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  1. New to this wonderful forum

    Welcome to the forum Larry. You will find lots of support here. I see you built the Cape Cod Catboat. I completed that one last year although I'm going to re-rig it next year sometime. Regards, Ian
  2. Greetings from Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome Ron.
  3. Happy Birthday Don! Have a good one.



    1. donrobinson


      Thanks Ian, I did have a good one I finished the Trabakul then celebrated!!

  4. On my recent visit to the Lisbon Maritime Museum I was intrigued by this boat. I vaguely remember there was a thread a little while ago that discussed and showed odd sail configurations like this but I could not find it on a search. I hope I’m not repeating something. Just for interest anyway. Wonderful museum. Ian
  5. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    Completely lost for words. Simply amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us. Ian
  6. Hello New Member Here

    Welcome Matt! ian
  7. We are Moving

    Beautiful Michael! Have fun creating your workshop. BTW I'm loving your third hand and will post some pictures soon. best, Ian
  8. 824AVSComplete

    Looks perfect!