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  1. Oh, very sad... My condolences to his family... Igor.
  2. Hi, friends! Yes, this set of cutters was made for me by Michael. If you need it, I can write his contacts to you in a PM. Best Regards! Igor.
  3. I got it today! I'm just happy!
  4. Hi, John! This is very good bottle! I hope we will see the steps of building your SIB? Best Regards! Igor.
  5. Oh, yes, Bill! I understand - you mean this kind of art - http://www.lilianainternational.com/russian-lacquer-boxes.aspx Yes, they are surprising, but these pieces of art are quite common nowadays. In addition, there are art schools in which these artists are learning. Microminiature art is the fate of the few people, as I think. When I see pictures of these objects, made with a high magnification, I just can not believe my eyes.
  6. Hy Jeff! Many thanks for sharing this very interest info! I just try learn my ability to manufacture miniatures. I think it will be a long way. In the autumn I visited Museum of Russian Lefty in St. Petersburg. It was unbelievable. In addition, there are other masters of miniatures: http://www.konenko.net/micro.htm http://www.russian-master.com/mgm/micro http://blogs.privet.ru/community/Kiev-Gorod/89822954 I also have a book of Nicholas Siadristy "Secrets of the microcosm"
  7. Hi Carl! Yes, I would like to try to go a little further in the direction of miniaturization.
  8. Binocular stereoscopic microscope MBS-9
  9. Thank you, Jud! I like the sunsets and the sunrises - this is the most beautiful time of the sea. There is a saying in Russia - "Солнце красно по утру - моряку не по нутру, Солнце красно к вечеру - моряку бояться нечего" The approximate translation of this proverb sounds as - Red sun in the morning - the sailor against the grain, the sun red in the evening - the sailor nothing to fear. Best Regards! Igor.
  10. Oh, yes, Mike! There is really the wide range of high quality tools and materials in this shop. It was very difficult to keep yourself in the hands of Carl, I think you'll be able to find such a shop close to your house And, perhaps, you can order these tools in the online store. http://spb.sapphire.ru/vcd-250/catalog.html Sam, this cleaning brush of Boers and Needle files.