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  1. This is according to german forum - Prussian coastal guard ship. Probably unnamed - and probably something with R according to R on back of ship But maybe not also. And probably there is no detailed plans available for this type of ship. o.O
  2. Thanks Wayne! Very nice. I will need to reread link you gave me. I think Patache is type of vessel shallow as this one. Thanks
  3. Hello dear people, Can anyone tell me what ship is this? Type or even name etc. Also maybe where can I get complete plans set? Thanks Regards
  4. AWESOME!!!
  5. Hello everybody, I'm trying to order three sets of cd's from seaways ( model ship builder cd set, original ships in scale cd set and the first ten year cd set). I made an order online (choose product, add to basket, confirm, buy etc ) but nothing happened. I get some confirmation but it didn't take my money and also i didn't get my cd's. My friend from Philadelphia call them and tell me that they sound like she called someone at home, also told her that they didn't get any mails from me although i send them few. Does anyone have some experience with seaways or know some secure way to order what i want. PS: I'm from Bosnia and only online order and payment is possible. Thank you Kind regards Elmir