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  1. Kit Prices

    Well two years ago I paid $1450 for the caldercraft victory from Minature Stream in Montrose Victoria, Australia. Current price is $1450. Current Exchange rate is 892.00 GPB = $1475 AU pricing was similar back then If I include $120 shipping its cheaper here. No major change over 2 years. If you purchase kits from Float a boat in Burwood, you will pay about the same as the current exchange rate. for EU kits ( but you have to visit shop(Awsome) as there is no online for kits)... If you buy from a certain mountain shop in NSW , you will pay a premium or more. Pricing has not changed that much. Cornwall do have big specials some times.. as do Occre direct. Just hunt around... Order on the net if you cant get decent local.
  2. Good morning Paul.

    After looking your Santa Ana a million time and building the same model

    i have one question for you.

    The question is;

    wat you use for the wood around the canon, mine is white and i d'ont

     like it.

    My problem is the glue in between the plank and if i wax the plank 

    the color of the wax d'ont fix or is not cumming out as the rest.


    Thanks for reply.

    1. paulv1958



       I haven't built the Santa Ana yet


      If you are talking about the the San Juan. its just the metal gun ports supplied painted wood color.



    2. le débutant

      le débutant

      Thanks for your answer.

  3. Next Model

    After doing Occre ( 4 kits), Al (3 kits), Caldercraft ( 1) kit, Amati 1 Kit ( non boat), Corel ( 1) not finished cause short supplied rigging.) , Panart (1) Personally I rate them No 1 Caldercraft for details, parts & Spare wood and great plans, instruction on older kits so so) Good value No 2 Amati ( the kit was the stagecoach, but from what I have see of their other products, very well done, quality parts from the 'Victory' range) No 3 Occre for wood & good Doco, but not as detailed as Caldercraft. Good value for money , but not as nice as Caldercraft. Spanish / English translations No 4 AL . Just enough wood and average or poor instructions / plans badly translated from Italian to english Good value but you get what you pay for No 5 Corel ( insufficient material given the pricing, not acceptable). Expensive for what you get No 6 Panart ( Very poor instructions, plans in italian ) Good value, need attention to detail required from supplier, info wrong or misleading at times. Cant comment on other supplies as not tried. If you built the bounty you should have no issues with any kit. Go for what you want, we all have differing opinions and they all have faults that need to be overcome.
  4. Tk s Dee Dee found it. Need better Glasses.... Cheers
  5. Hi I added some photos to use in the log, but as all were not used I was unable to delete the unused ones, how do I do this as the unused end up at the bottom of the log.
  6. Glue for Photo Etch

    called shockproof superglue in aus. Its a thick CA a lot like Plastic glue (Tamia revel etc) Aus manufacturer 'Selleys Australia) Takes while to set. Selleys shockproof Superglue Tarzans grip Shockpoof Superglue ( same company) Work great for anywhere you would normally use superglue but more control and does not run.
  7. Kits with good instructions

    Hi How about creating a list of bad instruction kits to avoid unless you have masochistic tendencies. Does the MSW Ship kit DB include this info. I know that it may PO some manufacturers but if they are not prepared to FIX things then perhaps they should be singled out so that potential builders are aware. I keep seeing what is a good first ship or kits with good instructions? forum entries, but there is NOT a Pinned BAD or POOR list ( not talking about the clone companies, but the real ones that can't be bothered fixing things of have a "you bought the dam thing, you should know how to build it attitude ) or avoid this unless you have lots & lots of experience. I agree that no kit is easy, it would be boring if that were the case, but a couple of AL kits hat I have done recently stop the instructions midway and say just look at the pictures 28-80 & plans( a single image drawing) to complete the kit !!!! ( not funny) There should be NO need to obtain a 3rd party practicum just to finish a kit. Fair enough if you want to enhance or refine the kit, but not for basic use. Perhaps we could come up with the definitions of what constitutes good instructions for a beginner, intermediate & Advanced ( The Advanced Calder craft Victory has awesome kit build info & plans so there is no excuse for a poorly documented kit no matter the complexity) , and then rate the info per kit! The info may already be here, but there is no easy way to find it. Modeling should be fun( unless you consider brain implosion fun) not a never finish nightmare
  8. Wood Ship Model Kit for Beginner

