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  1. You are going to laugh, you are not the first one to ask this and actually there are already some left-overs spread in several builds around the world :-) Cheers, Daniel the destroyer!
  2. Hello Shipman,


    sorry for hearing that. As my daily job is quit demanding, it is not always easy to answer as fast as i would like to do, but I really thought that I already answered all the outstanding orders. I saw the other message but can´t relate any requests with your nickname. Please send me a PM via this forum with your name and address and I will send you a copy of the wanted plate! 


    All the best and thank you for your message, Daniel

  3. Dafi, sorry to bother you, but I've been trying to contact you via your web site for months, trying to order your ringbolts and hooks plate No.7.

    Never had a response. Please help.

  4. dafi

    Rigging hooks

    Thank you wefalck for the hint and thank you shipman for your patience. Rather difficult times at the moment with a privet move that went berserk, lots of work in the office and finally a very persiatant flue ... Things are starting to get sorted out on my side and I alreday started answering all the posts that summed up on my account. If you did not get an answer from me yet, please try here on this way to contact me. All the best and sorry for any inconveniences, cheers Daniel PS: And hell how am I looking forward to pick up my own build again!
  5. dafi

    Cut down / Razeed ships

    Have a look for Alexander and his Anson. he is preparing a second set of plans that shows it as razé. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/828-64-gun-ship-anson-build-in-1781-in-plymonth/&do=findComment&comment=414569 http://zope.mein-media.de/meinmedia/anson64/plans/index.html XXXDAn
  6. Hello to all, haven´t been on that area of the web lately, so thanks Mark for the message. Karl is luckily still alive, and good mind as previously stated. Just with all the smaller and bigger problems that come with that age and that make things slower. He still is working and sometimes - with bigger breaks - even taking part in our german forum. @Randy - Do contact Kay, he could possibly tell you the best way how to contact him. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/profile/5322-kay/ Cheers, Daniel
  7. Nice thoughts, one thing still to consider is how the top masts were set: They have to pass through the opening in the top and need to be heaved through the cap. That is impossible with the "original" set-up of the kit as I saw on my model years ago. So there is a telescopic ratio in between the single masts. The drawing in the post above respects this ratio, the topgallant mast even could be higher technically seen. Also funny to see my model of the Vic beside the one of the Soleil: The Vic has - with a bigger draught - much less high topmasts and looks much more healthy towards over all stability. XXXDAn
  8. Or put them aft the carronadesn into the larger gap of the timberheads :-) XXXDan
  9. Great build! "Chilling on the porch with a some and coffee. Nerves are tattered ... " better take some valerian drops, keeps the hand much more steady :-) If you havent already done all the lanyards of the deadeyes, consider taking a thinner thread. Also try out how it works for you to tie the shrouds to the lower dead eyes. If it is too hard, consider to take the lanyards off and take wooden dead eyes for the upper ones. Painted black they should fit the plastic lower ones and should be easier to handle. All the best, Daniel
  10. Hello William, was nice to catch up with your build :-) For the missing side entry port - most probably the historical correct version - take the longer iron :-) Do not worry too much for the lanyards being shorter than advised. As long as you manage to do a clean build :-) Did you already try to fix the shrouds on the deadeyes the way that Heller suggests? Looks quite difficult, try already now to have enough time to find a good technic or a alternative way for that. For the broken yard take wood, resin os not a good replacement as too brittle. And for the draught marks, here is a picture of the ones of 'Royal George', sank 1782. Draught marks X, X and III. Mounted on a textile-covered board. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/63420.html All the best, Daniel
  11. dafi

    Marine Walk

    Quarter galleries: "they also afforded those officers a view of the forward sails of the ship without having to go outside" That is another statement that I would like to have contemporary evidence for. Seen that the windows glass in the wrecks are rather not clear and also the angle of viewing is not the best, the main sail hiding most of the other rigging, I have my strong doubts about that fact. Reminds me on the red color to hide the blood. Also seen that french vessels usually had mostly fake windows in the Galleries, I sometime doubt that english ships had that much glass in the back as seen on the models that had to impress the nobles for budget reasons. But that goes beyond the original marines walk ... XXXDAn
  12. And do not forget, ships went through a lot of changes throughout their career :-) So sometimes there is more than one possibility. But the original draughts are always a good "inspiration". XXXDAn
  13. A companionway/ladderway always needs a bigger opening with larger distance in between the deck beams to pass ladders, sailors or even goods. A skylight can be only a part of the deck not being planked and showing the deckbeams underneath running through the opening. See for example HMS Victory for that detail. http://www.mediaharmonists.de/bilder/Sammler29/Victory-161113_2569.jpg XXXDAn
  14. Finished yes, but only as a slice :-) But there are actually 7 or 8 lines behind the shrouds, and as mentioned above these are different halyards, sheets, bunt lines, clue lines and tricing lines placed according to McKay´s rigging plan of the foremast in AOTS of HMS Victory. Also all thicknesses are conform. The shroud trucks that are empty are the ones for ropes of the stun´sails, which are taken down if these sails are not set. XXXDAn

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