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  1. I like those old German ships. And we do not question your ability to give the hull some depth and detail (I even think your version will be better than anything Tamiya could have come up with ) Jan
  2. Please, help me... I’m a metric guy. How far apart are the markings on your ruler in milimeters (or are we down to micrometers here?) Jan
  3. Ten is more than the drawing shows, but the famius drawing by van der Velde shows three bisible above the waterline. That leads to ten in total.... Jan
  4. That is a lot ofwork for a ribbon, but the result is fantastic! Jan
  5. amateur

    Ship paintings

    Guess what google shows me when I do a picture search for HMS Juniper. Lots of beautiful ship paintings Google is a weird machine...... Jan
  6. I thought I was the only one not being able to get the pic were I wanted it.... Your scrollwork looks promissing! Can't wait to see it on the bulwarks. However, two question: first: can you cut out the lattice without damaging the little scrolls and the second: is the lattice not a bit too heavy (ie too wide) compared to the scrolls? Jan
  7. You could have printed and glued the seat again (and again) till it was as perfect as you wanted it to be? The bike is already looking like one ! Jan
  8. After seeing the large chunk of X-acto-steel on your deck, compared to the size of the stanchions, I went speechless for a few minutes ..... If the rule is : when you can't see it, leave it out, I would probably stop after the hull parts are glued together...... Jan
  9. Or accept that it 0.1 is beyond your capabilities. I settled down on something around .4mm jan
  10. Congrats on your new job! (and on the completion of the rivetting job) Jan
  11. Perhaps, but I have some problem in seeing them ,especially when they drop onto the floor (note to self: don't breath) Jan
  12. Not a great pic, but to show both funnels are on. All reasonably sized parts are now done. The remainder is just (very) small Jan
  13. Ah well, now I see how long ago my last update was, I understand why the thing was a bit dusty It took me soem time to figure out were I left easly this year. (It took less to discover that my eyesight didn't improve since) I started the interior of the deck house. Very, very tiny, the camera of my phone didn't quite manage the focus .... Evrything in place, and more or less as it should look) and closing the roof. I decided not to do the steps on the funnel. They will cost me quite a lot of time and problems, while the overall quality isn't quite high. Small erros in folding and glueing do add up when you stack the parts, so the top deck isn't quite parallel to the main deck, edges are a bit sloppy, This one is certainly a 'first'. My admiration for Dan is growing by the second Jan
  14. Be honest: dubz is not the only one happy with the new chain. It is so much better that you have to be pleased with it yourself I like the black and white pics, I don't know why, bt the detail stand out even more in those BW-pics. Jan

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