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  1. Here, I've masked and painted the lower half of the lower superstructure red, and the funnel yellow. The red is Mr Color Acrysion flat red, the yellow is Tamiya flat yellow.
  2. Dry fit to check fit. The fun part is coming soon...the weathering, ropes and nick nack details.
  3. CDW

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I was in the Steelworkers Union, worked oil and gas pipeline construction mostly in West Virginia. In the rights-of-way clearing, and ditch excavation phases of pipeline construction, would carry a 90 lb. jackhammer with a 4' drill bit all over the sides of mountains drilling for dynamite. All day long, I would drill holes in the rock mountain sides. Hundreds of holes, having to pull the jackhammer and 4' drill bit out of the rock after drilling each hole. Built up one hell of a set of shoulders and arms doing it, but my back suffers for it today.
  4. I like it. Think I'll acquire one soon.
  5. I bought the 1:144 Revell Snowberry a few months ago, but held off on starting it until detail sets came out for it. Today, the upcoming Pontos detail set came up for pre-order and I snagged one before they get sold out. These Pontos sets come and go quickly sometimes and I didn't want to miss it. It will add a lot to the Revell Snowberry kit. https://freetimehobbies.com/1-144-pontos-model-hmcs-snowberry-flower-class-super-detail-set-for-revell-preorder/
  6. That ice breaker model comes complete with all the Pontos details as best I can tell.
  7. The hull red and black hull colors do not lend well to a defined water line. So I thought it might look better if I created a thin white later line. To do so, I cut a thin strip of white decal paper to a width that looks suitable and apply it along the waterline. The decal paper is ink jet waterslide paper sold by a company that's now defunct, Bel Decals. I was sad to learn they went tango uniform, but fortunately for me, I bought white and clear decal paper in bulk packs of 25 each, 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, before they went the way of the Dodo Bird.
  8. The error code look like this, Mark. There is nothing on Google that matches this error code (that I could find).
  9. The model's hull had a raised, molded on water line mark that looked to be in an identical position as the waterline in the picture. It's what I followed in any event.
  10. I believe this 1:250 ship model that's coming out soon has my name written all over it. Man, this thing is so darned tempting! https://freetimehobbies.com/1-250-lighthouse-models-antarctica-observation-ship-soya-plastic-model-kit-preorder/
  11. Really nice save/reconstruction of that chassis. Great looking green color on the sheet metal as well. What color/paint is that? Almost looks like a clear green over aluminum.
  12. Another round of masking and painting this morning after adding the fenders to the sides of the hull. Tamiya rubber black + Mr Color leveling thinner
  13. I didn't choose to do it, but was tempted to model this old hulk:
  14. Deck is Mr Color Acrysion red + Mr Color Leveling Thinner, bulwarks are Tamiya rubber black + Mr Color Leveling Thinner. Bulwarks are just sitting on deck, not cemented in place yet.
  15. Yeah, my video driver efforts failed to prevent the 200 error as well. Oh well...it's not happening on every photo upload attempt, just on some.

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