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  1. Thanks so much Denis, Zappto and the "likes". Appreciated, as always. Bob
  2. A small update. I made, mounted and rigged the main topsail and topgallant yards. The yards were made from dowel, tapered and shaped. Cleats were added, as required and jackstay eyebolts and rods were also added. Footropes were added to the topsail yard only. The only rigging to the topgallant yard is the halyard and parrel rope. The topsail yard has the parrel rope, the tie and halyard and lifts. I'm leaving the topsail braces for later. I'm now in the middle of making up the yards for the fore mast. Bob
  3. Great job on the rigging Joe (and on everything else, as well). Bob
  4. Thanks so much OC, Kevin. Dave, Phil and Sjors for the very generous comments Thanks also to all of the "likes". All are greatly appreciated. Bob
  5. Happy New Year to all. For reasons that are not clear even to me, I began work on the yards with the main boom and gaff.Each was made from dowel, appropriately tapered. The gaff has strip wood jaws and a parrel made from very small beads. the boom is mounted with a gooseneck made from two eyebolts. Boom rigging consists of topping lifts and sheets. The gaff rigging has peak and throat halyards and vangs. I have chosen to omit much of the sail rigging, although I will probably do some limited amount on the square yards. Bob
  6. Thanks so much Jim, and happy new year to you as well. Bob
  7. Thanks so much Dave, Thomas and Denis for the generous comments and the good wishes. All the best to to you, as well. Bob
  8. Thanks so much Dirk. The same to you. Bob
  9. There's no big secret Joe. As an old, retired person, I have a lot of time. What appears to be working quickly, is really just working slowly -- a lot. 😉😀 Bob
  10. Thanks so much OC, Art and the "likes". I will take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and enjoyable holiday season. Bob
  11. The ratlines are now complete. Three things are true about doing ratlines: 1) since it is a year or more between times that I do them, I completely forget how to tie clove hitches, and have to look up how to do them each time; 2) once I have tied a few, it's like riding a bike ,and it comes back quickly; and 3) it always feels like I could have, and should have, done them better. Having said all that, I'm happy that they are done and I can move on to more enjoyable things. Time to make , mount and rig some yards. Bob
  12. Joe, if you go to my log, you'll see that I had very similar problems. I gave up on trying to duplicate lines from any drawing, and merely built up and sanded the bulkheads until I had achieved fair lines and curves that looked "right". There is no possibility IMO reconcile the supplied bulkheads with anything . They are just wrong-- even the ones that match the kit drawings The only other alternative that I can see would be to scratch bulkheads from the Takajian drawings. Bob
  13. Your usual fine job of planking Denis. Have a very happy holiday. Bob
  14. I'm glad to see you start this log and will follow with great interest to see how much better you can do to cope with the kit's problems than I did. I will always be available to answer any questions that you may have. Bob

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