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  1. I never ordered directly at seawatch, but as far as I heard, they are both in business and reliable. Some MSW-members publish quite some work through seawatch. I never heard them complain, nor their customers.... Jan
  2. Them Old Jokes

    I know this thread is named 'old jokes', but do they really need to be THAT old? OK ok ok, I'll admit: I did laugh before typing these lines. Jan
  3. Rope-Stropped Blocks for Boom Vang

    I know that almost al Dutch inland water ships have iron stropping at these blocks. Never seen a pic showing rope-stropping. Jan
  4. Tempting, butI think I have a lack of potential building time to keep up with the group..... Jan
  5. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    'Potdekselen' is the correct naming 🙂 Jan
  6. Caution! When is a model NOT the ship?

    Not really new news. Happens quite often that the kit does not show the eal stuff, or just gives some fake history. Jan
  7. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    And spme of us happen to know some Dutch, so don't hesitate asking for a translation in the case google translate gives you nonsense
  8. Kit Imperial Standart

    Standard practice with deagostini: no kits, only subscriptions, and not all subscriptions available in all countries. (Or at least, not at the same time) I don't know how it is now, but last year Wasa did not ship to theNetherlands. sometimes, ebay is your escape: someone starting the subscription,but dis not start it, and now resells. But as this one is available only in Russia, I don't think your chances are very high...... Jan
  9. Need Some Help

    It looks to me as a model that was used in advertising business. I once saw a model like that that was used by a HAL-agency, in the time before we could look up everything on the internet.... Jan
  10. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Have a safe trip. and gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je moeder! Jan
  11. Chapman Barge 1768 (Scale 1:50)

    Very nice model indeed Nice pictures also. What do you use as background?
  12. Those amazonprices are ridiculous. European bookstores ask more reasonable prices. Perhaps this book is still available in the bookstore Jan
  13. Nope, I found by googling on the list of contents. Jan
  14. This book shows modern designs, all made by the same designer. These designs are all yaghts based on the old dutch working boats. They are as such not drawings of old shiptypes and working boats. Depends on your goals whether or not this is a usefull book for you. Jan
  15. It is this one: https://www.ssrp.nl/publicaties/boeken/platbodemjachten-van-jk-gipon

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