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  1. What a museum piece Absolutely beautiful! Harmony of colors! I just can imagine how does it look in real! Amazing!!! Regards
  2. Perfect! Amazing model and skills. Enjoy to watch. Bravo and thanks for sharing Elmir
  3. Well I decided to open this build log as symbolic note on this build start. It was long time ago from my last build but work, family, plastic modeling .... But first love is first love. Soooo I desperately waited to start next wooden ship build. It is quite simple ship if I may say like that So false bulkheads and no difficult ornaments etc... Perfect for not skilled modeler to try to obtain more experience. Plans are by already famous and attested Ancre from France. I found great build log of same ship from master modeller Dmitry Shevelev which I will use for reference and monograph as well. Right now my plan is to make it with masts but with bare poles but I will have time to decide 100% about this. Sooo don't expect miracle because Im amateur and this is my second build log and Im not sure how fast this will go but let's hope this will turn to nice build! Wood - pear for almost everything, lime for deck (probably) and brass for metal parts. Thanks
  4. Absolutely beautiful and amazing I wanted to ask you to share nice photo of overall view on ship and you post this Thanks Johann and keep on!!!
  5. Beautiful work Mike. Amazing. I just went through whole build log this morning with coffee and it is real enjoy. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing Kind regards
  6. What enjoy to watch I was super happy to see that you've posted some new pics. Thanks for sharing. Amazing work!!!
  7. This is according to german forum - Prussian coastal guard ship. Probably unnamed - and probably something with R according to R on back of ship But maybe not also. And probably there is no detailed plans available for this type of ship. o.O
  8. Thanks Wayne! Very nice. I will need to reread link you gave me. I think Patache is type of vessel shallow as this one. Thanks
  9. Hello dear people, Can anyone tell me what ship is this? Type or even name etc. Also maybe where can I get complete plans set? Thanks Regards
  10. Thank you Karl for this beautiful build. And thanks for sharing. You are true artist and great person. This is model for museum! I wish you good health and some more new outstanding models! Regards
  11. Thank you Matija on nice words. Im working on some things and will surely post them on this forum! Regards