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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Thank you Toni.
  2. Newbie on a Mission

    Welcome to MSW
  3. Another new guy

  4. OK...if any of you get this way send me a PM and we can set something up...I'll meet you with some nice cold water or beer.
  5. Beautiful craftsmanship, top of the line!
  6. OK guys, we lived in VT so we plowed, shoveled, raked, mowed and put up with mud season. Move to IN. put up with tornado's, humidity, raking, mowing, 3 blizzards in one year. Moved to PA, learned how to chip and drive on ice, gray most of the winter, sleet not snow, slush, raked and mowed. Wipe the winter out of my mind in NYC. In AZ now at least in this area, terra firma, no raking, mowing (desert landscaping), no pool to clean, no shoveling, no ice. Forty-five minute drive to the mountains to cool off in summer or ski in winter. Seasons are reversed stay in during summer, rest of the year outdoor living.
  7. This week's forecast. Today 108 July 4 107 July 5, 113 July 6, 114 July 7, 111 July 8, 107 But it's a dry heat as they say
  8. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Thanks for all the likes...this should be fun.
  9. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    What's in the box...All instructions are in Japanese so a good translator app is necessary. However, with the multiple pictures, instruction in most cases will be self explanatory. Laser and strip materials are all packed in well marked sleeves as to, part number, name, dimensions and quantity of each. In my experience with the Hacchoro model, there is very little extra strip material, I would imagine the same is true here. Measure twice cut once, for sure. As far as I can tell it looks like the outer hull is done on a skeleton frame, it is removed, and then the inside framing is done. From what I have read the ancient Egyptians built in that fashion. Sorry the files did not load in order. And there was a surprise gift enclosed as well, nice touch.
  10. What have you received today?

    Just picked this up at the post office. Nine days from Japan. Will post more pictures when I open the box and post under Khufu Solar Boat.
  11. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    I know where you can order one
  12. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Clare I have Google translate and planned on using it. I also understand there is a person in a shop here who can help with the translation if I have a problem.
  13. Woody Joe's Khufu Solar Boat

    Thanks Clare, for some strange reason I knew I would here from you (can't imagine why). I got Morikawa-san's email about the new site and sale a few days back. Well I could not resist the temptation and ordered one. Looks simple but...? I just needed a change from heavily detailed models and the simple elegant lines just fit the bill. I don't like posting builds but I'll keep you up to date when the build starts. By the way your long boat is very fine looking and the research very informative. Regards

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