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  1. Hello Ej,Is it possible for you to send a digital copy of these books?Thanks .
  2. Kevin ,is this a kit or where do you get the parts?or scratch build?
  3. Fantastic,so Photobucket screwed up a bunch of build logs,forums and such all over the world. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. I received last week a Proxxon pen sander and a variable speed transformer.
  5. Thanks everyone for their help end responses.
  6. Current state of my Santa Maria,planking finished,whales are glued on,next step are the futtock riders.
  7. hardwood flooring stores or hardwood supplying warehouses.just a guessing.
  8. Well, I did a test run and works pretty well.
  9. Hello everyone ,I need some recomendations and ideas for air purifiers,dust and chemical masks and for general dust management. Thanks for any input.
  10. I bought last weekend from Artesania Latina these scraper shapers and a countour gauge.
  11. It makes sense,but who has the time to name each picture,I don't.
  12. Your welcome,I am glad I could help.
  13. Hello Mike,these are awesome pictures ,I bet you had a nice trip there.