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  1. The magazines were spoken for within a few minutes of posting.
  2. I would like to have those magazines.

    I have a shipping address in Texas

  3. Ships in Scale magazines, I have many back issues all are available in one bulk shipment. They were given to our club. First come first serve FREE you cover the shipping. I've attached a picture of the spines showing the years a volume numbers. Please pm me for questions. This will be bulk not individual issues.
  4. Incredible reference materials. Thanks for posting.
  5. Wonderful! a speedy recovery to both of them.
  6. Welcome aboard! JP Have fun with you build.
  7. I keep on getting a request for notifications on post I go. Tried to change profile but, too know end. Suggestions?
  8. try,
  9. Find the American distributor and try working something out with them. Did try reaching Corel directly?
  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Mahuna


      Thanks Mark!