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  1. hey there!  just a quick happy birthday and hope you have a great day!

    1. IgorSky


      Many thanks!
      And my best wishes to you too!


  2. DSC 0027 copy (1024x681)

    Amazing work Frank! Congrats!
  3. 003

    Thank you Marc! )
  4. 008

    Thank you Salty Sea Dog and Hamilton! Hamilton, I really think that after the building of Hannah, you can easily build a similar boat. Best Regards! Igor.
  5. 021

    Hi Jesse! Usually I am using the epoxy resin for the base of the sea, the transparent acrylic gel for the waves and the white acrylic for the foam.
  6. 014

    Thank you Patrick! It's just the funny souvenir. In last friday I have got this little bottle, and I could not resist ))
  7. 008

    Thank you PatricK! Here is new small short project - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/album/1260-mini-sib-004-3-mast-schooner/ ))
  8. 021

    Thank you DavePete!
  9. 021

    Yes is it. The water was made from the colorized epoxy and the acril gel.
  10. You can see the build log here - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10863-typical-boat-of-mediterranean-sea-by-igorsky-bottle-scale-1200/
  11. 013

    Thank you, Frank!
  12. 014

    Thanks, Mike!
  13. 006

    Thank you, Salty Sea Dog!