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  1. I just went through your entire log. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing all of your very useful techniques. ian
  2. Nice choices B.E. I really like the black counter and your idea for the skylight. I wish I was following you! Ian
  3. Seventynet

    Hello from Slovenia

    Welcome to this amazing forum. I understand completely your rationale for joining this forum. I have a similar story and had similar reasons for turning this way. The best decision I could have made. I am sure you will have years of enjoyment building models. Ian
  4. Great attention to detail B.E. I found the ears to be a bit of a challenge too, only to be surpassed by the boom holders. Ian
  5. Beautiful build Chuck. This one’s in my future for sure. Ian
  6. I think it looks cool. Perhaps they are more commonly snake-like, a slit pupil rather that a round one but the round one looks a bit friendlier, in a cruel sort of way.🐉
  7. Don, somehow I missed this really unique, beautiful build. Very nice. I really love the quality of walnut included in the MarisStella kits. Your deck work, really everything looks flawless. Keep up the great work. Ian
  8. Thanks Jim. Looks like I can get it locally. I would expect it’s mostly acetone which I’ve used on occasion. But since I use CA a lot in making pens and using it almost exclusively as a finish it’s definitly worth a try. Ian
  9. Hey Chuck, what's really exceptional is this model, your kits and instructions! A real pleasure to build. Thanks but no B.E., this one is promised to my brother. Anyway remember all those treenails...I took the easy way out.😏 Ian
  10. Hey Don, thanks for looking in. These are Chuck's mini kits. The real challenge is getting all the char off such small pieces. The rest is about building jigs to position and glue the pieces together. The mill with the DRO is a true luxury. It allowed me to reproducibly position the drill holes for each carriage piece, amongst a million other beneficial uses. Ian
  11. Thanks Jim. I really appreciate your comment about the rim bolts. It's been bothering me since I installed them. Unfortunately I CA'd them in place so I'm not sure they will come out without too much damage. I will continue to think about them but for the time being I will leave them. Ian
  12. Thank you Al. I just had a look at your Halifax. Now that's an inspiration. Ian
  13. Al this is one ambitious project. You are doing a fine job! Ian
  14. Greetings shipmates, thanks for looking in. I'm getting closer! Lots of fiddly bits: transom boom holders, chainplates, posts, channels and boarding ladders, only some of which have been installed. Unassembled catheads Jib outhaul block: Carronade carriage assembly line: Carronade factory: Trunion cap jig: Eye-bolt jig: Uninstalled carronade: Rudder works: Bowsprit assembly: Current state of progress:
  15. Gorgeous Don! Good to see you back in the shipyard. Ian

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