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  1. The tackle from the mainyard down inthe Frieslanddrawing is ridiculous...... Friesland is based on the drawings and photos in the book byheinrich Winter (a dutch twodecker around 1660), but the kit designer didn't really bother with any historical correctnes, the kit is breeming with smal and large errors.... In the book there is a large single block in the middle of the main, through which a sling is rigged around the mast (to prevent the yard falling down, once the hallayd is loosened) Jan
  2. We had a card-modeler here on MSW who was famous for his tic-tacs. And there are some builders using the cap of a beerbottle. Also rather standard size And with respect to coins as standard..... Jan
  3. That isnot true for the Netherlands. at import, there is 6% VAT, and that is over the bookprice, including the costs of transport. Jan
  4. There are a couple of second hand versions of Lees available via, under 30 euro. (Ouch, I paid consederably more than that....) Jan
  5. You mean this book?
  6. On the pic of the salvage, the drum lies way besides the hull. could it have been a structure on the deck level above? The drum is quite large in camparison to the boiler, And it is open on top. Can't think of anything that it could have been. Watersupply for the doctor? jan
  7. Will be an interesting build, count on me as a regular visitor. I have no knowledge of theseships whatsoever, so my main contribution will be a lot of likes jan
  8. What a beauty! Congrats on this model. Jan
  9. you mean this stuff?
  10. The default: snapshot. And I was using Apple-devices.... Jan
  11. I guess we're not allowed to call you a show-off? I like the idea of working door locks: on the other hand: it forces you to do a fully detailed interior: no smudgy windows to hide sloppy benches Jan
  12. Hi Jean Pierre, I did a curved (but as crisp as possible) waterline on my Prins Willem. I still like the appearances of it. (Did need some tweaking though, as the first coat was more or less on visual inspection (aided by some painters tape) with respect to the paint: I used the (cheap) acryllics from an art shop, quite heavily diluted for the first two layers, and slightly less dilluted for the final third layer. I would expect the one-layer paints far to thick and heavy to gettheresult you are after. (I guess that youreach a blurry effect by using several overlapping layers, of ineven coverage.) Jan