my self as to when is enough, enough. I confess that I do like the look of the end of plank tre nails. But, only if they are done with exquisite neatness as you have done. I don't think I have the steadiness to get this done and have just about decided to skip this item. With all the rest of what is going on around the busy main gun deck, I don't think they will be missed. As for the single tre nails every foot on the planks; I definitely think this is overkill. The model looks great. Keep on going and continue to stimulate me with your skills Regards

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