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  1. Bob Sounds fair enough. How would you like to take payment?? regards J
  2. Bob Is the kit complete other than the plans? If so I'll cover the shipping charges. regards J Lombard
  3. Techsan: I agree totally with David. your progress thus far is great & should be completed. good luck J
  4. Greg try this http://www.cshardware.com/bt-xcl5.html J
  5. Yes, Jack, that is the folder I'm talking about. J
  6. Jack Thanks for your reply. On the old forum there was a box to the right of the topic & if you checked that box & exited the folder, when I returned to the notification folder it would be gone unless someone had added to the topic. Now there is no box to check but a button to "mark as read" which I mark. The title of the topic goes to bold print but remains visable even after I leave the folder & return. regards J
  7. On the old forum there was the ability to clear out a notification once it was read. I can't find that ability in the new forum. I have tried searching but can't find any answers. regards J
  8. Jay Can you elaborate? J
  9. Pat: Thanks for your explanation & the "fan". regards J
  10. Maury: Can you explain what a "7 - 10 - 7 fan" is? thanks J
  11. O.K. Carl I give up!!! What is it??? J
  12. Thanks Brian I just ordered mine. J
  13. Mark Who is the Indiana distributor? regards J Lombard
  14. Anthony Could you further illustrate what you mean by "a pillar drill. (Modified with hole in baseplate and through bench)"? regards J