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  1. She's a jewel, sir. And your ropes are fantastic! Cheers Pieter
  2. Hallo Heinrich This is how it looked like some time ago. I have been working on it a little and now I am thinking about what I can do to make it a little more interesting. I am going to add a small "klomp" as a lifeboat, probably some armament ... we'll see ;o)
  3. Looking good! What kind of cutter are you using? Compared to the Pegasus it must be the size of a small sword ... ;o)
  4. I am definitely going to follow this and you reignited my idea to make a clog-a-war ... best of luck with your project ;o)
  5. Hi Woodeater Are you coming to Bretagne? Maybe we could meet in Brest? Cheers Pieter
  6. peveka

    Surgical Scalpel Blades

    I like the Bayha scalpel very much. 15+ different blades (devilish sharp) come non-sterile -much cheaper- and sterile. The blades are secured in place by a small clasp and the grip doesn't turn around in your hand. Cheers Pieter
  7. Absolutely amazing built! No wonder you look so proud ;o) Greetings from la Bretagne Pieter
  8. Impressive piece ...
  9. Still waiting ... meanwhile working on my clog-a-war ;o)
  10. Hi Allan Actually I was referring to all the brass railings but the only picture I could find through Auntie Google was this one. Sorry for the confusion! Cheers Pieter
  11. I have been following and admiring your project for quite a while now and she really is a beauty! I can't wait to start working on my own Bellona, if only she would arrive ... Cheers Pieter
  12. ...you get the picture.  Hi Frankie Absolutely! The little rings are among the first things to land in the "archive" ... Cheers Pieter
  13. Wow that was quick ;o) Thanks a lot for your answers! I dug up one picture of the victory with obviously black handrails so that helps a bit, wood seems a nice alternative.
  14. Hello forumists. After a very long delay I've finally finished my San Francisco (#1) and now I am between 2 ships. I've ordered the Bellona but there seems to be a problem with the delivery. Doesn't matter, I am gathering as much info as I can and here's a question: On every model I've looked at the brass railings are kept brass. It sure looks pretty but is it historically correct for an 18th century ship of the line? Cheers Pieter
  15. Hi all. For those who understand French http://www.ouest-france.fr/histoire-dun-defi-technique-pour-retrouver-les-ameriques-3340440 Chears Pieter

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