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  1. New Guy

    Welcome! Your first build looks quite nice. I look forward to the building of theGrand(kids) fleet!
  2. Ships handling

    The shape and depth of the lower hull, amount of ballast and length to beam ratio all came into play. Prior to the late 1700's, generally by trial and error. Scientific approaches implemented at varous times in different nations. Note as well that there was, in naval captains, a strong tendency ti over mast the ship. See Ships and Science for a very readable and thorough overview.
  3. Wood for Keel/Frame Project

    There are many freely available, depending solely on what type of ship and what era. Start with any of the better pdf versions of Steel's Vade Mecum, Rees' Cyclopaedia, Fincham, Falconer &c. Modern reproductions of several are also available. Another source would be archeological reports (too many to list - check places like academia.edu as starting points). Perhaps easiest (although more expensive) would be the publications at Seawatch Books (Fireship Comet, Swan series, the Niad and so on). Exceptional naratives and very nicely done recreations of plans for the model builder.
  4. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today was a bittersweet day. We had to have Lady Mary Storm, our 19 year old miniature dachshund, put to sleep. It was a tough decision, but she went down hill very quickly this week. Her pain is over, but ours goes on. It will ease in time. This is her snuggles last night.
  5. Lots of fun in Hawaii today

    The State Emergency Manager has taken responsibility. Apparently they were training and working in the "live" system rather than the "exercise" mode. The Federal Government does have access to the system, however this incident was completely a State level goof.
  6. Membership total....

    Individually, or across all members? Personally, with the number of re-dos on my builds, I think I can claim nearly 3k per plank....
  7. Membership total....

    Your treat, Mark?
  8. Interesting side note - although i was not able to get down to Lubec during or immediately following the blizzard, apparently the last operating herring smokehouse (closed arpound 1990) was washed from it's pilings into Lubec Narrows, thence carried by the tide under the International Bridge before grounding on the Canadian shoreline. Some interesting video of the beastie floating, seemingly intact (including the chimneys) under the bridge yesterday. http://www.wlbz2.com/news/lubec-brining-shed-1/505467990
  9. Will be watching! Love this light house - visit it often. Annually, they open it for tours of the beacon itself. Spectacular views of Grand Manan and Campobello Islands, as well as pleasant hiking trails. Only 6 miles from here (as the crow flies, about 45 by road).
  10. Where was the single wheel mentioned? That seems odd for the period and the designer.
  11. Word Recognition game

  12. Word Recognition game

  13. Word Recognition game

  14. The beam (for a war ship) were related to the desired number of guns (which determined the gun deck length) and (somewhat) to the "establishment" of the time, although there were many vessels which did not adhere strictly to those dimensions. Nearly all other dimensions derived initially from the beam. Tunnage was an additional design factor, where only the beam was a true dimension. If a specific tunnage was desired, then the beam was tweaked to come up with the tunnage (note, however, that how tunnage was determined varied widely iver time). Allan has a wonderful book on the establishments of the 18th century. There are also many period treatises discussing the design process such as Sutherland and Rees.
  15. Word Recognition game


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