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  1. Very tasty display - simply a wonderful build! Thanks for showing! XXXDAn
  2. Big thank you Paul! Many modelers already asked for them having illegible Heller copies and/or not being able to interpret them. XXXDAn
  3. Unbelievable that these nutshells could go that far without being swallowed by the elements! Thank you for the pictures! XXXDAn
  4. This one I found two weeks ago on the foot of the 7 Provinciens at the Batavia Warft in the Netherlands. Was this an omen that the build was meant to be put on ice?!? XXXDAn
  5. Wonderfully done!!! Congratulations. XXXDAn
  6. Very nicely done the curved planks! Marking the positions of the butts is the best way to do, but be aware, the frames of the kits are usually not in the right positions! You can see on the sketch, that the beams - and therefore the butts - go through the scuttles. Like this the cargo would go not downwards. The position of the beams are always in front and back of the scuttles, or better saying in real life the scuttles follow the beams underneath. [/img] XXXDAn
  7. Very tasty build and presentation :-) XXXDAn
  8. The one with the plank on the bottom is the older version as far as I know. I do not know when the switch models was done, neither how long the older one was still in use. Perhaps contact Mr Delacroix. XXXDAn
  9. Be cautious with the drawings of the planking at McKay´s and McGowan´s books! Both of them show just simplified "mock-"planking, not respecting the beams underneath. One can see butts on the level of then middle of coamings or companion ways. That is NOT correct, those ends would hang in mid air. I marked all possible positions for butts with green lines. All butts in between are incorrect. Only on the green lines there are beams underneath to nail onto. Also note the different distances of the beams, leading to different lengths of the planks. And with the correct spacing of the beams underneath the planks become much longer than shown in this picture. XXXDAn
  10. Much longer than the 6 meter Mondfeld states :-) As the butts need to respect the deck beams underneath - see their position in AOTS - and with a 3 butt-shift system one gets over 12 meter long planks in the middle of the deck! Also as the deck beams do NOT have the same distances, the length of the planks varies quit a bit! See here the lower deck of my Vic. #68 And if you wnt to be brave, do NOT use straight parallel planks as I did, use the curved ones as this is most possibly more contemporary. XXXDAn
  11. Worked, thank you!!! XXXDAn
  12. Thank you, but sorry, still no luck ... ERROR: There is no document with the provided identification number. XXXDAn
  13. Thank you for the documents! Unfortunately it looks like the link is wrong: Source: McHenry, James. 1797. “Uniformity of Dress on Ships of War.” http://wardepartment...nt.php?id=22778 It redirects onto this page ... XXXDAn
  14. But sometimes one get´s a real gem. Here is incredible Willi Meischl on the restoration of a "dustpan"-finding, narrowly escaping it´s fate. It proved to be a historical model of a Austrian trading brig from the 1870ies. See the video of the restoration. Excuse the quality, it is from a VHS from 1988-1989 and we were lucky to still be able to transfer it :-) So better check twice :-) XXXDAn Allow some off topic: Also enjoy Willi´s build of the model of the arctic explorer vessel "Admiral Tegetthoff", displayed in the technical museum in Vienna. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Admiral_Tegetthoff_(Schiff) There is also a nice film from the ORF (official Austrian TV) that shows him building a 1:1 Model for a film of the expedition. Unfortunately not on Youtube as for Copyrights :-( XXXDAn