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    Naval Architect, Scratch Modeler and maritime history researcher. Current modeling interest- Navy ship's boats.
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    Author: Whaleback Ships and the American Steel Barge Company published by Wayne State University Press

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  1. Roger Pellett

    Coiling Lines Option

    Wefalck, I like your lacquer idea and I am not concerned by the fume issue. My question is, once you have the finished coil what adhesive do you to glue it in place? Is more Lacquer strong enough? I dislike using CA glues, and the PVA glues are unlikely to stick to the lacquered surface. The two sided tape seems messy and I have yet to find any that is dependable over a long time. Roger
  2. Nice work Eric! You might actually find building half a wheel is harder than building a full one. Roger
  3. Roger Pellett

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Never thought of that. I’m still in the pencil and paper era. Roger
  4. Roger Pellett

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    If you want to get a lot of modeling done, move the TV! Roger
  5. Roger Pellett

    What wood looks like White Oak - in scale?

    Kurt, The attached photo is of a Great Lakes Batteau, c1763. Scale 1:48. The POF hull was made from American Sycamore that at your large scale might work well. It has a distinctive but fine grain that resembles oak. I might have a piece left over. Tomorrow i’ll Look through my stash.
  6. Roger Pellett

    Cutty Sark 34' long, Wrecked.

    Scrap the rigging, particularly the deadeyes with their separate eyelets. Look at your Lore of the Ship book to see how real deadeyes were rigged. You should be able to buy better ones from a reputable ship fitting supplier. It is hard to recommend a specific source since you don’t tell us where you live. You should also be able to buy a good used book online with correct rigging diagrams. Harold Underhill comes to mind as an author. Roger
  7. Roger Pellett

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Our mens’ book group recently read a book titled something like “A Brief History of Everyone that Ever Lived. One chapter was titled “We’re All Related to Charlemagne.” It seems that if we go back enough generations, mathematically the number of our ancestors at a given time exceed the then population of the world. Roger
  8. Roger Pellett

    How many model ships working on at the same time?

    Two, a 1:32 scratch Royal Navy longboat and a 1:96 scratch model of the lake freighter Benjamin Noble. The longboat has reached the point where I have been making up the standing rigging so I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The Noble is a problem. I started to plate the hull using 3M transfer tape to afix brass plates and found that the adhesive was not strong enough to hold them down, so the hull sits on the shelf. Roger
  9. Roger Pellett

    Weather Report - post your significant weather - past or present

    Hi Dave, Tonight the Duluth evening news had extensive coverage about your rainstorm including an account by an employee from our local NWS office who tried to drive through it and ended up stranded for the night at a Kwik Trip. Although you had a lot of water in your yard, I hope that your house stayed dry. Roger
  10. Roger Pellett

    All encompassing compass considerations

    Frank, We have designer clothes, shoes, fragrances, etc. we might as well have designer tools! But, I agree, 137 is a lot of $$$. Roger
  11. Roger Pellett

    All encompassing compass considerations

    Frank, Woodcraft Supply has just what you may be looking for. From time to time they feature specially manufactured products by a company called Woodpeckers. They are presently accepting orders for a pair of compasses. Expensive, at $137 but appear well made. Not the standard bow compasses but an adaption of the trammel compass. Right now, i’m Trying to convince myself that I really need one. Roger
  12. Roger Pellett

    Byrnes Table Saw

    Inserts to accommodate blades of varying widths including zero clearance inserts are easy to make from model builders’ plywood. Roger
  13. Roger Pellett

    Shipwreck and picnic

    Sails on the main and mizzen masts are backed, so holding the ship on the rocks is probably not why they are set. Roger
  14. Maybe a little shorter? Shortening the spur will also reduce twisting on the stem during an impact. Roger
  15. Re: The Heligoland diorama, Looks like the brig is in big trouble! Sailing directly at a lee shore with all sails set. Roger

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