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  1. We are Moving

    Beautiful Michael! Have fun creating your workshop. BTW I'm loving your third hand and will post some pictures soon. best, Ian
  2. Our Michael Mott in Sickbay

    Glad to see you got to see your grandsons. Hospital food yum. I can't think of anything less appetizing. I'm there tomorrow for my regular blood work. Need a care package? ian
  3. Our Michael Mott in Sickbay

    Kieth you are well informed. In fact I didn't mention that Michael's life has been complicated by some corneal abrasion. He mentioned that this was far more bothersome than the operation.
  4. Our Michael Mott in Sickbay

    I just wanted to report and offer my well wishes to Michael Mott who is recovering from an unexpected appendix operation just after coming down to Calgary to visit relatives and share a cup of coffee with me. He thinks his freedom is 3 or 4 days away. Get better Michael! ian
  5. So 50:50 mineral oil to oil based satin WOP will give you matte? I can't promise I won't do something idiotic but I have oil and water based stuff figured out. 👌 I prefer oil based and have used both. Thanks Spyglass. ian
  6. Thanks for looking that up. Good luck with your fine build. Ian
  7. Beautiful job on the hull Slowhand! Can you send me a link or a reference to the wipe on matte poly urethane that you mentioned? I have looked in vain many times in the past for a wipe on poly that's actually matte and not just satin. Thanks, Ian
  8. Hi Michael, my approach has always been to leave most of the bulkhead intact, install fillers then shape the whole thing. Depending on how hard the filler wood is I can see one shaping both close to final dimensions. Don't use balsa wood in that location. ian
  9. Nice work on the Victory and welcome to the forum! Ian
  10. Proportional Dividers

    I'm in the can't put them down camp for all the reasons Chris has mentioned. I think I got mine from Amazon.ca (Alvin brand) and they were around $100. Ian
  11. New to wooden model

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your Bluenose 2! Best, Ian
  12. Hot air soldering station

    Michael Mott described his hot air soldering station here.
  13. Workshop Advice

    By age 60, eyes need three times more light to see as they did at age 20. So, depending on your age, lighting is important. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the lighting for what I'm working on. And by the way that is a fantastic workshop you have there. I look forward to many great builds coming out of it!
  14. Build burnout

    Hey Les, I think Mike has hit the nail on the head - too many other kits are calling out to you! I shelved my Victory for a while mainly because I made a bad decision on what to line the gunports with, kind of like a last straw. So after a year of non-stop toiling on her I just moved on to several other kits, three of which I've finished and at least another on the road before I re-engage with the Vic. For me variety is the spice and tackling some models that can be finished in a month or three timeframes. Don't worry about moving to another kit I say. Best, Ian
  15. Thanks for these Eric. After having completed a Dusek kit of the Gokstad I have a whole new appreciation for the art and craftsmanship of these Northmen. If you ever decide to build one of these ships check out some of the videos that are linked to recent posts of the Viking ship Drakken, particularly its building. I hope to see you back at your shipyard soon. Best, Ian