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  1. I will just add my little bit. If you want people to see a photo, provide a link to it and promote the other persons site as well, I don't think that they will mind having extra visitors. Cheers Chris PS the new site looks great, and appears to be working very well.
  2. Good Morning Capt'n Al Difficult job planking these sorts of ships and I was lucky that I had a full size replica to copy. Be careful with what I say I am not, by any means an expert on old sailing ships. more like an eggspurt. I think your 1st paragraph is close to the mark, but planks should not be reduced to less than half the original size. The planking rules did still apply, the joins still needed to run in the right line. I tended to to whatever I needed to do to make the plank fit, without doing anything too drastic. Have a look at how my endeavour planking finished.I haven't had any comments about whether it is strictly within rules. I didn't use steelers at the stern. I started out with wider planks at the keel which when tapered gave a natural curve upwards. Planks were dropped under the wales as per the replica. I Hope some of this helps Cheers Chris
  3. Ok Thanks Rick I will have a look for some. It means a trip to Bendigo, which I usually avoid, but I do have to go up in the near future
  4. Wow too much. 2 posts in one night. Just a couple more photos to show some of the planks being held in place. The 2 planks at the stern have just been microwaved and are drying. The others have been glued. Big progress, that is one whole strake each side. Hooroo Chris
  5. Hi Rick, unfortunately not in the Whitsundays. Had a bit of time off over Christmas but haven't got much done. Other things keep intruding, went back to work last Monday. Too many customers at the moment and its not going to get any better. I have managed to get a few planks on, and have been experimenting with different methods of holding them in place I have given up on the chart pins and now will just use the planking screws. The plank with the 90 degree twist is a pain in the butt to make fit. It did glue in better than what the photo shows. I have started steaming only those planks in a container in the microwave and it softens them enough to allow them to twist. And then use the planking screws to hold them in place until they dry. Then I take them off and do a final fit and glue in place. Yeah I know doing it the hard way, each plank is tapered, fitted and glued in place. I think that now is the best time to practice planking and work out methods. Thanks for the tip about the cannons, but the are still a while off yet. LOL Cheers Chris
  6. That is a real blow, but when you think about it, if I went to your party I wouldn't get back here quick enough, and fit enough to attend my own lavish do. So perhaps a silver lining. Anyway I hope you have a good one Cheers Chris
  7. Woooo Hooo big party at Nirvana's house, Are you putting a charter plan on for us in the east?
  8. Okay thanks Steve, Mine is on the 23rd, But don't think that I can make it over. Just put them in a parcel and send over, I am definitely over 21, so the beer will be good as well. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Mark, I don't think that you really want to cancel your birthday!!!! Serious consequences with that. I have heard that statisticians have proved, that people who have the most birthdays live the longest. Cheers Chris
  10. Finally garbords are on, and rebate has been cut into the stem. Now its time to plank. It is a bit unconventional leaving the false keel off, but that will make it easier to get the thickness right. It will be fixed on before 2nd planking I will probably make it a bit higher, as it is now there is not much showing under the planking. hooroo Chris
  11. Hi Rick haven't got started today yet, the Admiral is at work and will be home soon. Then we will get stuck into it. i left the false keel of at this stage so that i can sand to the right thickness before the 2nd planking. I am very conscious of the planks fitting up to it, and will glue on before 2nd planking.
  12. Thanks Rick, yes air con is on and the modelling room is a great place to sit under it. Might add the blocks, will see if I can do without. It is a bit hot and dust today, but 36C is ok if you don't have to go out in it. Hi Dupree thanks for looking in, BUT, be careful following me, you don't know where you might end up. Cheers Chris
  13. Good afternoon mi Lords and Ladies And merry Christmas, or a happy whatever you like to celebrate. A little bit has been happening on the Mermaid, 2 blocks added in the bow to give the planks something to finish on. The top planks under the gunwales are on, and part of the Garbords are on. First some pics And now a question, or is that 3? or more How should the garbord plank finish up to the stem post? I believe that they shouldn't finish in a point? Is it correct in what I am doing? Should it be done as a hooked plank, with the next cut from a wider plank to allow that. yes i am a fussy bloke, this is only the first planking, but I figure that this is the best time to get the technique right. Cheers Chris
  14. Thanks Rick, Steve and Hof For the pictures and advice. I have decided to glue half the amount on as Hof suggested, I found the off cut of ply sheet that the transom was in, and have glued it in place. One reason for doing so is that I will be able to have a large round on the bottom of the transom to plank around. I will probably take off the 2 downward points, of the transom at the keel. They are right behind the rudder hole and at this stage I don't see any need of them, but will leave that until I need to do. Just another little question, What would have been the width of a hull plank on a full size boat like this,150mm, 200mm? Thanks again, Gents
  15. Good afternoon Hof Can't see any reason, there isn't any plans as such, just photos and colored drawings. They don't show it too clear. The bulwarks are meant to run to the transom and glue to it. I am inclined to make the transom wider, and have less fairing to do. Thanks Chris