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  1. Thanks guys for looking in,and your comments and likes are always appreciated,I am currently working on the port side's futtock riders.
  2. Thanks for the tips to make hooks and eyebolts!
  3. All the futtock riders for the starboard side are done time to glue them on.
  4. Hello everyone, the kit instruction suggesting strips for futtock riders actually made up of two layers of strips.I have 5mm thick walnut sheets, so I purchased a contour gauge which is a good tool to get the hull's exact shape for the futtock riders, then transfer the lines and cut them out.The kit instruction The shape I try to emulate after I got the exact line from the hull as I mentioned earlier, the shape I try to emulate after I got the exact lines from the hull Here are the rough cut outs. and shape them to fit properly
  5. Good day everyone, I have a little update, Thanks for everyone visiting my build log, and for the nice comments.I built 4 more gun carriage,2 mahogany, and 2 walnuts, I changed my mind on pear carriages, I think mahogany and walnut fits better, I mean the wood contrast, the deck is teak and the inner bulwark is mahogany.
  6. Thanks Dave for visiting my build log and for the compliment!!
  7. Nice decking and paiting on the hull Denis.
  8. Thanks guys for the compliments and likes,really appreciated,I will have some updates soon.
  9. Cool companion way,everything looking great!!
  10. Just don't touch it with paint,natural looks much better!!
  11. For some reason every admiral thinks that their hubbys are immature,interesing conspiracy