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  1. PVC pipe is great for our hobby. I use a length about 1200mm long capped at one end with plumbers resin and glue. I fill it with water and soak planks prior to bending. The uncapped end has another non glued cap on it to stop the planks popping out before they are soaked. I have used this for about 12 years and it has never leaked. Cheers Chris
  2. vossy

    New Member

    Always a treat to have more Riverboat fans here! Cheers Chris
  3. Hey Pop, I should have some more updates on the weekend or maybe Monday Aussie time. You are doing a great job on this model, and indeed your paddle wheel does look fantastic! Cheers Chris
  4. Looking really nice David. When is hull painting time? Cheers Chris
  5. I had a fight with a carving knife and a leg of lamb! Nearly cut my thumb off! Its why I haven't updated for a while. Should be good to go again pretty soon though. You keep up the good work. Cheers Chris
  6. Really nice update Pop. Hoping to get back to mine again soon once my hand has healed. With the door knobs, I find simple things like dressmakers pins are more to scale, or even old, bent used planking nails. That's what I used for my paddle wheel fake nails on my build. Cheers Chris
  7. Looks really great! Congratulations on your work! Couple of questions if I may? 1. What glue do you use to attach the PE parts? 2. How do you actually cut out, pick up, and attach the PE parts? 3. Would/could/can you do an instructional short video or more detailed photo explanation pertaining to points 1 and 2? Cheers Chris
  8. Hey thanks David. Yes that is exactly what I wanted to know. Does it say anything in the instructions about gluing on and then later removing those paper guides? This is a quite expensive model that probably is bought by mainly experienced builders like yourself who wouldn't get caught out at this stage, but if a novice did buy it and glue the paper on too well it could turn nasty. I reckon, just like the dodgy false bulkheads you had to fix, this is another stage Amati needs to address. Cheers Chris
  9. Great work David, but what I still don't get is, how do you remove the paper strips from the thin ply not glued to the hull? Cheers Chris
  10. vossy

    Mary Celeste?

    Does anyone know if kits in any medium exist of this vessel? Cheers Chris
  11. Hi David, this is progressing nicely. Well done. How do you get the paper off the strips once you have glued it on? Cheers Chris
  12. vossy

    HMS Pandora

    Does anyone know if a kit exists of HMS Pandora? Either wood or plastic? Cheers Chris
  13. Looking really good David. You can really see how your adjustments to the frames have pushed her out. It would have looked silly and too sucked in if you hadn't fixed those. Well done. Cheers Chris
  14. Looks great David. Those deck planks must be quite narrow? What length are you making them? Cheers Chris

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