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  1. Looks great David. Those deck planks must be quite narrow? What length are you making them? Cheers Chris
  2. From what I have seen on other builds of this vessel those parts shouldn't be too hard to fabricate from wood. Specially for a man of your talents! Cheers Chris
  3. Stunning to think you made this from card Dan! Well done. Looks super. Cheers Chris
  4. vossy

    Pleased to be a new member

    Hi Dave, please do a log mate. It is incredibly useful to others down the track. Cheers Chris
  5. How's the problematic staircase going Pop? Nice work on the decks to mate! Cheers Chris
  6. Hi, is it just me, or can no-one else view your pics? Cheers Chris
  7. What's with the paper on the bulkheads in the second picture David? It is used as some sort of a guide as to where the doorways are? Nice planking too. Are you going to stain it or just clear coat? Cheers Chris
  8. Hooray!!! Glad to see you back on this at long last! Cheers Chris
  9. vossy

    Caldercraft 1:72 Victory?

    Hey Mark, any more info on that? Size etc? Links? Cheers Chris
  10. Is this kit the current "go to" kit on the market for size, quality, plans, material, and authenticity? Or are there any others in the wings/development that rival it? Cheers Chris
  11. vossy

    G'day and thanks from Canberra

    Hey Rod, great you finally made it here! First things first though. Go to the build log page. On there, near the top, you will see a topic called quick find indexes. Click on small craft and scroll down to you find the logs of the kit you are building. Some will be better than others, but everyone who starts a log on a kit is in there. This is a link from my latest build https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/17564-mississippi-1870-riverboat-by-vossy-sergal-150/& You will definitely learn heaps here. My first piece of advice however would be, a full blown Endeavour is vastly different and way more difficult than the kit you have chosen to begin with. Anyway, enjoy mate. Cheers Chris
  12. vossy

    Unskilled and Inexperienced

    Hey welcome mate. My number 1 piece of advice is to follow what Bob said. Read every build log you can find, then ask questions if you are still unsure. My number 2 piece of advice is to then start a build log of your own. Someone else will be in your same situation as a new builder one day and may find how you tackled a particular part of the building process invaluable. Good luck. Cheers Chris
  13. They certainly follow them on Facebook. I agree David that there probably isn't a kit on the market that doesn't have some sort of issue, but this is a bit over the top I reckon and given the stage of the build it comes in could well end up being a critical error further down the track. Would be great if we could somehow get this rectified. I have a good relationship with the people at CMB. I will email them and see if they are aware of it? Maybe they can convince Amati to at least have a look at the issue? Cheers Chris
  14. David, she just trumps your Titanic at 1100mm Cheers Chris
  15. Pretty much done and dusted with the final Starboard side upper rails. Just the stairway and single rails to go. Time to turn the old girl around and complete the Port side. Still need to put the fancy deco's on the posts though. Cheers Chris

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