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  1. Thanks guys! you certainly earn a beer after all the work (or two, maybe) Jan
  2. Ship paintings

    At first glance Ithought it was a picture. Silly me.....:) Jan
  3. Ship paintings

    At one a day, your house must be filled to the attic with these ships! Or do you sell? jan
  4. new important wreck discovered!

    Yes, I understand, but she wouldn't be the first war grave in those seas that disappear.... Jan
  5. new important wreck discovered!

    I do hope sincerely that the wreck is left in peace. Jan
  6. No, not been there yet. dafi did an extremely detailed one for his Victory. you could try that method...(at leat, that is what Iintend when I reach that stage in a couple of years) Jan
  7. No problem yesterday, it's taking some time now, but eventually, it works 2.4 mb in 1 minute and 45 seconds: and 45 seconds for 470 kB. The same as notced above: abit slower than it used to be, ut nothing problematic. Jan
  8. I don't blame, I don't expect a solution from the admins. It was just intended as 'fact'. Jan
  9. I was about topost the same picture Peter has posted. the same thing appeared at my screen (15 minutes ago) jan
  10. And this one (fromthe internet, but originating froma bookby Underhill) showing how the shrouds go through thetop, over thecheeks.
  11. No, that is not how it was done on the original ship. the shroud isn't tied off, it is taken round the mast, and than down again. so, coming from below, through a hole inthe top, around the mast, and down again, the shroud has a small line tied arou d it, so that it forms a loop around the mast. Seee the pic below: 2 and 3 are your shrouds, your top is at the level of the square piece of wood below. Number 1 is the solution for an uneven number of shroulds: not tied of at the last,but around the mast, and down at the other side. (i took the picfromthe internet, I think it originates for a book by Frank Mastini, ship Modelling made easy.) jan
  12. Nope, it is just the length of the post. When I post a one-line message, I can see the lower banner placed over my avatar. No likings needed.
  13. I checked, and on my home-PC, I have the same funny layout theme uniform 4.2 Chrome version 63.0.3239.108 (Officiƫle build) (64-bits) and Windows 10, 1709/build 16299.125 It seems as if when thext of the message is 'too short', the lower banner is creepng upward, thereby overlapping the avatar/userinformation in the left hand panel. Strange, but not a severe problem. same system: Win10/microsoft edge: no problem Ipad/Safari: no problem IPad/google: no problem Jan
  14. Hi, I have seen it happen (not recently,but weeks before). However, I can not replicate the problem (not now, but also:not then), Haven't seen it recently. jan
  15. I baaaack!

    The instruction I had with my (Corel) Prins Willem, was done by someone who looked up word-by-word in a dictionary, and had no understanding of ships nor modelbuilding. Jan