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  1. Despite all this X-Mess-stress I found a small space for some advent tinkering πŸ™‚ Started as usual in the smaller scale ... ... and then scratched the fitting Brodi-Stove for it by some scrap materials. Then some trials ... ...for the BBQ-skewer holder and some brass nibbling ... ... bent ... ... and the skewer itself by filing a round brass into a pointed square section. Some trials in soldering but finally it fitted :-). The exhaust air propelled skewer drive was easy ... ... but fitting a 1 mm hole for the external axle bearing into a 1 mm brass profile needed the magical trick of flattening the material before drilling :-). Then some handles and the handrail around and soon some paint could be applied. I think I will go for a nice eloquent black πŸ˜‰ Always remember: no food - no fight πŸ™‚ XXXDAn
  2. Here is the new score: 18 August 1805 1 White 95 lb 2 Yellow 24 lb 3 black 67 lb 4 oil 30 lb White-Yellow Balance 4:1 31 August 1805: 1. White – 120 lb 2. Yellow – 34 lb 3. Black Varnish – 66 gallons 4. Glue – 12 lb 5. Lime – 8 bushels 6. Whitewash brushes – 6 White-Yellow Balance 3,5:1 *** 2 September 1805: 1. White – 150 lb 2. Yellow – 350 lb 3. Black – 150 lb 4. Oil. – 47 gallons White-Yellow Balance 0,4:1 5. White – 66 lb 6. Yellow – 78 lb 7. Black – 13 lb 8. Verdigris (sic) – 5 lb 9. Prussian Blue – 1 lb White-Yellow Balance 0,8:1 6 September 1805: 1. White – 86 lb 2. Yellow – 234 lb 3. Black Varnish – 66 gallons. lb 4. Oil. – 2 1/2 gallons White-Yellow Balance 0,35:1 14 September 1805: 1. White 450 lb 2. Yellow 350 lb 3. Black 150 lb 4. Oil 47 gallons White-Yellow Balance 1:1,3 Not near one is to NelsonΒ΄s proposed mixture of 6:1 ... What was all this yellow for?!? XXXDAn
  3. I love the cropping of the title on the homepage ... by dafi - Hell!
  4. @Morgan Thank you Gary, we are having a wonderful discussion about the Turner drawings in our german forum: https://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/t7042f198-HMS-Victory-Spurensuche-6.html#msg155492 Perhaps this would be of great interest for you. I took the liberty to link to here too and take over some of your quotes. For stupid german la reasons one have to be inscribed to see the content, but we are usually very fast to grant access. But another question arises: If 6 white to 1 yellow is the mixture, why all that yellow paint (almost twice the amount of white) ? But the carpenter entry on the 14.09. fits well in the timeline as it summons the paint used before unmooring on the 13.09. XXXDAn
  5. No vica versa, the yellow is double the amount πŸ™‚ XXXDAn
  6. Fits in nicely with the other data culumated: 24.08.1805 Refit at Spithead: Guns removed, hold emptied, ..., basic clean of the hold, ..., 27.08.1805 Cleaning and restowing of iron ballast, ..., guns back on the ship 31.08, 02.09, 06.09 delivery of the paint 13ο»Ώ.09.1805 back to sea 25.09.1805 washed hammocks and aired bedding 09.10.1805 Breadroom whitewashed 21.09.1805 Trafalgar If these deliveries are totalled it gives: yellow 696 lb Black 295,lb White 422 lb Verdisgris 5 lb Prussian Blue 1 lb Surprising is the little amount of black color, half the amount of the yellow. Perhaps they had still black on board or was yellow the predominat color? Or did it take more to cover properly? Just some questions ... XXXDAn PS: already the log entry of after 08.08. the crew was busy on the way home painting quarter deck and shipΒ΄s sides.
  7. HavenΒ΄t seen the picture, but could it be that this is no grey color but a silver patina of the bare wood? XXXDAn
  8. For those also interested in Marine aviation, there was a nice report from the museum in Rochefort at modellmarine: http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_imagebrowser&view=gallery&folder=rochefort-marineflieger&Itemid=55 Enjoy, XXXDAn
  9. Funny enough the organisators eliminated all references upon Heller and plastic from the model description. Honi soit qui mal y pense πŸ˜‰ Here a shot down the rabbit hole when she was in France, displaying proudly her colors on Trafalgar day! XXXDAn
  10. And what we saw on the Hermione can be seen her on yesterdays slide show on Modellmarine.de http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_imagebrowser&view=gallery&folder=hermione-rochefort&Itemid=55 XXXDan
  11. Very enjoyable build. I had the luck to see one of those being build in Douarnenez / Brittany. Here a link to my shipyard report: https://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/t291f235-Un-Langoustier-pour-Douarnenez-Werftbesuch-bei-der-Skellig.html XXXDAn
  12. Oh it did hurt to see her all alone in the back of the car going to a big trip. What happens if she was bored? Thirstty? Hungry? Or needs a p-brake??? And off it went for the journey, a 1000 km across France to Rochefort. Straight into ships paradise, together with another 150 models and proudly showing the flag ... ... of the german delegation together with the Amerigo from Joachim/Schiffebastler:-) Later still came ChapmanΒ΄s barge from Alexander / Foxtrott ... ... and the Sphinx from Alexander / Alex M. ... ... and me I was obsolet as the kids played all by themselves. So I used the time ... ... to go and see her great-great-great-...-great niece ... ... together with the other german ship parents that did not have to bother for their small ones πŸ™‚

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