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  1. If you are in North America, you can go to Michael's to get brass eye bolts. I forget what they call then but you can find them in the beading section.
  2. Many thanks for the info.
  3. I am working on the Panart Royal Caroline. They include a brass sheet with various bright work: I am used to working with photoetch but this one has me stumped. The green area is raised. It seems to be a paint coating rather than a peel-off layer. How does one work with this? I was given another partial Caroline kit and it has thin laser cut wood: How do I go about dealing with this? (Sorry for the crappy photo) Any ideas will be very much appreciated.
  4. Les - I have 3 airbrushes: one single action Paasche and two double actions (Paasche and Iwata). The problem that I have found with airbrushing large objects like this is that they don't fit my spray booth. Even with airbrushing, you can never completely get around using a hairy stick. Plus brushes are easier to clean. Mike - I wiped the hull down with alcohol and then did a light sanding. I then "primed" the whole hull with Future. I used Krylon white out of the rattle can. That stuff can be used for outdoor applications and has a good reputation for not yellowing. All - Billing kits are very nice but the instructions are somewhat spartan. There also seems to be a shortage of build logs out there for this kit. I used Google images to get pictures but they mostly are of models. I am gradually getting more information about such details as rat lines or rat boards. Thanks everyone for the information. I know that I will be back with more questions.
  5. I have been given a partially built model of the Danmark (from the Billing kit). The hull has been painted, bowspirit and deck items added. The white hull has seriously yellowed. I think that I have read that the Krylon spray paint would be a good white to use. However, should I put down some barrier coat (e.g. clear acrylic) before repainting the white? Would the Kyrlon be a good paint to use to prevent future yellowing? TIA - Grant
  6. Many thanks for all this information. Great stuff!
  7. Robin - Thanks for the response. Just out of curiosity - what was that "white stuff"?
  8. I am currently building the Panart Royal Caroline. The photos on the box show the lower part of the hull painted white. Is that historically accurate? I would have thought that the lower hull would be copper plating. Any advice would be most welcome. I hope that I have posted in the correct forum. - Grant
  9. A Google of Aeropiccola turned up this one that might be of interest: HTH
  10. I am currently building this one (1/350 scale). For more modelling info than you would ever want to know, go to: Click on the "Modeling" button towards the bottom right of the page. Then click on the various links. Be prepared to be deluged! I am sticking with out of the box plus the Gold Medal Models photoetch. HTH