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  1. Good Morning Capt'n Al Difficult job planking these sorts of ships and I was lucky that I had a full size replica to copy. Be careful with what I say I am not, by any means an expert on old sailing ships. more like an eggspurt. I think your 1st paragraph is close to the mark, but planks should not be reduced to less than half the original size. The planking rules did still apply, the joins still needed to run in the right line. I tended to to whatever I needed to do to make the plank fit, without doing anything too drastic. Have a look at how my endeavour planking finished.I haven't had any comments about whether it is strictly within rules. I didn't use steelers at the stern. I started out with wider planks at the keel which when tapered gave a natural curve upwards. Planks were dropped under the wales as per the replica. I Hope some of this helps Cheers Chris
  2. That is a real blow, but when you think about it, if I went to your party I wouldn't get back here quick enough, and fit enough to attend my own lavish do. So perhaps a silver lining. Anyway I hope you have a good one Cheers Chris
  3. Woooo Hooo big party at Nirvana's house, Are you putting a charter plan on for us in the east?
  4. Okay thanks Steve, Mine is on the 23rd, But don't think that I can make it over. Just put them in a parcel and send over, I am definitely over 21, so the beer will be good as well. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi Mark, I don't think that you really want to cancel your birthday!!!! Serious consequences with that. I have heard that statisticians have proved, that people who have the most birthdays live the longest. Cheers Chris
  6. Hello J-H This is something I need to learn as well. i will keep an eye on what you are doing. Thanks Chris
  7. Hi Pat If it might help, have a look in this for how the replica does it. I think that 20.6 is one one of the ropes you are talking about. And if I follow you correctly I think it is no 61 you are talking about. Hooroo Chris
  8. I think I just joined the "BF" club. hopefully what I just did to my Endeavour will cover up. Cheers Chris
  9. Also Kees I have a lot of links to photos of the replica, which I am copying in my build . I can pass them on if you want. My kit is an Al one and I decided to ignore its instructions and do my own thing a bit. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Kees, Another Endeavour builder, The more, the merrier What stage are you up to? Cheers Chris
  11. Hello Kev and welcome 1962 was a good year, I think that was when all the good modellers were born. Looking forward to seeing your Bounty, start a build log that is the best way. Cheers Chris
  12. Good Morning dash I was wondering if the tiller had to be as long as it is currently? Is there a rule about tiller length and the size of the ship? If it was shorter, the rigging could all be behind the chimney, there would be less sag problems. It Wouldn't need a great chunk of metal on the end. Aots has it as Jud has drawn. I am just coming from a novices point of view, and just look at things as if I had to do them. And wondering why they designed it to be like it is. Cheers Chris
  13. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, Must be ship modellers heaven. Great looking shop guys, would love to come and have a look, but won't be any time soon. cheers Chris
  14. Hi Steve, yes i do have the AOTS. I was thinking that it would be good to be able to look at these sorts drawings as well. Chris
  15. I think it would be safe to that the Endeavour's rigging would be similar to what is shown in the book. Thanks Chris