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  1. I use a metal primer after cleaning the parts, then paint with acrylic paint
  2. Looks good Ian, where are you getting boxwood from? Typically the area on the mast where the cheeks are attached to the mast is squared off or at least flattened off on two sides for the cheeks. Check out the plans for the Stefano foremast. As you can see two sides are flattened off for the cheeks to sit on. It looks like in the picture the top end of your mast is squared off, do the cheeks not sit there?
  3. Wonderful, wonderful build Messis. You can be very proud on this one! Congratulations and I will be watching for your next build!!!!
  4. That's an incredible difference!! I am not sure how strong it is but you may want to add a horizontal piece of wood on the front and back of the bulkheads to further strengthen the laminated pieces to prevent them from breaking off during fairing. Just a thought
  5. That looks terrible, hopefully they get in under control very soon and no one is hurt
  6. Oc: Thanks for stopping in Dave: Thanks Dave Frank; So good to hear from you Frank, Thanks so much David: Thanks David, it is about the same size as your Titanic which you will have loads of fun with Gary: Thanks Gary, they really are fine kits that are very well thought out. I highly recommend them Ian: Thanks, there is a Massive amount of rigging coming, but not until after the massive amount of copper plates that is coming sooner!!! Jim: Thanks. The sensitive drilling attachment is, in my mind, a must. It helps things go along so much faster and easier when using smaller bits. It would be a toss up as to whether I would buy the DRO or the sensitive drilling attachment first. I would say if you are serious enough to have a Sherline mill a/o lathe you should really have both. Christmas is coming, spoil yourself!!
  7. Thanks to all for stopping in. the likes and comments all are much appreciated. While not a lot got done this past while there is a little to report; Drilling out pin rails, actually just slightly enlarging the existing holes using sensitive drilling attachment on Sherline mill Pin rails installed Starting to strop the deadeyes Drilling holes for deadeyes, all measurements taken from plans Cutting chain plates from photo etch sheet Although I cleaned and prepped the chain plates for blackening in the end i went for painting instead. They were first primed with metal primer then painted with acrylic paint, there are no severe bends on these so paint cracking should not be an issue. The black ring is for the rudder opening on the bottom of the transom. Rudder hole is up next so I thought making the rudder would be a good idea The completed rudder And how he looks now. Belaying pins are installed just for the picture they are not glued in place. Thanks for stopping in.
  8. Should be a good one to watch David, what is the finished length?
  9. Beautiful build Ian, love what you are doing with this kit
  10. Good to hear from you Mike. It does feel good to be back on the Stefano, and hope to make better progress on him
  11. donrobinson

    Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Glad to hear this report. I am going in for my cataract operation in approximately 2 hours. Hopefully the results are as encouraging as yours are.
  12. Thanks Ian, I am kind of pondering the dragon's eye. The more I look at it something does not seem right, Too big?? Not sure but I may have to change it

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