    Hi Yes wood kits are a lot more complex than plastic ( especially in the instruction area) and the parts have to be cut and shaped). Go for something with a single or no mast first. A good starter kit would be a the AL Endeavour longboat The beginner Artesana Latina & Occre kits are good introductions as the instructions are quite good, parts are mostly precut and the photo books provided are detailed. You still have to work some bits out. Also Model space have small kits with lots of instructions. Look at the model makers site, the normally rate the ships build difficulty. (Begginer means simpler ( not easy ) and more instructions, intermediate means complex, more parts, less instructions and more read from plans. Advanced normally means little instructions as you are expected to know how to do things and read off plans and VERY complex. A multi masted ship is complex and a lot of kits with more than one mast expect that you have built others first and have a good working knowledge of ship building. Pls don't buy a kit based on the wow factor just YET. Start small. If she is happy then onward and upwards, Tools - Basic Ruler Sander block Cutting board & hobby knife Scissors Pencil Tweesers PVA glue (wood parts) SuperGlue small pliers small hammer Head worn Magnifier ( $5-15) on ebay. (Artesania Latina sell boat tool kits that are good stating points Pick a kit that has a build log on here it will make it a lot easier and ASK ASK ASK We all love to help.
  9. Advice for a Second Build

    If you want to stay away from the complexity of rigging then The AL Mississippi is a good choice. Fun kit, reasonable instructions lots of deck planking of different styles, lots of little detail areas but a Fun ship to build with a nice finish out of the box. If rigging then 1 mast is the best to start with. I insanely went with an advanced kit ( Caldercraft Endeavour) as my first real ship. I'm no expert nor a skilled woodworker( IT NERD) and sure it was a challenge at times, but 15 months and 850hours later, with the awesome support and help from MSW members she was finished and i could not be prouder of myself. All kits have their challenges, but that's the fun bit that extends and enhances your skills. Pick a ship that you really like ( sounds like your on your way), not just a beginner kit for the sake of it , then you will be more likely to be more enthusiastic when the challenges arise. Any choice YOU make will be a good one.
  10. Just picked up the AL 1:48 HMS Surprise

    Try this The deagostini is a little diff to allow for packaging in Magazine size but check the build tab for the instructions. http://www.model-space.com/gb/build-the-hms-surprise.html
  11. Artesania Scottish Maid Kit

    Hi Brian Check the box. Normally AL kits have a a4 size piece of paper for the laser cut with Num's on it. Its up to to you to then mark the parts... If you don't have one then AL or distributor should be able to provide. Its not in the instructions, its separate... May be under the cardboard bottom.
  12. Endeavour Update

    Hi Rob The CC Endeavour is a great kit. the planking is a PIA but as long as you have patience it will reward you. Read up on planking. Read the logs on the planking and have fun. The only other book you really need for this kit is the Lenneth Petersson book called Rigging Period Ship Models. The CC kit comes with 3 sets of plans to cover the rigging, but some of the finer detail is hard to visualize. They skip on some parts info . The book will provide you the detail mast by mast nsd makes it a lot easier. You have 7-800 hours build a head of you at a minimum The Keith Julier "New period ship handbook' has his build of this kit in it. All the best Paul
  13. Endeavour Mizzen Mast

    Hi MIndi Don't forget long measurement is the length prior to inserting in hull and takes that into account , the other may be after. I went with the measurements on the mast assembly plans. BTW they are not to scale for all parts so use numerical values where possible. ( The only one that is `1:1 Correct is the Foremast as they use that as the example build.) Paul V
  14. Hi Was looking at these at these CNC/ Laser/ Cutter/ 3D printer/ Piro marker For once they are available in AUS Does anyone have experience with them. I live a the bottom of AUS and the distributor is 1800km north so I can just go an view them before I invest. Paul V