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  1. 20 Gun Sixth Rate Sloop of War

    The fact that the model has trysail masts probably dates it to around 1820, it also has no quarterdeck or forecastle armament which also suggests a post war era ship. I agree with Bob the Surprise is nearest in date and size, and could be modified. Gary
  2. Jokita(caldercraft)

    Your not alone, there is a definite sharp movement upwards, particularly on their own website, if you shop around there is some stock available at at last years prices, but it won't last long. I was contemplating buying the Agamemnon and my gut feel is that it has jumped around £100 in the last year. Gary
  3. New member HMS Pandora

    Zach, John McKay sells large scale copies of the drawings for Pandora (and all his ships in the Anatomy of the Ship series), he offers them at various scales and if you contact him he will provide a drawing / pricing list and shipping cost. As Richard suggests I'd buy the book first this will help with deciding which drawings you want. His email address is in the public domain so no breach of confidence in telling you it is johnwmckay@telus.net. His response is first class, I ordered a set of 1:64 Victory plans last year and had them in a week (Canada to U.K.). Gary