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  1. My Royal William is getting ever closer to completion, probably in time for Xmas. It will be obvious to my family ( and Santa ) by the size of my stocking what I want for Christmas. Ken
  2. Hi Mike, I've shown a few pictures of how I mounted my Royal William, I think that they are self explanatory. Like yourself the stand was a very late addition. The Royal William is a very heavy model and this stand has proved to be very strong and stable, it is also quite easy to lift off. Ken
  3. Hello Everyone, My Royal William is coming along well. I've just finished the dead eye to shrouds lanyards, the build has taken me only six months to get this far. Ken
  4. Hi Paul, thanks for that. If you visit my Royal William log you'll see quite a few pictures of my home area. Ken
  5. Hi, Here's a shot of the sea front of my hometown, Near Liverpool, UK. I was out walking on the causeway when this storm rapidly advanced. It was pleasant when I set out, there was no shelter and I didn't get back to my car before the storm broke, got very wet. Ken
  6. 59563ab8b1bb4_L100080620(Copiar).JPG

    A work of art, incredible. You should feel proud of creating such a model. Ken