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  1. Good afternoon, colleagues! I bring to your attention the test assembly of the new woodenkit from "MasterKorabel" Scale 1/72 The tender "AVOS" (in russian тендер "Авось") is the first ship of the Russian-American Company that was built in Alaska in Novo-Arkhangelsk in 1806 (now is Sitka, USA) The total length of the model is 42 centimeters 8 guns - 3 pound. Archival drawings of the tender "Avos" not preserved, unfortunately. But the Russian tenders are very similar to the English tenders. Russian shipbuilders used the English school. Therefore, designers "MasterKorabel" took as a basis one of the drawings from National Maritime Museum (Greenwich). In the basis - is Arrow (1823), a 10-gun single-masted Cutter, as designed and built by Captain Hayes. Tender "AVOS" was smaller in size than the "prototype". This drawing has undergone a change in length and width to match the basic dimensions of the tender "AVOS". As a result, the basis for a new theory and new circuits of hull. In short, this is a complete reconstruction of designers "MasterKorabel". So, here are the first photos
  2. BEFORE OIL after polishing (400,1500 and final 2500 sanding paper) AFTER OIL As we can see, looks good.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! We are trying for you, colleagues. The laser nails deep are half of material - 0.25-0.3mm
  4. Good day! I will show a few photos of one of the modellers, who is now building a kit of "Tender "Avos " This kit is made entirely of pear. On the boards there is an imitation of nails with a laser. This is our exclusive kit (art. MK0303PXN)
  5. greenstone

    Passing of Karl Heinz Marquardt

    This is very sad news. His books are on my table and every day I read, even fall asleep with his book. Thank him for his many years of productive work. I will always remember him
  6. Gentlemen! There are subtitles in Youtube and their translation into any language, including English
  7. Hello, gentlemen! You are absolutely right. We do that specifically to help close fitting.
  8. Our distributor in Australia: Darya Churilina 124 Hubert st. Lilyfield, NSW 2040 Australia darya.projects@gmail.com
  9. Yes, it will be with english text instruction, photo instruction and drawing
  10. Of course. In Australia, we have an official sales representative who has been selling our kits for a year.
  11. It is finished. gentlemen! Sales of a new kit of Tender Avos MK0303 began in Russia this week. In a month and a half we will be able to please buyers around the world. Some photos from first buyers ;)
  12. My regards! Question to colleagues. There is on the drawing an element of the Swedish cannon of 1780-1790 The naval cannon of Tornqvist`s sistem How it should look: A, B, C or else. I can not find a photo of this real cannon in internet. Colleagues, help me please.
  13. Gentlemen, can show this in the photos of the real guns?
  14. Good afternoon, colleagues! I have an interesting question. Could a clinker-built cutter-brig of the late 18th century be sheathed with copper? There is one older model of a 96-foot-long cutter-brig in the marine museum of St. Petersburg with a clinker. Below the waterline is a dark brown color. Does it imitate copper plating or a protective paint?
  15. Roger, hello Interesting. And where can I read this article?

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