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  1. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

  2. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

  3. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

  4. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

  5. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    The rear mirror from Schebecke 1750, scale 1:50
  6. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    The lions belong to a commissioned work of the Schebecke. Saint Michael belongs to the model Gondola Funerale.
  7. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    Some recent TV News about me, my work and my museum! Just click on the picture, to see video on the website of the German TV station. Click to view the video! -greetings merchen
  8. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    Here is the translation from the text above: From original illustration to executed carvings, it is very easy if one knows what one is doing. For the carving I use only "Buchsbaum", in this case the board is 12 mm thick.
  9. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    Von der ursprünglichen Illustration zu ausgeführt Schnitzereien, ist es sehr einfach, wenn man weiß, was man tut. Für das Schnitzen ich nur "Buchsbaum" zu verwenden, in diesem Fall ist die Platte 12 mm dick.
  10. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    The picture shows the museum-catalog. and my museum website is www.historische-schiffsmodelle.com
  11. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    My new model: the "Funerale Gondola" is growing slowly. These are mostly carvings at the model. If someone wants to learn how to carve, he can contact me.
  12. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    Hi there, coming back to the question of Allan. Some of my tools I created myself or used existing and individualized them for my needs. Larger tools or specific tools I order from fischer-pforzheim.de (specialized on watchmaker and goldsmith tools). Think it would be quite a challenge to write down the process and methods how I carve the figures and build the ships. Could do some short movies and upload it on YouTube. Nevertheless everyone is also invited to visit me here in Germany so that I can give some advice and watch me working on my newest ship model (Funurela Gondola). Best regards, Ivan
  13. Halo Nenad od kadsi poceo taj model da pravis? Pisemti srpski znam I druge jezike a I ,üENGLESKI oni sto samo engleski govore lenjisu neki drugi jezik da uce ,u PANCEVO ima jedan jako dobar klub maketara akote interesuju potrazi kontak sa njima pozdrav Merchen (prevedeno legenda)
  14. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    An alle Bekannte und Freunde in diesem Forum, ich lade euch herzlich ein am Freitag, dem 03. Juni um 18.00 Uhr zum Stapellauf vom neuen Modell, dem Maerchenschiff. Dieses Modell wird ab diesem Tag zu der Sammlung im Msueum mit ausgestellt. Wer Zeit und Moeglichkeit hat, dabei zu sein, wird sehr herzlich begruesst. Das wird ein Spektakel der Superlative dieses Jahrhunderts!!!
  15. merchen

    General / organisation of wood

    Thank you for all your replies. I am glad that this topic is of interest. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I do not cut by myself the trees and are waiting till I can use it. Meanwhile I have a good network of carpenters, furniture producers, lumber mills and farmers around my village. They know me and my work and are proactively offering me their material. Furthermore I use the wood of old furniture as source for my models. I rarely use exotic wood from other countries and never ordered something via internet. Why should I, when everything is around me. Usually I get a whole branch which I can cut with my band-saw or by hand. And of course, sometimes the carpenter in our village is cutting it in the sizes I need. You do not need that much large tools. This is my most important tools preparing the wood This my favorite knife to grave cherry stone Here you can see how I work with the cherry stone A finished antic with more material to use

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