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  1. U.S.S. Arizona

    whatever happened to your riverboat? did the stairs beat you in the end? hope not. cheers chris
  2. help with choosing my next build

    Do a Riverboat. Right time frame. I bet you fall in love! Cheers Chris
  3. Happy Birthday Pat. Hope you have a great day.





    1. BANYAN


      Thanks Vossy, appreciate the thoughts - a couple of 'frothies' suitably enjoyed :)





  4. Great thread, great pics. Thanks for posting them. I hope you all had a good time. Cheers Chris
  5. I am just interested to get a gauge of usage of power tools over hand tools, (or vice versa), when people build a wooden kit model. I might well be wrong, but I would envisage a far greater use of power tools when building a scratch model as opposed to a kit. For me, I have no space, tools, or knowhow to build a vessel from scratch so I stick to kits only, albeit with a little bit of scratch enhancement when I can manage it. In building my kits, the only power tools I ever use, in fact the only ones I own, are a soldering iron for plank bending, and very occasionally, a dremel for sanding. Mostly I find myself using hand saws, files, cutters etc. Now I am pretty happy with the end product I achieve with these tools, but looking at some of the truly majestic builds on this site and the internet in general, I wonder how many of these results are achieved via only/mainly hand tools? a mixture of both, with a greater emphasis on using which? And which power or hand tool couldn't you do without to complete a specific task? Cheers Chris
  6. Unknown Model Company

    Hey mate, I have been going through your build log. I thought you did a great job. To me, no manufacturer could possibly be any worse than Mamoli. Also, it appears you got a pretty old kit version. I would be hoping that maybe they have upgraded a bit and fixed a few errors. I emailed the owner of an Australian distributer here and he said that the kits were double planked. not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, it represents an upgrade from your single planked hull version. Cheers Chris
  7. Unknown Model Company

    thanks for that. guess I should have looked in the kit log section first! oh well, good to see some have built her already and by the looks of it my questions about quality etc. have been answered. I really like the Mariefred. cheers chris
  8. Unknown Model Company

    hey, yeah I have seen both of those pages when I did a search as well. really want to find out more about quality etc. though. cheers chris
  9. Has anyone had any experience with this company (Nordic Class Model Ships)? There models look really interesting to me but I would like to know a lot more about the construction and quality before forking out on them. Are they double planked etc? What is the quality/quantity of the timbers used? Is there any plastic (hope not). What about metal/PE parts? How does the overall quality stack up against some of the more well known reputed brands; Amati, Caldercraft Sergal etc? Here is a link to a company in Australia that has just begun to stock them. A quick search online finds many other reputable companies overseas stocking even more vessels from this manufacturer. https://www.modelerscentral.com/model-ship-kits/nordic-class-boats/?mc_cid=fdf68ef080&mc_eid=b2e1744581 I have emailed Modellers Central about the product but am yet to receive a reply. Cheers Chris
  10. Hey Chuck, thanks very much for your reply. Actually I am building the Amati Bounty 1:60. I am a long way off placing and rigging the cannons but it comes with pretty average metal ones which I really want to replace when the time comes. Cheers Chris
  11. hi all, can someone please tell me the scale of the laser cut gun carriages on Syren Shipmodelling. The measurements listed mean nothing to me i'm afraid. Can they be converted to 1:60 etc. cheers chris
  12. hello mate, you have some really nice builds there. I am sure you will find this site invaluable. good luck on your Supply, looking forward to watching her grow. Chris
  13. Well the vessels you mention are popular for a number of reasons. Historical fact, visual representation etc. I grew up totally obsessed with Columbus and The Santa Maria. Guess what my first build was? Also I think for new people getting into the hobby they see it as very helpful that someone has gone before them on a particular vessel from a particular manufacturer. It gives them a sort of safety blanket should they run into trouble, as we all do from time to time. As we are all aware, these kits aren't an initial cheap outlay, so if a new member chooses to build and show the 50th version of The Victory so be it I say. Plus, I have read and studied many different logs of the same vessel on here and no two are the same. I think you can learn a bit from each new log that is submitted. Chris

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