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  1. MM2CVS9

    Ship Cradle

    I use them. The smaller foam one (#80784) is rounded, works very well with 1/700 scale ships. the bigger one (#15819) one is better for 1/350 and larger scale ships. I sure protects the paint on the hull when I'm working on topside details and rigging. EJ
  2. Quote - from BETAQDAVE - Speak of the devil! I just got a new catalog from Micro-Mark in the mail today sporting another new offering called the Doctor DRYBooth. For a mere $199.95 you too can own this 10 5/8" w. x 18" h. x 8" deep metal box. (basically a small oven) Claims it will cut painted part drying time in half. I don't know about you but with just a little patience I believe that I'll just save the $200. - Quote A filament light-bulb in a cardboard box will do that too.
  3. Yes it is. Having been a tool maker in a machine shop at one point, I have an appreciation for finely crafted tools, especially miniature ones. I don't know where this tool was made, but it is nicely made. EJ
  4. This thing is really nice compared to the old Testors stamped steel plane I've used for years. Beautifully crafted. EJ
  5. I was a building contractor most of my life and the original "Tool Hound". I always liked the latest and greatest construction tools and still have most of them in my workshop even 15 years after I retired. I also have do leatherwork (special tools), custom case-making (special tools), metal work (special tools). When I got back into modeling about 15 years ago, I found the MicroMark catalog. OMG! That opened up a whole new world of tools to collect. I was in seventh heaven. Even if I didn't choose MicroMarks offering for a particular tool (maybe I wanted a better quality or type), it gave me an idea of what was available out there. They also have some items I've never seen anywhere else. My collection still grows to this day. When I'm gone, my kids will wonder - what the heck is this for, and what do we do with this thing. 😁 EJ
  6. Sadly, Midwest seems to have gone out of the kit business. I have built most of their offerings and enjoyed them immensely. Usually built as a "relaxing" build, especially when I develop builders block on a larger project. I haven't seen any of their kits for sale anymore from model/hobby stores, either online or brick and mortar. EJ
  7. I have tried several times to set up various threads so I get automatic e-mail notifications when there are added posts to the thread, but to no avail. I never get ANY e-mail notifications, ever. What am I doing wrong? EJ
  8. MM2CVS9

    how to work with teeny blocks???

    I ordered mine through Amazon. It is a Superior brand fly tying vise, model #2A, from Griffin Enterprises Co, Kalispell Montana. www.griffinenterprisesinc.com they have several models, but I liked the narrow nose on this one. EJ
  9. MM2CVS9

    how to work with teeny blocks???

    Figured it out. Man, this thing is a lifesaver. Thanks for the great idea.
  10. MM2CVS9

    how to work with teeny blocks???

    Still struggling with those blocks, but finally found an appropriate fly tying vise. Tried to post a pic but the site won't allow me to. I use photobucket. EJ What a huge help.
  11. MM2CVS9

    Old Ironsides is Getting a Makeover

    Being from Michigan, and the topic related, I thought you might be interested. Hope this works. US and Brit sites don't always play together well. I have had trouble attaching things to a post, but here goes. PDF of a local article. I've been to the school in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I usually buy raffle tickets for a canoe built just for the raffle. Came within one number of winning one year. Those canoes are so beautiful, they should be furniture, not watercraft. EJ GrandRapidsPress boat.pdf GrandRapidsPress boat 1.pdf
  12. MM2CVS9

    Old Ironsides is Getting a Makeover

    To TRIPPWJ Thanks Wayne. Some old pics, some new. Gonna bookmark that list. EJ
  13. MM2CVS9

    Old Ironsides is Getting a Makeover

    Great find! I couldn't find where the picture was. Are there more in that series? EJ
  14. MM2CVS9

    Old Ironsides is Getting a Makeover

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, but I thought it would be cool to share. There is a camera set up to follow the Constitution restoration taking pics every few minits. A link to the page - http://usscm.org/restoration/constitution-cam/ Even better, you can log in to this page - http://www.previewphoto.com/home use member@usscm.org as the user name and Hazzah! as the password. Pretty good pics and you can zoom in on them too. Hope this works. EJ
  15. MM2CVS9

    how to work with teeny blocks???

    What a wonderful thread. I've been struggling with my 3mm blocks, but now am seeing nice results using ideas posted here. Thank you everyone. EJ

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