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  1. Revell B-17 G

    Do I see a lego-diorama? or is that just the 'do-not-look-at-the-mess'-background? jan
  2. Holding bulkheads while drying

    Why should you nee one? After carefully fitting and checking, glueing should be possible without too much problems. I have seen people using jigs (with various results), but more often people clamp something square (such as a bunch of lego-blocks) between bulkhead and keel. something like this one (I borrowed this from the internet) (notice the building board to keep the keel strainght.) Jan
  3. I have seen steelwool/vinegar used , but the effect is very much dependent on the type of wood. So extensive testing on amonts used is necessary. Not something you want to do on the realstuff Jan
  4. Much less crowded: lucky you. Sometimes the que at the maritime is almost as long as at the Rijks. (timewise speaking). The Maritme also has a number of displays that are interactive, so the visitors experience suffers a lot when it is crowded. Jan
  5. The answer depends on the type of rig, not so much on the era. The basics didn't change too much over time, the exact rigging (eg number, or type of blocks) however did change. But it is difficult to explain 'in general' without going into technical terms..... Also: a general description most probably does not answer your 'obscure lines' You could try to place a picture of the 'offending lines', and we'll try to answer. Jan
  6. Good plank on bulkhead option

    Is Model shipsways Mayflower still available? Smaller than Syren, less complex (whiloe less gunnery), same designer, and an instructionbooklet that is equally instructive. Jan
  7. tapering masts

    I still like the 100%-manual approach best: less risk of breaking, less risk of taking too much (and start over again) Jan
  8. Is it? Getting them square is one, but you will have to check whether the keel isn't warped. Also (speaking from experience) the slots in the frames have to be dead-center, otherwise eveything can be square,but your deck will be warped. Jan
  9. I found it just by accident, I intended to hit the lower left corner....
  10. I had the same problem, and I discovered how it worked (after trying for ....) It did work for me on a pc, but not on my iPad. Edit the post, and go to the bottom part, where you have the uploaded pictures. in the lower left of the pic is the plus-sign to include the pic in the post, and in the lower right corner, is -very faintly - a grey-coloured dustbin (it shows more clearly when you hover over it wirh your mouse). Hit the dust-bin, and hey presto edit: on my iPad I don't see the dustbin, but hitting the lower right corner of the pic does the tric anyway.
  11. Billings Boats Dutch Schouw

    You can find a kind of build log over here: http://www.riksgewijs.nl/modelbouw/scheepsverslagen/friese-schouw/ Jan
  12. Billings Boats Dutch Schouw

    Here are some pics (after removing a serious amount of dust ) As I said, it was my first plank on frame kit, and it was a bit difficult for me: no experience, no power tools, no hobbyshop around the corner for replacement, and no MSW to guide me along I remember tha getting the front and backend fit to the bottom didn'w quite work out as a wanted (the end-pieces needed some serious amount of bevel, which my sandpaper just woulnd't do, as it also wouldn;t remove the numers wich were painted inside the pieces) Also, I danded the sides flat, but actually, the top plank should be sanded flat, but with a nice edge. And I had some problems with the rigging (yeah.....) as Billings hadn't put enough of those silly plastic blocks in the kit (how difficult can it be to count till ten ). Wit respect to size: it is a large scale boat, around 60 cm high and long. All in all, as a thirteen-year old boy I enjoyed it, and I even did another Billings after that. Jan
  13. 4 pieces as in: 30mm x 2mm x 2mm ? Sometimes I wonder why kit-sellers just don't include enough strip of the size they need...... Assuming my assumption is coorect. Wallnut is pretty tough and can have quite some grain, and 4mm is too thick to use a knife. My guess is that using a knife will lead to splitting and splintering of the wood. recommendation 1: Is the piece going to be painted? if so: try finding some strip in a size that matches the 2x2mm thickness you need. recommendation 2: I have some small (thin, and rather sharp) X-acto saw blades that can be put in a knife-holder. These are much finer than normal fretsaws, etc. Couldn't find an X-acto pic, so I took an other one. Jan
  14. Actually, I don't care the number of my posts..... So I didn't check before, and therefore I can't tell you the difference for my counts. It sounds plausible, as the likes are counted as 'activity' under the new system. Jan