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  1. I have just read genericDave's post. No, I didn't skip over it but actually read it through twice! What an excellent post. I agree with everything said. I too am a relative newcomer and without sites like this would have abandoned the hobby a long time ago. However I think it would be in the manufacturers own best long term interest to provide instructions which are clear and detailed especially on models which they classify as entry level. And as for rigging instructions to me they are incomprehensible. What Dave has written is surely commen sense. Let's hope some manufacturers read it and take note.
  2. I have built two or three model boats, probably with lots of mistakes, and I certainly consider myself a beginner. I have completed these models only by reading members builds on this site and trying to learn from them. However I firmly believe that if a model is classified as suitable for a beginner then the instructions and plans should reflect this. In my limited experience this is definitely not the case. Instructions are very sparse and the plans very complicated. If manufacturers say a model is for beginners then instructions and plans should be written with the beginner in mind. If that was the case then maybe more models would be completed and more people would carry on with this hobby.
  3. For myself the best kit manufacturer would have clear step by step instructions, combined with photographs of each stage of the build and have a reputation for good customer service. If this exists, can someone recommend such a model?
  4. Mark Thanks for that reply. I was given a old kit and probably stamp cut. The sheet of wood was 5mm thick and the parts were curved railings. But the depth of the cut was only a fraction of a mm hence I wasn't able to cut it out with a knife and ended up breaking it. I presume most newer kits won't have this problem.
  5. Thanks for thr reply. I live in the UK and one of the AL kits had wooden parts which could only removed from the street by breaking them. I thought that if they had been laser cut this problem would not have occurred.
  6. Hi. As a newbie looking for an entry level build I have noticed some models are laser cut and some are cnc cut. Which are easier to use and therefore which type should I be looking to buy? Many thanks Xander
  7. Jeff Thanks for that. I will take a look at their models Xander
  8. As someone who is new to this hobby please could I get some advice? I have completed my first build which was the HMS Chatham. I was thinking for my next build the Lady Nelson from Victory. Maybe Occre or Model Shipways or even Modellers Shipyard. Which boat manufacturer should I consider? I want the instructions to be detailed yet simple and easy to understand. Please can somebody advise.