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  1. Some questions about the masts of British first rates about 1800. - Usually the heel of the topmasts is shown squared, the heeling on the Vic in P. is octagonal, as it is shown in Lee, who states that "Octagonal heeling only on 1St rate ships and by 1773 on all rates" http://files.homepagemodules.de/b564537/f700t5845p131075n2_FzsqAJVt.jpg[/img] Are there any contemporary sources confirming that? And another question arose: The cleat for the jeer block lashing are shown in Portsmouth as a clamp, but most of the literature shows a shoulder piece. What is the correct setup? Was the cleat an earlier or later version? Here both of them together for comparison ... ... and here the shoulder its the right place.
  2. Fly tying thread

    Best material for small scales :-) Posted February 20, 2013 XXXDAn
  3. Saw her in 2002 in Portsmouth, nice thing :-) Great show as the crew was going up the masts and yards while passing - unfortunately without sails set. XXXDA
  4. P1010870.JPG

    Very tasty display - simply a wonderful build! Thanks for showing! XXXDAn
  5. IMG_2281.jpg

    Wonderfully done!!! Congratulations. XXXDAn
  6. IMG_3300.JPG

    Very tasty build and presentation :-) XXXDAn
  7. 20160731 181440

    Simply wonderful! XXXDAn PS: Dear Piet, I took the liberty to share 3 pictures as a teaser in our german forum for that our bottle modelers get aware of this small little marvel :-) Peanuts (registration needed) DF
  8. Some pictures I have taken in the 1990ies in London
  9. High view of fore rigging

    Wonderfully done :-) XXXDAn
  10. Ship Photo

    Absolutely wonderful, full of breath and life. Stunning! DAniel
  11. Model of the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien (Army museum Vienna). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Royal_Oak_(1674) Research for identification and more pictures: http://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/f644-HMS-Royal-Oak.html Model identified by Willi Meischl. Read here the interesting story of the identification in the german forum. (inscription necessary, translation button on the bottom left)