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  1. Thank you Chuck for doing this. Looking to learn the correct way to model, and there's no better way to learn than from the masters.
  2. Cricket

    America 1851 by Kevin Kenny

    Mr. Kenny your modeling skills and practicum instructions have inspired me to complete my own Constructo Model of the America. Your two models look fantastic. This kit was a first for me, and in hindsight I wasn't prepared for the lack of detailed instruction. My bad. I have learned from your build, and thank you for that. I look forward to learning more. On a more personal note, my wife and I day sailed the Tobago Keys. The day was perfect. Thank you.
  3. Just wanted to say I've been following your build log and while I don't have a whole lot of time to spend on modeling, I have picked up some nifty tools for when I do. I applaud your attention to detail and efforts for a fine strong model. I look forward to your continuation after you've settled and have the time. Fair winds, following seas, and a fair lee.
  4. Thanks Mark. It's all fun and a learning experience.
  5. Hi pugman11, I was not considering a second planking of my build of the America (Americas Cup 1851) from Constructo as I felt I did a decent job of the first planking. In fact, I was ready to just move on to the water line and paint. Then I was reading up in Ship Modeling Simplified that to do a second planking, and make it possibly look better, apply some modelers paste, allow it to dry, sand smooth, then use an electric plank bender along with carpenters and acc glue to apply the second plank members. I decided to do the second planking, and purchased some Liquitex modeling paste as recommended by the book. I applied and let dry. Sanded smooth, and now I am second guessing my decision. The modeling paste is white, and now I'm afraid if my second planking layer isn't perfect I will see white first planking between the second planking stripes. I'm kinda at a loss here. Has anyone ever used the modeling paste before applying the second layer of planking? There is nothing in the instructions concerning the second layer. I guess they put it in the kit as a value add thing or something, but no instructions on what to do with it. I guess if it all goes wrong, I can hack it into some kind of cargo plane with mast and rigging.
  6. Cricket

    Hello from Upstate NY!

    Hi Nigel and welcome to the site. I'm new here too, and look forward to following your build.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome all. After the holidays I plan to set up my work area and tool up some. I'm also going to take some good advice from Anja to get more familiar with the site with the link provided. Then begin work on a build log. Now I have to remember which bed I drydocked the boat under? Jim
  8. Hi all. My name is JIm. I Just wanted to throw up a quick hello, and say I'm elated (extatic,going bonkers) to have found a website that has so much information on wood ship modeling with just about anything a new modeler could hope to find. In a nutshell, in my youth I had built several plastic type models. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Godzilla, T-Rex and such. But, and I'm not sure when, well a year or so ago, I came across the wood ship models. Being ex Navy, I decided to try my hand. I purchased the America, and have frustratingly managed to complete the hull and deck sections with only the plans provided and some cursory internet research. But I felt there had to be a better way or layout as to put this thing together. A quick internet search and Walla, I found MSW. I check the resources sections, read a few forums and quickly purchased my first model building book, Model Ship Building Simplifed, and wish I had known about the resources available before. Hind sight is 2020, and I can already see the benefits of this site. While she is far from prefect, I plan to complete her with my new found info, and then dive into the Bluenose II recommended in the book. Thanks, and may you always have fair winds and following seas, and a few rough patches for fun. Its often been my experience, sailing is 9o% bliss, and 10% pure terror. I love it. Jim.

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